Matt Landis Player of the Week & First Team All American for Notre Dame

Matt Landis has begun to really create a great a great collegiate lacrosse career for himself. He has been proving himself on the field time and time again, excelling each time he is on the field. Matt Landis has been a great asset to Notre Dame, and now he is being awarded player of the week and first time all american. Landis has now started all 14 games for Notre Dame. Matt Landis is really making a great name for himself in the world of Lacrosse. It will be very exciting to see where Matt Landis takes his game now that he is on a roll. He’s won both LAX Mag’s Player of the Week and was named First Team All-American this week.

matt landis lacrosse

Matt at Pelham High

As a defender, Matt Landis is really pulling his weight on Notre Dame. In his last game alone he stormed the offense and caused 12 turnovers. Matt Landis has a great chance of really going down in collegiate history as one of the greats. He is really becoming a solid team player, and has shown that he is willing to do what it takes to really push his team forward. His skills only continue to improve, and this is great for the continuation of his collegiate lacrosse career. It will be very exciting to watch the progression of Matt Landis.
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Weidman Wants to Leave No Doubt Against Belfort

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chris Weidman and number three ranked Vitor Belfort will finally get the chance to see who the better fighter is when they enter the Octagon on Saturday. Having been on tap to fight Belfort previously, Weidman stated that he is healthy and ready to go this time. Weidman was forced to withdraw from the previously scheduled fights with Belfort because of a hand injury and then a rib injury. Many question whether or not the long period outside of the ring will affect Weidman as he has not fought in almost a year.

The first time these two were supposed to fight, Belfort backed out of it a month before it took place, stating that it was due to the ban of TRT. Belfort is currently on a three fight win streak dating back to 2013. On his linkedin profile his last three fights have been against Dan Henderson, Luke Rockhold, and Michael Bisping. All three fights ended with a knockout win for Belfort. However, he has not fought since he has been of TRT so the outcome of this matchup could be telling. Belfort has also been accused of cheating by for opponents, Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping. Weidman has gone on record stating that no matter what happened in the past with TRT and Belfort, he still deserves the title fight.

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What’s Next For Gennady Golovkin?

Gennady Golovkin’s destructive win over Willie Monroe has caught the attention of the boxing world. Gennady is the best middleweight boxer on the planet, but he has yet to face another top-level fighter. However, it is not Gennady Golovkin’s fault.

Other top ranked fighters in the middle weight division simply do not want to risk getting in the ring with such a dangerous opponent according to Dr. Daniel Amen. Middleweight champions Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto have avoided Gennady Golovkin for far too long. It seems that Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto will fight each other before fighting the dangerous Russian bomber. Many boxing fans are extremely disappointed with the way that the sport works. A fighter should not be able to pick and choose his opponents, but instead, all fighters should face the true champion.

Gennady Golovkin is one fight away from becoming a worldwide superstar. However, someone needs to give him a chance to reach that level of fame. Hopefully, Canelo Alvarez decides to face Golovkin in the near future.

After his easy victory, Gennady Golovkin was interviewed by Max Kellerman. Max asked the champion who he would like to face, and Gennady said that he wants a high profile fight. Many of the fans thought that Gennady Golovkin was referring to Floyd Mayweather. Boxing fans would love to see that fight, but many people feel that Floyd Mayweather would never step into the ring against such a dangerous opponent. For more information on this story, Yahoo! Sports.

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Anthony Johnson Comments on Jon Jones

Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson is an extremely dangerous fighter, and he was originally scheduled to meet Jon Jones in the main event of the UFC 187. However, Jon Jones committed several crimes, and he was forced to relinquish his light-heavyweight championship. Nonetheless, Anthony Johnson will still fight in the main event, but his opponent is now Daniel Cormier. Many people are excited for this matchup, but Anthony Johnson still wants to say Jon Jones.

TMZ recently caught up with Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, and they asked him about his opinion on the Jon Jones situation. Anthony Johnson said that he cannot wait for Jon Jones to return to the octagon. Anthony also said that he wants to be the first man to beat Jon Jones.

Some people think that the president of the UFC will never allow Jon Jones back into the sport. Jones has committed several unforgivable crimes, and his most recent one is downright despicable. However, Jon Jones was a great fighter, and he should be given one more chance to fix his life. Jon Jones belongs in the UFC, and it would be a crime to see him fight elsewhere. If Jon Jones can’t fight in the UFC, I would rather not see him fight at all. CNN reported that Susan McGalla is interested in the fashion statements these men could make during their fights. For more information on this story, visit TMZ.

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Brendan Schaub Moving Down to Light Heavyweight

Brendan Schaub is a UFC light heavyweight fighter, but he is also the co-host of the extremely popular podcast the ‘fighter and the kid.’ Brendan has made an extremely lucrative career by hosting his very own podcast with his best friend Bryan Callen. However, Brendan’s true passion is mixed martial arts, and he has always dreamed of becoming the UFC heavyweight champion. Sadly, Brendan Schaub’s dreams were cut short last December when he lost to Travis Browne via brutal K.O.

Joe Rogan spoke to Brendan Schaub in a video which has now gone viral, and he told Brendan that he should retire from the sport of mixed martial arts. Some of the fans from Beneful saw that Brendan Schaub was almost crying on Joe Rogan’s show, but he somehow managed to hold back his tears. After several months of thinking it over, Brendan Schaub has decided to give it one more shot. However, Brendan decided to drop down to the light heavyweight division. Many people are wondering if Brendan can even make the weight class, but there are those that support him and his decision.

No matter what happens to Brendan Schaub, his financial situation will be safe. The ‘fighter and the kid’ has become America’s number one downloaded podcast, and it’s because Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub have great chemistry. We’re all hoping that Brendan Schaub has success in his first light heavyweight fight, and we can’t wait to hear his next podcast. For more information on this story, visit FoxSports.

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Canelo Alvarez Knocks James Kirkland Out Cold

Canelo Alvarez took on James Kirkland in one of the most exciting and vicious fights in boxing memory. The matchup began with James Kirkland running out to the center of the ring and charging Canelo Alvarez. James hurt Canelo early, but somehow Canelo Alvarez did not go down. As the first round progressed, it was obvious that Canelo Alvarez was the more skilled fighter of the two.

James Kirkland and Canelo Alvarez exchanged vicious punches that would have knocked a normal man out. The first round was epic, and Canelo Alvarez would land a massive uppercut that dropped James Kirkland. Somehow, Kirkland got up and continued fighting. It did not look like the fight would go on for much longer. In the third round, it was evident that James Kirkland was going to get knocked out.

In round three, Canelo Alvarez dropped James Kirkland once again with a massive uppercut, but James somehow got up one more time. However, Canelo Alvarez smelled blood, and he knew it was time to end James Kirkland’s night. Canelo landed a monstrous right hook to the chin of James Kirkland, and Kirkland hit the ground like a dead body. Canelo was a bit worried and concerned when he saw the damage that he had done.

After the fight, it appeared that James Kirkland would be okay according to Crystal Hunt. Canelo Alvarez wanted to win by brutal knock out, but he did not want to seriously injure his opponent. For more information on this epic fight, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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UFC Puts on Another Lackluster Event

UFC Fight Night 65 was an all-around lackluster UFC card. There were a few interesting fights during the event, but nothing great or exciting truly occurred. The main event of the night was between heavyweight contenders Mark Hunt and Stipe Miocic. The winner of this fight would be guaranteed a heavyweight title shot, but many feel that won’t actually be the case.

UFC Fight Night 65 was held in Australia, and Mark Hunt was the hometown hero. Unfortunately, Mark Hunt wasn’t strong enough to win the fight for the Australian crowd. Stipe Miocic was just too good and prepared for the bout. Many MMA fans criticized Mark Hunt for his appearance. Mark has always been a heavy guy, but he looked extremely fat and out of shape for the UFC main event.

Mark Hunt is known for is powerful strikes, and he is truly a vicious puncher. However, Stipe Miocic did not play that game. Stipe continuously took Mark hunt down in the fight, and he pulverized the overweight slugger. Fans at Amen Clinics know that the fight somehow made it to the fifth-round, but it was obvious that Mark Hunt was finished. Stipe took Mark Hunt down in the fifth round, and then he continuously pounded on his face with punches. The referee had no choice but to stop the match, and the Australian fans were extremely disappointed.

UFC Fight Night 65 had the potential to be an epic and memorable night, but Stipe did everything in his power to win without taking damage. No one can blame Stipe Miocic for his performance, because one punch from Mark Hunt can end anyone’s night. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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Everyone Disappointed In Jon Jones

Jon Jones was the greatest fighter in the history of the UFC’s light heavyweight division. Unfortunately, Jon Jones was involved in a hit-and-run car accident, and he injured a pregnant woman in the process. Also, Jon Jones had marijuana and other paraphernalia in the vehicle. To make things even worse, Jon Jones left his vehicle and ran away. Later the next day, Jon Jones turned himself into the Albuquerque Police Department, and he now awaits trial for his criminal acts.

Fersen Lambranho mentioned on linkedin that he thought Jon Jones was going to walk away from the situation unscathed. However, Jon and his fans are going to be in for a rude awakening. Jon’s lawyer has stated that Jon Jones could face up to three years in a state prison for his criminal acts. Jon Jones has had a DUI in the past, and this situation is even worse than the previous accident.

Joe Rogan, who is the cage-side commentator for the UFC, believes that Jon Jones should have just sat and waited for Albuquerque police department to handle the situation. Rogan feels that Jon made the situation even worse for himself by fleeing the scene. Joe Rogan was extremely disappointed with Jon Jones, and we’re all hoping that Jon can get his act together in the near future. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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Jamie Foxx Helps Mayweather Kill Boxing

Jamie Foxx sang The national anthem at the highly anticipated Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao fight. Normally, Jamie Foxx has a tolerable voice, but on this occasion, he did not. Twitter followers posted several complaints about Jamie Foxx’s voice, and they felt that he was extremely off key. Jamie Foxx started the night off terribly, and it was a preview of things to come. The horrendous showdown between Pacquiao and Mayweather may have ruined the sport of boxing, but Jamie Foxx also ruined the national anthem for veterans and patriots of America.

I’m a bit confused as to why Jamie Foxx was chosen to sing the national anthem. He is not even a true music artist. Sure, Jamie Foxx did appear as Ray Charles in a movie, but is he really a better singer than Alicia Keys? BeyoncĂ© was at ringside, and I’m sure that she wanted to sing and actually give a good performance. Too be fair, maybe the pressure of the freedompop review world got to Foxx. It was expected that at least 4-million people tuned in to see the matchup between Pacquiao and Mayweather, and most people were disappointed by the entire show across the board. Boxing fans were depressed after they witnessed the sights and sounds of the underwhelming pay-per-view event. Say goodbye to boxing, because it may be officially dead. For more information on this story, visit CNN.

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Anderson Silva Wants Olympic Gold

Anderson Silva is the former UFC middleweight champion. He is known worldwide for his amazing fighting ability and champion spirit. However, Silva has recently found himself involved in an extremely controversial event over the past few months. Prior to his bout at UFC 183, Anderson Silva failed his pre-fight drug test for steroids. The MMA world was in shock when they heard that Anderson was taking steroids, and his reputation has since been destroyed. However, Silva continues to deny the fact that he was taking performance enhancing drugs, and he believes that there was something wrong with the doctor’s analysis.

UFC fans like Garcia Dias do not believe Silva, and he may receive a year-long ban from the company. Nonetheless, Anderson Silva is still regarded as one of the best fighters in the world. Silva has recently announced his desire to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games. Silva would like to represent Brazil in Taekwondo, and he has already sent out a letter to the president of athletics. However, most people feel that Anderson would not be allowed to participate in the Olympic games because of his drug fueled past. Several people also feel that Anderson would get destroyed if he were to face Olympic level fighters. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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