The Atlanta Hawks Enter New Ownership Era

Recently the NBA team Atlanta Hawks were sold to billionaire Tony Ressler, starting a new era and what Hawks fans hope to be a breakthrough to the NBA Championship series. The Hawks have had many years of making the playoffs as well as years where they’ve posted NBA-best record seasons, yet still the championships elude them although this last season they made it to the East finals for the first in a long time. The Hawks have existed since the days of the old National Basketball League moving from Iowa to Milwaukee, St. Louis, and then Atlanta. They’ve exchanged ownership a few different times and have their shares bought by multiple individuals, one of the latest of whom was Bruce Levenson.

Levenson is not only a basketball lover, but has had many successful business startups. He’s best known for Unified Communications Group, a company that started as a small business venture while he was working for the Washington Star, but business started booming as his well-researched articles started gaining popularity. His work in oil industry trends has been a tremendous benefit both to businesses and consumers, that UCG has developed an app called GasBuddy that helps people find the nearest cheapest gas prices.

Levenson first started entering the basketball ownership stakes in 2004, when the Hawks were purchased by the Atlanta Spirit LLC and Levenson was granted some of the shares. Levenson also owned a stake of the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers for about 7 years, until he relinquished them and they became the Winnipeg Jets. The Hawks didn’t see immediate success under the Levenson regime, but he hired Danny Ferry to be the general manager, in which the Hawks started turning their fortunes around and ultimately led to this last season’s success. While Levenson is proud of the time he spent as Hawks owner, late in 2014 he and the other owners of Atlanta Spirit sold their shares.

This last spring, Tony Ressler finally made the purchase after it passed through several other different offers. Also joining in on the stake was Grant Hill, who had previously tried to purchase a share with another partnership that was just outbid, but Ressler welcomed Hill along with Jesse Itzler and his wife Sara Blakely. Even though Levenson’s shares were sold higher than the original purchase price, the end price was still not as high as the one that the banks had originally projected for the resale value.

Though he left the Hawks, Levenson still sponsors philanthropic basketball-related activities and academic endeavors. He’s also undertaken some personal adventures such as camping out in Antarctica.

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Power Team of Investors Purchase Atlanta Hawks

In addition to winning games the team has also won individual awards for NBA MVP, NBA Defensive Player of the Year, NBA Rookie of the Year and six of its coaches have won NBA Coach of the Year. The Atlanta Hawks were established in 1946 as the Tri-City Blackhawks. Three years later they joined the National Basketball Association. The team moved to Milwaukee in 1951, then to St Louis in 1955, then finally settled in Atlanta in 1968 where they’ve stayed ever since.

Ted Turner was instrumental in keeping the team in Atlanta. During his ownership the Hawk’s head coach won Coach of the Year and the team won the Central Division. Since Turner the team’s ownership has been acquired several times by those who have seen its value and wanted to be a part of its success. Earlier this year another eager group of investors took on the title of owner.

Bruce Levenson is the most recent owner to put the Hawks up for consideration. The well-known businessman and co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC set his sights high, hoping for a bid of $1 billion. What was thought to be a lofty goal turned out to be just that. Though his advisors were confident in that number, the sale fell short of the desired billion. The final bid for the team was $850 million; a price twice what it was valued at only months earlier. Needless to say, Levenson made a significant amount of money on the sale, despite coming short of his ultimate goal.

The news of the team going up for sale came last September when Levenson announced he would be selling his portion. In January, just a few months later, Michael Gearon Jr. announced the same news. Between the two of them a significant portion of the team was becoming available. Who better to put in a bid than the man who had been vying for a team for the past several years, Anthony Ressler. After being outbid for two different teams in recent months, Ressler was ready and waiting for such an opportunity, and he had a strong team of investors grouped around him.

Anthony Ressler, the lead investor of the buying group that included Sara Blakely and her husband, Steve Starker, and Rick Schnall, said after the sale that he and his group of fellow investors were “honored and thrilled to have been chosen to become the new stewards of the Hawks,” and also said in closing that he and the other investors “respect the NBA’s approval process and, accordingly, can say no more other than we are incredibly excited by the Hawks’ success and wish them luck in the playoffs.”

As for the recently doubled value of the team, sports attorney and facilitator of the sale Irwin Raij, said “The price reflects the strength of the NBA product right now and views as to what they think the market can become,” and added “This price for this team in this market will be viewed positively.”

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Atlanta Hawks

The Atlant Hawks are basketball team that competes in National Basket Ball Association(NBA)and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Hawks play home games in Philips Arena. They joined National Basket Ball Association as a part of the merger of National Basket Ball league and Basket Ball Association of America. The team name was changed to Hawks in 1951 when they moved to Milwaukee. In 1955, the team won their NBA Championship when the team moved to St.Louis. In 1968, Hawks moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Hawks have drafted four players since 1980 chosen to play in an All-Star game. Since Willis was selected in 1984 Horford and Teague the All-star Hawks to have been drafted with Bruce Levenson. Hawks selected Horford to be the first rounder to play in the NBA All-star game in their nine-year playoff drought.

Atlanta Hawks History: Their history is goes back to tri-cities Blackhawks franchise from 1946. They were a member of National Basket Ball league and home games were played at Warton Fieldhouse in Illinois. After the merger of 12-year-old NBL and BAA Basket Ball association of America a 3-year-old the Blackhawks have become one of the 17 original teams of the National Basket Ball Association in 1949. Under the leadership of coach Red Auerbach, they reached the playoff in the NBA inaugural year. After the season they moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the franchise became Milwaukee Hawks.

Bob Pettit in 1954 was drafted by Hawks team a future MVP of NBA and Hawks became St.Louis Hawks after they moved again to St.Louis. Hawks finished four games in 1957 under .500 and won the division title and in division finals in one game Tiebreakers defeating Minneapolis Lakers and Fort Wayne Pistons and in the division finals defeated Lakers and moving to finals.

In 1958 after their first winning record, advanced to finals winning 4-2 in the series and giving Hawks the first NBA championship where Bob Pettit in the final game scored 50 points. For the next decade Hawks remained NBA’s premier teams.
Kerner sold Hawks to a real estate developer in Atlanta Tom Cousins and Cart Sanders and the team were moved 1968 to Atlanta. The team played first four seasons in Alexander Memorial Coliseum. and winning their first division title with a 48-34 record in the western division. In 1977 Ted Turner the owner of Atlanta Bravesbought the team. and Hubie Brown was hired to coach the team. In 1979-80 season, Hawks won the central division. finishing with a 50-32 record.

From 1985-89 Hawks was among league elite’s winning 50 games each season. In 1991 NBA draft, Hawks drafted Stacey Augmon who would make NBA Rookie first team. In 1993-94, Hawks won tying a team record, winning 57 games. From 1994-2007, In 1995–96 season with a 46–36 record, the Hawks finished the game fourth in the Central Division. Hawks won five division titles in the years 1970,1980, 1987,1994, and 2015.

In 2004 to buy Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting Atlanta Hawks, LLC was formed by Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz. They are a group of businessmen who collectively own the Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team and Phillips Arena. Bruce Levenson is Co-Founder and Partner at United Communications Group (UGC). In 2012, Danny Ferry was hired by Bruce Levenson as the Hawks general manager.

In 2014, Levenson announced his plans to sell his share of the ownership group coordinating the sale of the team through the help of an investment banking firm and the bankers hired were off by 27% the price they could get from NBA team. Levenson was convinced by Goldman Sachs that it could get 1 billion for the team and the arena’s operating rights. Levenson will make a big profit with the sale.

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Bruce Levenson Worked Hard And Now He Gets To Enjoy Himself

The NBA is something that is loved by many people. There are many crazy fans who could not imagine owning a team, because it would just be too great. They long for the chance to attend a game, but to actually be the owner of a team? That would be too good of a dream to come true.

But, some people get to experience what it feels like to be the owner of an NBA team. Some people who have worked very hard get the chance to buy the team and become a big part of it.
Bruce Levenson is one of the lucky people who gets to own an NBA team for himself. Or maybe it isn’t about luck, at all.

Bruce Levenson has done a lot of hard work in his career. He has put in quite a few long hours to be able to get to the top of his career. And now, thanks to all of his dedication to the work that he has done, he is now able to relax and enjoy owning an NBA team. He gets to experience something that most people don’t get to experience in their lifetime. He gets to be a big part of an NBA team. He gets to own the team and rejoice with every success that they have.

It takes years of hard work to be able to do something like that, but in the end it all pays off. In the end, after all of the years of hard work have been put in, someone like Bruce Levenson gets to just sit back and enjoy the life that he has made for himself. He gets to do the things that he loves because of the years that he has been dedicated to his career.

Too many people forget that a lot of hard work can put them ahead in life. They forget that hard work is the answer to fulfilling their dreams. But, if they realized that, then they would finally be able to see their dreams come true. When they start working hard they will be able to have everything that they ever wanted.

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An investment worth taking

Sports is considered of being about the most popular activity people engage in and in some people it is seen as a career. Many people have taken sports as a career and have successfully transformed there life significantly. One of these types of sport that pays well is the basketball games. With its origination being from North America, It is considered among the most participated sports. National basketball association is one of the means premier professional basketball league globally. The association has over 30 member club mostly found in the United States of America. Basketball is considered as the world’s best paid sports of all times. This has intern led to many players opting to venture in basketball playing as a profession as a means of livelihood. Before coming into existence, it saw the merger of then basketball association of America and the national basketball league. Where it was widely owned by the ice hockey arenas in the northern eastern and Midwestern United States and Canada. Over the years the league grew into an international notable sport attracting players from across the world. In 2006 a new official game ball was introduced after being in existence for over 35 years. The ball which was manufactured by the Spalding Company. It revolutionalized the entire basketball sport. This was realized because of its form of new designing and synthetic materials which offered good grip while in the court.
Due to its nature of being the world largest paying sporting activity, many people became interested in joining and investing in basketball. As a result many notable people in the United States of America both formed partnership and owned clubs while others opted to own the clubs individually. Their aim of investing in it was to realize increased income and profit making from the leagues organized. One notable person is the former player and owner of Charlotte Hornets, Michael Jordan. Having successfully played basketball, he later owned his own team to make money and realize profit while taking it as a position.
However the most influential and notable person was an American businessman called Bruce Levenson. He was a co-owner of the Atlanta hawks basketball team in 2004. With his philanthropic nature, he also served as the Hawks’ Governor on the NBA Board of Governors since 2004. Later in 2014 he hired former Cleveland cavalier’s player to be the president and general manager of the basketball teams operations. This saw renewed confidence and energy as the newly appointed president was dedicated to achieving utmost results. Due to his love for the club, in March 2014, he accompanied the team to U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C with his wife. This was in a sigh of showing commitment and dedication to the team and how he anticipated for its success. Throughout the tour, he spoke about his life experience to the team, how he had taken issues without being discouraged and the general skills to talk challenges in life. With such initiative, the development of basketball has gone a notch higher and has attracted investment from both public and private sectors.

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All about investment banking

Investment banks are totally different when compared to other organizations that the vast majority of us use on a regular basis. Their working system is completely different. Retail banks aggregate deposits from clients that are in a savings account, and after that give that cash to borrowers as credit cards, loans, and home loans. As a matter of fact, the cash that they had loaned out, banks charge interest that is much more than the interest given on deposits. Thereby banks make a profit via this method; however the investment has a different strategy to make profits. Their customers comprise of fund managers, government organizations, stock investments and other multinational corporations.

Investment banks work in a different way

They don’t receive profit from interest installments. Rather, they have the liberty to charge commissions and expenses for the services that they offer. Investment banking can be to a great degree advantageous for hedge fund traders. Despite the fact that the estimation of any hedge funds takes quite a while to increase or sometimes decreases, the dealer assumes a noteworthy part in how far the general worth registers. In addition to that, investment banking does not need a deposit. They are more focused on raising the capital of the investors and help them with their financial stability.

Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth Griffin has been exchanging investment opportunities since 1986. Today, he is one of the top billionaires, and his Citadel Investment Group is one of the reputed firms in the world. Citadel Investment Group was established in 1990 and had around four million in assets. Within a short span of time, this firm has grown tremendously and in terms of funds it has reached almost $15 billion. In addition to that, he is regarded as the most active art buyers, and he has a large collection of impressive artworks.

So in terms of looking for investment banking choices be certain to read thoroughly and interpret each imminent portfolio. You have to be alert while going through these documents and never sign any papers without understanding them. Further to that most of the investor bankers focus on IPOs and public choices.


Investment banks are regularly partitioned into two camps: the sell side and the buy side. Numerous investment banks offer both these services. The sell side commonly alludes to offering shares of recently issued IPOs, setting new bond issues, participating in business making administrations, or helping customers encourage exchanges. In contrast, the sell side is all about managing a mutual fund, hedge funds, and pension funds. Moreover, these bankers help their clients to maximize their profits when investing in other options such as bonds or stocks. Therefore seek the help of reputed investment banks and one such firm is Citadel Investment Group.

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Bruce Levenson Sells His NBA Team For $850 Billion

Bruce Levenson, the American businessman best known as an Atlanta Hawks owner, has found a new home for his valuable team. The auction winner of the Hawks, Anthony Ressler, placed a final $850 million bid and the team was sold. Levenson had hoped to sell for $1 billion after Goldman Sachs convinced him that he would undoubtedly get that much for both the team and the arena’s operating rights. The final bid came in shy of the $1 billion mark by approximately 27%.

The team’s CEO, Steven Koonin, and coach, Mike Budenholzer, are said to be staying on board for the long-term. New owner, Anthony Ressler, also owns a private equity and investment firm, along with being a respected real estate developer and according to Forbes, is worth $1.4 billion. Last year Ressler was one of three final bidders for the Los Angeles Clippers, but was unable to beat out the final $2 billion dollar bid submitted by Steve Ballmer.

When the Hawks went up for sale Ressler had his purchasing team ready. The team included former NBA All-Star Grant Hill, Rick Schnall, and Sara Blakely (Spanx owner) and her entrepreneur husband Jesse Itzler.

Despite selling for less than the $1 billion Levenson was reaching for, the team made him a generous profit. Only a year earlier the Hawks were valued by Forbes at $425 million. Yet after the sales of the Los Angeles Clippers that the Bucks, the market shifted and the Hawk’s value doubled.

In a statement following the sale Ressler spoke for himself and his purchasing team “We are honored and thrilled to have been chosen to become the new stewards of the Hawks.” He went on to say “We respect the NBA’s approval process and, accordingly, can say no more other than we are incredibly excited by the Hawks’ success and wish them luck in the playoffs.” and that the “price reflects the strength of the NBA product right now” referring to the rise in value of the team over that past year. He said in the same press conference that “this price for the team in this market will be viewed positively.”

As for Levenson himself, he holds his Jewish heritage close to his heart and with the sale of the team behind him we’ll likely see him giving more time to his philanthropy work. He made a substantial donation to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, a living memorial to the Holocaust, which now opens its doors to over 38 million visitors every year. In 2013, Levenson traveled to Israeli as 100 of America’s most prominent Jews to urge the Prime Minister to work with Secretary of State, John Kerry, to meet Israel’s security needs.

Levenson’s philanthropy also extends to various organizations, many of which are throughout Washington D.C. These include the Community Foundation of Washington D.C., the I Have A Dream Foundations and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. From helping low-income children to nonprofit university programs that encourage younger generations to peruse philanthropy, Bruce Levenson continues to give back.

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What is Investment Banking


Investment banking is a term that many people hear but few truly understand. Investment banking plays a large role in our society and has a great importance to many people. At its core investment banking is the lending or investing of money for other groups of people to get the best return of investment. One of the biggest indicators of how well a person will live when they retire is the rate of return that they earn on their money while they are investing it. There are many leaders in this field today that have a lot of influence over policy and industry thinking. James Dondero is one of these people, and he continues to understood the importance of what he does in relation to other people.


There are a variety of different customers that come to investment banks in order to get help in their situation. One of the most common reasons that anyone would come to an investment bank is to get a loan for a business idea. There are many people that have great business ideas and want money in order to scale them quickly. It is important that an investment bank can quickly understand what value a person’s idea could bring to the market place and make a decision based off of that. At the end of the day, this is one of the biggest reasons that people use an investment bank.

Another reason that people will go to an investment bank is help with their investments. Earning a higher rate of return on an investment can make a huge difference in how much wealth a person can build over time. People are willing to pay a fee in order to earn a higher rate of return with an investment bank because it will earn them more money over time than if they had not used their services. There are some investment banks that are great at this side of the business, and there are some that are better at other areas. A bank must understand the value that they bring to a customer or client and invest their funds as if they were their own.

James Dondero

In the field of investment banking, there are many leaders that are doing a lot of good from an information stand point. One of the most well known and like people in investing banking today is James Dondero. James Dondero has a wide variety of experience that has served him well to succeed in this field. For anyone that is looking to work in the field of investment banking one day, James Dondero is a great example of someone that they should emulate.

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Susan McGalla on Women and Talent

The push for female talent is at its peak. Organizations across the globe are talking about women leadership in the workplace. Celebrities, social media and media campaigns have not been left out in the outburst – they are all crazy about female talent. The issue is top on the list on many political agendas in governments across the world.

As the demand for women’s talent increase, how prepared are women for the opportunities? How do they take the steps in reaching there? Do they have the encouragement and support to overcome restrictions? There is a call for women, by women who have made it to the top, to dare to dream. In the past the big positions were only open for the brave. As the dust on gender equality settles, the positions are open for all.

Among the people steering the campaign on female talent is Susan McGalla. In one of her forums, she takes note that out of the 46.9% of women making up the labor force, only 14.6% hold executive positions. This has been her driving force towards empowering women to embrace leadership. As she pursues this mission, McGalla is confident that the statistics will change in future: more women will access executive offices as the demand for equality increases.

Susan Mc Galla offers valuable tips to young women seeking to exploit their talents in leadership positions in their workplaces.


According to McGalla, a woman cannot survive in the workforce without higher education. Education is the only thing that equates women to men in the workplace. She advises women not to be discouraged by the growing costs of pursuing higher education. Instead, she points out that there various avenues of raising funds such as getting scholarships.


McGalla encourages women to join networks of influencers who can influence and motivate them to acquire the highest quality of work possible. This will brand them for top management positions. She posits that a woman needs to feel confident about her educational achievements and the opportunity presented to her as a leader for her to be successful.

Overlook the glass ceiling

The third point of advice from Susan McGalla is for women to ignore the glass ceiling. For her to be at the top, she had to ignore all the prejudices and discrimination that exists in the workplace. She advises women not to be subject to workplace stereotypes that are meant to intimidate women.

Female talent is shaping the landscape of corporations around the world. This is largely because women have a unique set of seemingly inherent and distinct talent they have to offer. Women are naturally strategic networking professionals.They are better in ‘gluing’ people together, and maintaining business and social networks. Another great talent unique to women is that they are able to capitalize on opportunities. They are known of developing ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions as compared to their male co-workers. Lastly, women are natural givers. This largely benefits an organization.

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Lakers to Experiment with Kobe Bryant.

The Los Angeles Lakers camp with Kenneth Griffin have been busy this off season as they’ve tried to patch up a roster that needed some serious overhaul. L.A. brought in 6th man shooting guard Lou Williams along with former All Defensive star Roy Hibbert. Adding in #2 overall pick D’Angelo Russell gives the Lakers a team that has a lot of options when they decide to go small or big. Forgotten in all of this is what and where Kobe Bryant will do while on the court. Recent Summer League data shows that coach Byron Scott might be considering putting Kobe Bryant at the power forward position for stretches of time.

While Kobe isn’t big enough to play extended minutes at the power forward he does have one of the most refined post up games in terms of guards in the NBA. He can back down smaller and weaker players and turn around to get quick jumpers. His ability to pass out of double teams also creates a ton of mismatch opportunities. The move, though unorthodox, would allow Byron Scott to run D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson at the same time on the court.

No matter what the Lakers opt to do with their line up we still expect to see a pretty rough season for the Purple and Silver. In the Western Conference there are no ‘gimme wins’ and the Lakers will have to earn every single one. In the East we bet the Lakers would at the very least be a playoff team.

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