What Did Princeton Teach Peter Briger?

What was Princeton student Peter Briger like? What classes did he take? What did Princeton teach Peter Briger about life?

The Value of Education

“What is the value of a Princeton degree?” For Peter Briger, it might be worth a billion dollars. It is difficult to determine whether Peter Briger could have become a billionaire without it.Princeton “taught Peter Briger how to think.” It prepared him for the rigors of the financial world. It gave him the basics of Economics 101.The Princeton professors were experts at helping their students think in advanced ways. They would be able to understand the inner workings of Wall Street. They could calculate the value of a business.With advanced thought processes, they would be one step ahead of the competition. Their thinking would be multi dimensional. The expectations of Princeton grads was that they would rule the world.A good example was President John F. Kennedy JFK. He was writing books while still a student. He actually wrote Why England Slept when he was still a Harvard student. JFK also went to Princeton. His education set the stage for him to understand the complicated world around him. He could lead because he understood how the world worked. That is what a good Ivy League education gave Peter Briger.

Hard Work

Nothing is free. There is no silver spoon that is going to give you the moon. Peter Briger understood that he must make a name for himself through hard work.He excelled at Goldman Sachs. He learned from the financial experts and transitioned to becoming co-chairman of the Fortress Investment Group. The Fortress continually found undervalued assets and made them profitable.These included railways, resorts and casinos. The wealthy need a place to go to rest and relax. The Fortress understood how humans live and provided the creature comforts, they needed.Peter Briger continued his relentless pace and led Fortress to the top of the mountain. It was the first hedge fund to go public. It was a trend setter. That is what Princeton taught Peter Briger – how to lead.

Being Thankful for Opportunities

And, now Peter Briger can give back to Princeton with his Alumni Entrepreneurship Fund. This awards business owners with the capital to get their businesses off the ground. They can purchase supplies and pay for rent.These entrepreneurs are the leaders of tomorrow. They will learn from Peter Briger, just as he learned from those who went before hand. Peter Briger learned the value of education, hard work and giving back to the next generation at Princeton.

Dr. Dov Rand Specializes in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Dr. Johanan Dov Rand is a medical doctor out New Jersey. He specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as Physiatrist. Dr Dov Rand founded and has served as president of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey since 2010. He limits the treatments offered to Peer-Review medicine. Practicing Peer-Review means he only offers treatments which can be supported with a medical journal or an article.

Dr Dov Rand treats medical issues in his practice which are linked to aging, such as poor memory, fatigue, hot flashes, andropause symptoms, depression and more. He works to create an individual therapy plan for each patient using integrative and regenerative medicine to treat current conditions and prevent diseases. This approach also helps to restore good health and vitality in his aging patients (https://yourbeautycraze.com/dr-johanan-rand-erectile-dysfunction-solution/).

Health Aging Medical Centers utilizes exercise, nutrition and monitors hormones in their treatment of aging patients. Dr Dov Rand understands there are good and bad hormones. The bad hormones increase in the bloodstream as people age. He uses bioidentical hormones to bring a patient’s good hormones into the upper quartile range for significant health improvement. These bioidentical hormones are better for the body then the synthetic counterparts offered on the market. Synthetic hormones have been linked to certain significant health problems which are not a concern with bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical hormones are recognized as “safe and effective”.

Dr Dov Rand got his training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center out New York. He is board certified in functional medicine, anti-aging medicine, and regenerative medicine. Dr. Dov Rand works to treat and heal the whole body instead of just treating the symptoms. He offers a variety of traditional pain treatments, including steroid injections, anti-inflammatory medications, nerve blocks and epidurals. Other treatments offered include the HCG diet for significant weight loss and weight loss through Intravenous Vitamin Therapy.


Vijay Eswaran has One Constructive Philosophy that Will Help your Business

Vijay Eswaran is a revered global entrepreneur. He is the founder of one QI Group , a conglomerate of five business units that spread across Asia , the United Arab Emirates , Singapore and Malaysia. Alongisde the business are five departments that cut across lifestyle, luxuries, training, conference evaluattion and internal retail as well as retail business.

Background Data

For Eswaran, business is the hallmark of every healthy economy. But for there to be an healthy economy, the engine of the business must put his clients and employees first. The statement service to others before self grately resonates with Vijay Eswaran in this case. To him, the success of business and a good example is his business, highly relies on his ability to care for others before considering the need to maximize profits.

QI Group and its Services

QI was established in 1998. Eswaran uses direct sales to reach his clients through a distributing platform that ensures every client is catered to. Currently , the business works with its affiliates to distribute exclusive products that cover a broad spectrum including personal and home care needs, energy products and personal nutrition.


To achieve all that he has in a short span of being in business , Vijay Eswaran holds onto various business philosophies that have since then, guided him into achieving excellent business ratings coupled with high service delivery skills.

Additional Information

Vijay Eswaran believes that the philosophy of puttig others before himself was imparted to him by his father. This is because even as a child, he was a dedicated individual who applied the philosophy in his dealings with others especially classmates. Now a successful business proffessional, Eswaran applies the same philosophy to run business in various parts of the world. What is more, he applies his entrepreneurial wealth of knowledge to accumulate tons of business ideas from his networks.

The Overview on Business

Perhaps the most fundamental lesson entrepreneurs can derive from Eswaran is the fact that business and its success rely on the skill set of an individual. Moreover, it takes courage and community service to succeed in implementing a business idea.

An Influencer And A Magnate

The Great Desiree Perez has made it clear she is there to help other women get into the business that ROC Nation is most known for, which is launching hip hop careers. There is something perfectly comforting, for women coming into the business, to know that they have another woman to talk to and to guide them as they travel down this road.

She has been working alongside Jay Z for many years, and it would be hard to speak of one, without thoughts of the other coming up. Des Perez has had a huge impact on the already terribly successfully Jay Z brainchild, Roc Nation, and she has been instrumental in additional successes they have had in recent years. Although directly connected with the organization for nearly a decade, many suggest she has been instrumental in helping Jay Z grow his brand for over 2 decades. They are somewhat inseparable professionally.

When speaking of her impact, it is simply put: she maximizes profits while managing talent. She makes the bottom lines expand, bringing in additional funds for investors and making the brand stronger. Rihanna, one of Roc’s headliners, is on a tour that is largely sponsored by Samsung, a sponsorship near wholly the work of Ms. Perez.

She does not deal with just Roc talent, but rather she is seen as somewhat of a talent incubator, sponsoring the progression of several careers in the music industry. Squarely a backbone in the “Hova Circle of Influence,” she is side-by-side with her husband, Juan, and many others completely focused on success of the enterprise and artists.

Sean Carter, AKA Jay Z, has been a human-based paradigm of advancement and support for millions of artists. He might easily be the hardest working individual in entertainment and his reputation is spotless. With the help of Ms. Perez, and as combined with his hard work, he has seen his empire rise to lofty levels in the past decade. He is a class act and this particular fact is undoubtedly a big part of the reason he has been so successful. Class begets class.

For More info: www.linkedin.com/in/desiree-perez-0009a413a/

Securus Technologies Not Letting the Drones Enter the Prison Space

Securus Technologies has been the preferred correctional firm for many correctional facilities, and rightly so. The technologies provided by the company are unique and futuristic, and it recently came up with the way to finally end the contraband supply done through drones. The drones are the new tools of crime that are being used by the goons to send the contraband phones, weapons, drugs, and other items inside the prison in disguise.


The correctional agencies have been trying to find ways to stop the supply done through the drones, but has failed. The correctional agencies can halt and restrict something that is supplied through the land, but drones are used to drop the contraband packages discreetly through the air at odd times in the prison when the patrol is not happening. It becomes difficult to detect the entry of the drones and the drop of contraband packages at the time it happens.


However, Securus Technologies has been able to come up with the solution to end the crisis started by drone through its latest drone detection technology. The drone detection technology would not only help in detecting whenever the drones enter the prison, but also ensure that the contraband supply through the drones is stopped completely. The crime rate has increased rapidly inside the jail due to the amount is done through the drone of contraband items.


Once the drone detection technology is installed, the criminals would not be able to use the drones as the correctional officers would immediately know that a drone has entered the prison space. The corrections officers would get to know the precise location of the drone in the air and thus, would be able to track and shot it down. The task of finding and neutralizing the drones as soon as it enters the prison airspace would become much easier with the drone detection technology.



In the veteran role of Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin’s solid leadership and impressive business savvy has earned his company many awards and praise for excellence

In regards to top-rated, American-based food companies, OSI Group is in the upper echelon for its high levels of excellence in many areas of the food industry. As CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has been a best-in-class, executive leader who have helped his company’s cause, quite profusely.

Over his long tenure as CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has hit key business milestones and successfully expanded OSI’s business influence to include many international markets in Europe, China, and India. Sheldon Lavin has received many awards and accolades during his long business tenure at OSI.

In terms of Sheldon Lavin’s business résumé, Lavin was once the Chairman of Amick Farms, after OSI Group acquired this American-based poultry company in 2006. In addition, OSI Group’s purchase of Baho Food in August, 2016, spurred Lavin to add the Dutch company to their European portfolio. OSI’s purchase of Baho Foods helped with their strategy of gaining a stronger corporate presence in Europe.

After purchasing Baho Foods, OSI Group integrated five subsidiaries from this purchase — which includes some processing plants dispersed among Germany and the Netherlands — into the OSI fold. These five subsidiaries included, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Bakx Foods. These subsidiaries provide food services in Europe, that — in turn — assisted with a network of other subsidiaries and companies located in 16 countries.

OSI Group purchased the Tyson Food plant in June of 2016. OSI Group purchased this Tyson plant, which is located in Chicago, Illinois, for approximately $74 million dollars. An OSI Group spokesman noted that Tyson Food’s 200,000-square-foot location, which is located in the Back of the Yards locale, is very close to OSI’s other facilities in Chicago.

The OSI Group purchase of the Tyson plant was a strategy that would help Sheldon Lavin’s company prospects, domestically. Lavin’s wise purchase was an important way to utilize this infrastructure to spur an increase in its business growth.

Because of Lavin’s senior leadership, one of OSI’s subsidiaries — located in the UK — was awarded the Globe of Honour in December of 2016. The Globe of Honour award is given to companies that are located in the UK, and are also consistently achieving excellence in environmental safety.

Founded in 1909 as Otto & Sons, a small family meat company, OSI Group is currently a billion dollar, international corporation, with approximately 20,000 employees.

Sheldon Lavin info: www.crunchbase.com/person/sheldon-lavin

Jed McCaleb’s Analytics on the Future Relationship of Blockchain and Banking

Jed McCaleb, one of the most notable personalities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors predicts that this technology is going to revolutionize the financial markets in future extensively. This revolution is going to incorporate payment systems, fundraising avenues, and even stock markets globally. According to his analysis, the initial coins offerings phenomena show how big the untapped financial market is. The Stellar co-founder says that there lies a lot of potential in these untapped financial markets areas that will be exploited soon.


According to Jed McCaleb, the Stellar co-founder, the blockchain technology will keep growing bigger and turn into an efficient universal payments network. He added that the technology will continue improving and in a few years we are going to be able to see it’s full potential. McCaleb said that what we see now about the technology is only the tip of the iceberg concerning what the technology can do. The Stellar co-founder said this during his latest interview with CNBC.com.


The idea that a ledger can be publicly accessible and still not be tampered with is a good selling point for the blockchain technology according to Jed McCaleb. He says that the technology will continue being adopted into new fields and it’s applications diversified. The universal payments network will be the climax of the blockchain technology, and Mr. McCaleb says that this where all the efforts in the industry are pointed at now.


About Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of Stellar and the current chief technology officer at the company. Stellar is a technological entity that focuses on developing cross-border payment solutions for the cryptocurrency network. Currently, McCaleb is focusing his efforts on developing a universal payments network. This network will have a tremendous impact on how the world as a whole will do business. So far, Jed McCaleb has done impressive work around the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. Some people in the industry even believe that he might be the man to bring forth the era of universal payments network.

Visit O2Pur for the ultimate Ecig Experience

Electronic cigarettes, popularly known as eCigs are devices that can be inhaled to produce vaporized nicotine and are operated with batteries. These devices are alternatives to regular cigarettes as they provide the sensation of smoking tobacco without actually having to be exposed to the smoke associated with smoking.

ECigs was launched in China in 2004 by a Golden Dragon Holding’s pharmacist known as Hon Lik. Golden Dragon which is currently known as Ruyan began exporting the product into major markets around the globe between 2005 and 2006. The United States has taken well to the product with a reported million users as of 2014. Herbert A. Gilbert was behind the idea of but was not able to come up with a patent for the product in 1963. He intended to come up with a product that would help addicts of cigarettes to quit smoking over time.

ECigs come in the form of a long tube that resembles a cigar, pipe or pen. The product is sold in a kit that usually consists of a mouthpiece where one inhales from, rechargeable battery that powers the heaters, heating system that heats the liquid in the pipe to produce the vapor, the liquid known as the e-juice containing a mixture of nicotine and propylene glycol, and an electronic route. Most of these products can be reused by refilling or replacing the mouthpiece on the pipes. There are more than 460 brands of Electronic Cigarettes in the market currently.

One of the many eCigs brands in O2Pur, a company run by Scott Barth. O2Pur provides a wide range of products including the nicotine salts product, the E-liquid made from nicotine products blended with methanol, nicotine batteries and pens, speed chargers with four charging ports, Box Kits, and a starter kip package for beginners.

The starter kit comes with instructions on how to use each of O2Pur products and a variety of products with a lower vapor range. The kit and all other Ecig products by O2Pur are sold at a reasonable prize in online shops as well as physical ones. Ecig products are only sold to individuals of legal age of more than twenty-one years.

Trabuco The Ancient God Of War

Trabuco is an ancient barricade weapon that was used to destroy masonry walls or heave projectiles above them to the other side as a catapult does. It can also be called the trebuchet, for differentiation from other weapons. It is referred to as the thick gauge rifle or revolver in Brazil. This weapon was used in areas of all religions including the Muslims and Christians. It could accurately throw a projectile of 140 pounds at high speeds into an enemy’s barricade to a distance of up to 800 meters away. It was brought to Europe in 600 DC after its invention in China at around 400 AC.

The trabuco was an evolvement of the old sling. The lowest Trabuco type is extra portable with an extent that is lesser hence it allows for easy transportation. Its release time intervals also short allowing for more throws and can be operated by one person who is responsible for both feeding and pulling the string. However, most trebuchets are large hence needed between 15-45 men to operate it with two men handling the rope. The operators were local citizens who were working in defense of their city or attacking enemies.

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Through the Persians and Byzantine Empire, Trabuco reached the Middle East, and through Germany’s north, it reached Nordic countries. Later its traction and knowledge got to Scandinavian at an unknown time in history according to infopedia.pt. Early when Paris was under major attack, the machines were used and the Vikings met. In the early 800, the machines were also used by the Nordic People to siege Anger. For the first time, Trebuchets counterweight was used in Italy at the end of the 12th century. In England, they were introduced in 1216.

In 1191 during Acre attack, Richard Lionheart amassed two trebuchets that he named “Bad Neighbor” and God’s Catapult” to fight with in 1304 according to sinonimos.com.br. During the Castle attack of Stirling, Edward Longshanks had his engineers built a trebuchet that would be gigantic to defeat the English Army and gave it the name “wolf war.”

The trabuco lost its value when gunpowder emerged. It was no longer the best choice for a field gun. Even after gunpowder, they were used in the Burgos attack (1475-1476) and Rhodes attack (1480). In 1521, Hernán Cortés recorded its last military use in the Aztec Capital attack in Tenochtitlan. Today, Trabucos are used for entertainment and to educate on mechanics basic principles.

Find more about Trabuco: https://pt.wiktionary.org/wiki/trabuco

The Pulp Fiction of Lawrence Bender.

If you had to would you rather watch a uniquely produced movie or just watch a popular film? Well, it all depends on the creative work and ability to capture the people’s attention in a film for it to be considered to be the best. A Good movie will always be credited to the producer. Lawrence Bender was born in New York, the USA in 1957.He graduated from the University of Maine, where he studied civil engineering. He has since enjoyed success in his love for movie production. One of the movies that bender boasts of success is the Pulp Fiction.

Pulp fiction was released in 1994. It merged the practice of classic crime tales to bring sanity to the society. The film produced by Lawrence Bender grew to be one of the bestselling movies of all time. In its combination of thriller actors such as Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Samuel Jackson and Uma Thurman, the characters displayed have not disappointed.

In a crime entailed movie, Lawrence Bender shows his ability as the producer to bring the fiction part into reality. In a thrilling flow, Pulp Fiction involves two target men who are out on a hunt to get back a suitcase that was taken away from one of them. This movie is both enjoyable and tempting to watch. While watching, you are considered through different storylines that merge to entertain and thrill. Pulp Fiction is one of the best movies by the most prolific producers of all time, Lawrence Bender.

The most exciting and entertaining scene of the Pulp Fiction movie is when the two hitmen who are out on a mission of retrieving the stolen bag. One would quickly be forced to think that they are just two ordinary people in a chit-chat session. I can only speak for the majority and say that Lawrence Bender made Pulp Fiction a stylish and brilliantly built movie. There is a natural flow of events and a sense of realism. Lawrence Bender is without a doubt one of the greatest producers in old and recent times. He remains to be a favorite of many with his style of movie production.