Solo Capital Helping Everyone Involved with Autism

Autism is a condition that affects millions of individuals around the world. From the United States to India, China to Canada, children are affected. It is not a condition a good deal is known about. Doctors and medical scientists know how it affects the body and how it prevents certain motor skills and reduces learning capability in many cases, but what is not known is how it ultimately is caused. There are theories, but nothing has been confirmed, so parents are unable to avoid these situations or conditions. In order to further the progress of study and to also help parents and family members prep for a life with an autistic child, Solo Capital is there with their CEO, Sanjay Shah.

So why does Sanjay care so much? Outside of being a compassionate individual who has given back to a number of worth wild causes, his son suffers from autism. He, like many other parents, found himself ill prepared for caring for such an individual. He also found he did not know very much about the condition and what a child is still able to do and accomplish. So, he decided to put his financial stability and his head of a company into play and use his power to raise awareness for the condition and to help others around the world with his Autism Rocks campaign.

Autism Rocks is all about raising money to help sponsor autistic children around the world. There are children in many countries, both developing and first world nations, that simply do not have access to the necessary assistance required. Whether it is special education courses or just one on one contact, parents are not alway able to provide all of this themselves. With the money raised by Autism Rocks, it is able to sponsor these children and prepare them for a successful life, even with autism.

By putting on invite only concerts, the company is able to raise money and then put forward the finances it receives to increase knowledge on the subject and to also help these children from around the world who need assistance.

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
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Online Shopping Made Easier

Start-ups offer artificial solutions based on intelligence to smart visual search shopping recommendation done online. When some people shop in the internet, they are not pleased by the recommendations offered. It is difficult to get cloths or even shoes that perfectly fit the consumers.

The cloths are either too small or too large for the customers. The stuff might not look like what they are looking for too. People prefer going to the store when they want to buy something because shopping online has become quite disappointing.

Tech-savvy millennials are some of the demographic most of retailers want, but this group of people faces a lot of problems when they decide to shop online. In order to provide a solution to this problem, startups such as Stylumia Intelligence Technology have come up to offer the artificial solutions, and they are taking off quite well.

There are several start-ups internationally that are trying to do well in the visual search. These start-ups try and help companies to offer their consumers to discover items online. This is done by the help of a photo in the real world.iLenze, a company found in India managed to get $500,000 for funds last year and it is now offering online shoppers visual search opportunities.

Online shopping is doing very well in India, and this has triggered companies like Visenze based in Singapore to bring their services in India to meet the high demand. Most visual search firms offer multiple verticals, and up to date, they are only dealing with consumer applications.

Stylumia has proved to be different. It was began by the former operating officer in Myntra known as Ganesh Subramanian and a machine learning instructor known as Ram Praksh. The start-up deals mainly with fashion, and it uses the top technology. The start-up focuses on dealing with consumers and businesses that make decisions driven by data.

The company is also trying to develop a visual search technology that will be able to take natural images, videos or anything that influences fashion like TV series or Bollywood Videos. This technology will help the start up in two main ways. It will help make better recommendations to the buyers looking for items, and it will also give nice suggestions to the fashion retailers and buyers on what to make and purchase, based mainly on the real world data.

Shopping online has also been easy by start-up companies like Slyce. Using their visual search technology, the company is helping many consumers to purchase what they require online without going to the store. The company has an organized team led by professionals to handle all customer requirements.

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Amway’s DeVos Family Gives Away Billions: Here’s How and Why

Recently, after years of prodding from Forbes magazine, Amway’s DeVos family has revealed details about their extensive philanthropy. The DeVos clan is responsible for nearly $1.2 billion in lifetime giving. Dick DeVos and his siblings (as well as their spouses) were inspired by their parents’ lifelong philosophy of philanthropy.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

Dick DeVos and his brothers and sister believe that influence comes from how much you give. That is why they use strategic giving to impact the quality of life in their community.

For example, in 2013 the DeVoses donated $90.9. Of that amount, 48 per cent went to education, 27 per cent went to health and community services, 13 per cent was given to churches or faith-based organizations, and 12 per cent went to support arts and culture. 66 per cent — or $60 million —of the family’s 2013 giving and supporting others was given to Michigan organizations. Because of their commitment to the community, the majority of the funds given were used in the greater Grand Rapids area. According to the most recent data available, in 2014 the DeVos family had $94 million in total giving. $54 million of that stayed in West Michigan.

By working together with his family, Dick DeVos is able to make the biggest impact. The DeVoses have five family foundations. This foundations often work together to make the most difference. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation donates millions to the arts. The foundation also gives to groups like Choices for Children, Children First America, and the American Education Reform Council. Not to mention the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has funded Christian schools in the West Michigan area, including the aviation high school that he founded. With a net worth of approximately $6 Billion, DeVos and his wife continue to support numerous civic, artistic, religious, educational, and community organizations.

Learn more about Dick by connecting with him on LinkedIn, and learn more about his family foundation’s work here:

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A Hot Market Boosting Sales In NYC

According to reports released by Virtual Strategy Marketing everything is coming up roses in the New York City real estate sector. Increases in prices as well as overall sales are hitting record highs. This trend does not seem to be slowing either.

Information as garnered through the Aggregate, which reports on market conditions and trends. This report is developed and released by a premier luxury NYC real estate firm called Town Residential. This report does not just consider overall sales and their prices they look at a number of different factors.

One of the factors is price per square foot. The Aggregate found that ths has continued to steadily increase of the entire last full year. That increase was over 6%. Other properties that have seen a 6% or higher increase includes the prices on co-ops.

Town Residential deals with mostly upper end properties and cater to clients from around the world. They have seen the demand for Manhattan properties rise despite rising costs and closing costs. They are attributing these price hikes to the development of newer properties. These tend to be luxury units that overseas buyers want the most.

This does not mean that existing older, or historic properties are not moving. They just tend to have different qualities that in city buyers desire more. Overall over the last quarter, sales have seen an over 16% rise. The CEO of Town Residential says that the older, existing properties have been stabilizing and leveling out.

It seems that the buyers know what they want, but are simply not willing to buy it at any price. They are stalling growth by stalling the decision to buy right away. Buyers are truly starting to control the trends but this is not something that Town Residential is concerned with.

Another concern is the soft patch in sales that happened in the Fall of 2015. It seems to be stalling the sharp growth rate a little, but nothing to panic about. Residential real estate in New York is continuing to grow everyday. New developments bringing more properties for sale are the boost that will continue to help the market.

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George Soros Looks To Angela Merkel For European Leadership

The European Union is facing the most challenging year it has had since it was created in the mid 20th century in the view of financial expert George Soros. In an interview detailed by FX Street the billionaire hedge fund manager George Sorors set out his vision of what the future holds for the European Union and how the political leaders of the continent can handle the problems they face. Although Soros has been critical of the work of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the past he believes the leadership shown in recent months will stand the continent in good stead for the future.

George Soros has the ability to see the issues facing the world on a global level as he lived the majority of his early life in Europe before arriving in the U.S. after completing his education. The life of George Soros has taken many twists and turns that have given him an empathy for those who are in need of the assistance of the more fortunate; a number of charitable foundations have been established by Soros following the success of his hedge fund that was valued at more than $100 million by 1979.

The issues facing the European Union are detailed by George Soros in his interview and are far greater than many fear, which could add up to the entire collapse of the EU in the view of Soros. The financial expert claims the major problem the European Union is facing is the migrant crisis begun by the conflict in Syria. George Soros has been critical of Angela Merkel in the past for her view of only seeking what is best for the people of Germany, but this view has changed with the strong leadership offered by Merkel during the migrant crisis. George Soros believes stated his belief Merkel is correct in thinking the crisis could cause the collapse of the EU as increasing numbers of countries look to end the open border policy at the heart of the community.

George Soros does not believe the problems facing the European Union are limited to the migration crisis, but can be traced back to the Greek economic crisis that has lasted for a number of years. The rising economic problems could be made worse by the threat of Russian aggression against much of the European Union; Soros believes the threat of Russia has already begun with its invasion of parts of the Ukraine coupled with its continued threats against Hungary and Poland.

The strength of the European Union could be weakened further by the referendum on the British exit from the European Union, which should take place over the coming months of 2016. The refusal of the U.K. to join the Euro zone has left the country in a strong position that could throw the entire European community on the verge of collapse should the U.K. exit the political community.

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Lake Tahoe’s Struggle With Weather And The Divisive Issue Of Incorporation

The Reno-Gazette Journal published an article highlighting the struggles Lake Tahoe has been dealing with for the last four years. Lake Tahoe has definitely been in a slump economically because of circumstances beyond its control, and it has also seen a political and civic battle, which had become a divisive issue for the resorts, business owners and residents. The issue of incorporation of the area caused a power struggle between backers of the incorporation and resort owners along with other businesses. The economic slump in tourism is due to unfavorable weather conditions the area had been experiencing for years now. Thankfully, early winter weather storms and extremely cold temps have allowed resorts to open up their doors early to vacationing tourists, which allows businesses to thrive because there are more consumers. Being able to start the season early is exactly what Lake Tahoe needed. The other issue is a bit more complicated.

Andy Wirth has gone head-to-head with the backers of incorporation because it all boils down to disputes over how land will be used and who makes the land usage decisions. Backers of incorporation want a town to be created and a committee formed of residents to make the decisions about land for resorts and businesses. Andy Wirth and other resort owners and CEOs resisted the incorporation, and they go through Placer County for land use issues, which is something they have always done. Besides, land use issues is a county issue.

Accusations and money flew back and forth between the parties, and the backers of incorporation even implied corruption when a member said Andy Wirth’s resort only resisted because the resort could influence the the supervisors of Placer County. The backers even doubled down, and they said a lot of money had been spent to prevent the incorporation. Wirth countered by pointing out the backers had also spent quite a bit as well. In the end, a commission sacked the incorporation.

Andy Wirth cares about Lake Tahoe, and he only has good intentions for it. According to the article, he’s focused on reuniting the community by proposing transportation projects, which would improve the value of Lake Tahoe. His About Me site clearly illustrates his fondness for community and his fellow man. He donates considerable time and money to local community and environmental service projects. Andy Wirth was definitely on the right side of this debate concerning his beloved community of Lake Tahoe.

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What We Can Learn From Citadel’s Founder

Many are likely more aware of “The Citadel” as a university, but few realize that it is also an investment firm run by one of the wealthiest people on the planet. This is important because the Citadel investment firm is very influential and successful in the markets. Citadel is broken into three major parts. The first being Citadel itself as the investment firm, then there is Citadel Securities which is a major liquidity provider, and finally you have Citadel Technologies which provides technologies for the markets. Each plays a critical role in the company and the markets are made better because each exists. The returns that Citadel posted in the first eight months of 2015 soared above those of the market as a whole. In fact, in a year that turned out to be relatively flat, Citadel scored even higher than an average market return in an up year. Just imagine what they could do when the market starts to pick back up again! All of this success stems from the man who founded the firm, Ken Griffin. Griffin of Wall Street is a Harvard educated legend of the markets who spends a lot of his time thinking about the markets and how they really work. What he wants to know is just how to make the most money in the market at any time no matter what the conditions in the market are. That is a smart way to think about things, and a lot of us can piggyback off of the hard work that he has put into his research. Education is a top priority with Griffin and he believes in helping others get to the point where they can make a life for themselves. He advises several charities and other organizations which seek to promote education in various communities. The man has a big heart and does not only concern himself with building wealth. Even though he has greater than $7 billion to his name, he still thinks of others and the good that he could be doing to help out those in need. People like him make the world a little better.

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Using Dogs For Security

If you have a business are looking for the best way to protect it, then this wikipedia article may have the answer for you. There is nothing worse than the worry that your life’s work will be ruined by someone else trying to take what doesn’t belong to them. No one can stay awake, alert, and on property 24/7 and hiring 24-hour security may not be financially optional leaving a person to wonder what they can do to protect themselves. Using animals as a security system is a good way to provide your business with the security it needs to ensure you won’t lose what you have worked hard to obtain. By creating a small team of domesticated animals, anyone can greatly reduce the risk that they will become victims of burglary. If have ever noticed that certain small dogs are easily alerted and seem almost paranoid then you would be correct. In the past, many of these breeds have served the purpose of being an alarm system. A well-trained small dog will sense anything happening on a property. Once the alarm is set off, a small number of large breed guard type dogs can work as a method to deter criminals from wanting to take goods from your property. It is important to make sure that all animals are treated well even if their main purpose is a security system. It is advised to get animals from shelters so that it can be assured that animals that need homes are getting them. It is also crucial to remember that these animals will need warmth and shelter just like humans. Having a happy healthy dog will help ensure that they can work hard to protect you. A good diet is also a big part of having a healthy dog. It is recommended to give only foods that come from approved sources. Beneful is a company that has a proven track record of success when it comes to dog’s nutrition. Their original dog food is good for most dogs, but they also have Healthy Growth and Healthy Puppy foods for growing pups. Also, make sure that treats are from approved sources like the Baked Delights from Beneful. Animals can make great effective systems for protecting any property. With a little training, you can have a small defense army to keep you and your assets safe. If you choose to go this route, make sure that all animals get attention, a good diet, and somewhere safe and comfortable they can call home.

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Sergio Cortes, Going All In As Michael Jackson

World famous Spanish entertainer, Sergio Cortes made a choice earlier on to follow the career of Michael Jackson. As a young man, his mother noted that he looked exactly like the superstar. Sergio set out to absorb everything he could about the man and his music, just as a fan. Then upon Jackson’s 2009 death, he decided to take it a step further and make a career out of impersonating him. Eventually, Sergio reconstructed his looks to match every detail of Michael Jackson’s face in shocking accuracy, including the plastic surgeries; the pinched nose and cleft chin. As if this alone wasn’t enough, during his “Live Tribute Show,” Sergio duplicates every move to precision from the iconic moonwalk to the famous “anti-gravity” leaning scene in the video for “Smooth Criminal.”

Sergio Cortes spoke about becoming his idol, in an original article posted on the Spanish News and Entertainment website, R7. When asked about being a Michael Jackson impersonator, he stated, “”I started by paying attention to every detail as Michael sang, danced, and the way he carried himself before the media and their fans.” He then fine tuned those initial impressions, and turned them into a full-time career, paying tribute to Jackson’s legendary musical career.

Along with the plastic surgeries, wardrobe and makeup; it takes discipline and stamina to transform into an International superstar for a full-length tribute show featuring all the songs and moves that Michael Jackson’s made famous. Sergio believes that he also brings his own identity to the shows because it also takes a great deal of talent to accurately portray such a great persona as “The King of Pop.” Just looking at the photos on his Facebook profile, anyone can clearly see the astonishing similarities to Michael Jackson. And judging for the photos themselves, Cortes is indeed living the life as such; he’s never out of character.

As a “Michael Jackson impersonator,” Sergio looks exactly like him. His voice, dance moves and clothing are identical. Although, he gives credit to other impersonators, he does acknowledge that performing at such a level isn’t for everyone. It takes stage presence and intensity to match Jackson. On his Facebook page, Sergio acknowledges that it could be intimidating for others to try and match someone with, “such great talent for singing, dancing, composing and acting.”

Follow this incredibly talented Michael Jackson impersonator, Sergio Cortes, online on both Facebook and Twitter.

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Impersonators are people who embrace the persona of other artists, stage and film actors and make this imitation their career. Many famous people have been impersonated throughout history. One such impersonator is Sergio Cortes. In his Facebook profile, Sergio Cortes describes himself an artist, singer, composer, dancer and actor. He acknowledges that imitating requires one to have great talent and intellect, and it’s not easy. According to Sergio Cortes, imitating Michael Jackson is a privilege to Sergio.
The similarity is such that it’s hard to believe that M.J was reborn in Spain.Sergio Jackson now is considered one of the best American late singer doubles. The Spanish 44-year-old was born on July 30, 1971.As a child, the mother told him he looked similar to the king of pop.It was at a point in time when M, J was with the Jackson 5 and had just started his brilliant career in America and was slowly rising as an international icon. Sergio Buoyed by the mothers view towards him began to pay attention to detail as Michael sang, danced and carried himself. It was from this inspiring start that created the man we have today.
As a teenager, he was invited to act as a double to Michael Jackson.The pictures snapped on that day have shaped his career to date.He was asked to act as a double in Michaels wedding, and the rest, as they say, is history. It was then that the passion of Sergio Cortes for Michael’s music started to become a second career. He has slowly built an empire around the Sergio Jackson persona. Today he performs in various shows and performances across the world and has more than 16,000 followers on his Facebook page. He uses the social network to communicate with his fans and launch new tours.
Sergio Cortes admits he was very upset after Michaels demise in 2009 while sleeping in his mansion in Los Angeles, USA. He was also was very upset with the sale of the Nevada ranch. He says these instances have made him even more determined to reclaim the real legacy of Michael Jackson.
Many famous people like Ricardo and Ronald have numerous impersonators in Brazil. But Sergio Cortes seems to have perfected the art for them. We wish the young singer-dancer a prosperous career.

You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.
Source: R7

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