Hillary Clinton wants to raise capital gains taxes

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton has introduced legislation pledging to raise capital gains taxes, which is a change from her position in 20008. She announced this week together with businessman Bruce Leveson, in an Associated Press article, several plans to change the economy to one that is more focused on long term gains, rather than the short term.

The tax would be increased on more short term investments, to encourage more long range type thinking.

She would also like to raise compensation and protection for financial whistleblowers who report on corporate misdeeds. She would also like to change the way fines are structured, to target the individual CEOs involved, instead of just the company.

She said many times companies have been fined but there has been little, if any, accountability for the individuals responsible.

This is a shift from her 2008 strategy, but she said it is a result of companies focusing more on short term goals and profits, as opposed to prolonged growth. She said the current system often comes at the expense of workers and overall economic growth. She said companies are focusing too much on immediate profit and not enough on research and development and cultivating talent.

Clinton said it is easy to cut costs by decreasing pay or holding off in investment in the company itself or the community at large. She added that this is bad for business in the long run. She said investing in workers pays off, and she hopes her plans will help in that direction.

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Daniel Amen Says “You Are What You Eat”

If we are what we eat, and a person who suffers from psychiatric ailments has a diet that is sorely lacking in necessary nutrients the body needs for proper functioning, then perhaps it might stand to reason that a change in diet could ameliorate their symptoms. Daniel Amen, a well-known psychiatrist and author, believes better food choices will lead to less cases of common psychiatric ailments, such as Attention Deficit Disorder for example. Showing people how to make better food choices, which will get necessary nutrients into their system, is a tool Dr. Amen feels will help to battle these common healthcare issues.

Many children in this country are being diagnosed with ADD, and in the past decade there has been a substantial uptick in the amount of them being diagnosed. If a child either skips breakfast entirely, or they have a bowl of sugary cereal, they have not consumed any dietary protein that will help dopamine, a neurotransmitter necessary to optimal functioning of a child’s attention span, do its job. This is more than likely the reason they cannot concentrate. They will invariably become the subject of an incorrect diagnosis, which will then lead to an unnecessary prescription-based solution. The result is this child being labeled with a diagnosis that likely has nothing to do with improper functioning of their brain, but that which is caused by a lack of proper nutrition sponsoring that improper functioning. In most cases, a pill has no place in this equation. The lack of proper nutrition causes their inability to concentrate, a situation that could be remedied with some cottage cheese each morning. Instead they will likely get a pill, which will do the work that cottage cheese could have more efficiently done.

Dr. Daniel Amen, aside from being a New York Time’s best-selling author, is also a psychiatrist who specializes in brain disorders. He is the director of the eponymous Amen Clinics where he uses special photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) as a tool to establish a baseline for sub-categories of common disorders, like depression for instance. As a result of his findings, he will prescribe medication where warranted, but he also provides non-medication solutions to help his patients manage these common afflictions.

Eating incorrectly will never, ever lead to optimal functioning of the human body. This will, however, likely lead to disease. If Dr. Amen feels a change of diet is the best prescription he can give someone, this is a perfectly innocuous solution, but one that would most likely require tests results to establish credibility. Unfortunately the numbers of people involved with palate-pleasing consumption, which does almost nothing but cause health-related problems, are nearly as high as the numbers of people commonly diagnosed with the same handful of psychiatric conditions. It would seem antithetical that there is no connection between these two trends. A lot of good can come from what we put in our bodies, and a lot of bad. Dr. Amen is trying to show people how to make simple choices that will save them from a perilous, self-induced fate. Amen to that!

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How to choose the best Dog Food

Choosing dog food for your beloved pet is not as simple as it might seem. There are so many brands out there, but not all of these brands create foods that keep your pet healthy and thriving. It is essential that you research brands and types of dog food, keeping in mind your pet, and then choose the type of dog food best to feed. Here are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing dog food.


The ingredients used to make the dog food is important. Only ingredients that are going to be wholesome and nutritious to your dog should be chosen. If there is just one ingredient in the food, make sure that it is 95%. Are there by-products inside of the food? This is not what you want to serve your pet!


Brand is definitely important. Choose a brand that you are comfortable with, a brand that has a long history and a trustworthy reputation. Purina’s beneful is one of those brands that can meet your needs. Their Beneful dog food has been one of the top-selling dog foods of all time. Dogs love its great taste and owners love that it keeps their four-legged friend healthy.

The Statement

Does the dog food you buy have an Adequacy label? If not it is a good idea to begin looking at other dog food options.

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Interesting Facts That WWE Fans Never Knew About Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is considered to be the greatest WWE homejoy wrestler of all time, but there are several things that most WWE fans do not know about the heart break kid. For example, most fans did not know that Shawn Michaels actually one the WWE Tag Team titles with his first partner Marty Jannetty. However, the match was never broadcasted, and Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty were forced to return the titles to Bret Hart and Jim the anvil Neidhart.

During the mid 90s, Shawn Michaels was the WWE’s best performer, but he had a history of being an arrogant loud mouth behind the scenes. Everyone has heard about Shawn’s personal problems, but many people did not know that Shawn Michaels actually had an affair with former WWE Diva Sunny. Shawn Michaels and Sunny had a secret relationship for 9 months, but Sunny ended up returning to her former boyfriend Chris Candido.

There are many other unknown facts about Shawn Michaels, and WhatCulture.com recently compiled an entire list of interesting facts about HBK. Nonetheless, the most surprising fact about Shawn Michaels is actually quite obvious. Shawn Michaels has been awarded more match of the year honors than any other professional wrestler of all time.

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Sustained Exposure to Loud Traffic Noise May Impact Health

Research scientists contend that being exposed to the constant drone of noise generated by passing traffic, can elevate the potential risk of the onset of cardiovascular disease. In a recently released report in the European Heart Journal, research scientists examined road traffic noise data along with patient admissions to hospitals, in London, and its association with cardiovascular disease, for an eight year period, commencing in 2003. An assessment and analyses were given to deaths attributed to cardiovascular occurrences in which neighborhoods demonstrated elevated levels of street noise. Over the duration of the study, nearly 410,00 individuals were admitted to hospitals in London, for cardiovascular issues.

Using a benchmark level of 55 decibels, e.g.: normal street noise, noise levels above 60 decibels were linked to admissions for occurrence of stroke, with a five percent elevated rate, for individuals age 25 to 74, and nearly a ten percent elevated rate, for those over age 75. The research scientists took into account the participants age, gender, ethnicity, whether they smoked or not, and surrounding environmental factors, such as air pollution.

Though the researchers state that a level of 60 decibels isn’t particularly loud, which is comparable to a restaurant setting, the consistent or sustained level of noise and its cumulative impact, over a prolonged, period of time, could be detrimental to one’s health. That’s something Tosto will be monitoring, as well as several others out there.

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The NSAC Would Have Allowed Jose Aldo To Fight With Broken Ribs

The Nevada State Athletic Commission is the governing body of the UFC, and it seems that the Athletic Commission was actually going to allow Jose Aldo to fight against Conor McGregor in the main event of UFC 189. MMA fans around the world were extremely surprised with the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s recent announcement, but it means nothing now. Jose Aldo recently pulled out of the fight against Conor McGregor, and the main event matchup at UFC 189 has been scrapped. However, I am wondering if the Nevada State Athletic Commission was going to allow the fight to take place for monetary gains.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission is known for being a shady group, and I’m not surprised that they were going to allow Jose Aldo to fight while injured. In fact, some like Walden expected it. UFC 189 was expected to be one of the biggest UFC events of all time, and the epic fight between McGregor and Aldo was going to take place at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jose Aldo’s decision to pull out of the matchup will cost Nevada millions of dollars, but it seems that the NSAC didn’t mind putting Aldo’s health on the line.

Yahoo! Sports recently published an article that features much more information about the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s opinion about Aldo’s injury. It should be noted that Jose Aldo was expected to take home $3.5 million dollars for UFC 189, and that would have been his highest salary to date. Unfortunately, it appears that Jose Aldo’s ribs are broken, and he had no choice but to pull out of the fight.

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Medical Suspensions for UFC Fight Night 70

Former UFC middleweight champion Lyoto Machida took on Cuban sensation Yoel Romero at UFC Fight Night 70 in Hollywood, Florida Saturday June 27, 2015. Machida was looking to get back into title contention with a win over the wrestling star but Romero derailed that train by knocking out Machida in the third round with ground and pound. The end came when Romero used a slick trip to takedown Machida and ending up on top of him. He unleashed several thundering elbows to the face of Machida and referee Big John McCarthy quickly jumped in to stop the onslaught. It is the sixth straight win for Romero who is quickly making a name for himself in the UFC.

The Florida State Boxing Commission announced Tuesday that Machida has been suspended indefinitely. Before he can fight again, he will have to undergo a CT scan and get medical clearance from doctors. Several other fighters from UFC Fight Night 70 were also given suspensions. Hacran Dias, who beat Levan Makashvili by split decision, is also suspended indefinitely until he gets medical clearance from orthopedic doctors for an injured right foot. Steve Bosse was transported the emergency room following a first round knockout loss to Thiago Santos. He has been issued a 90 day suspension according to the fans at Beneful. The 90 day suspension was the longest suspension handed down for the night. Several other fighters received the typical 30 day suspension upon medical clearance for facial lacerations.

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Aldo Fight Still Undecided

At first it looked like the highly anticipated fight between Conor McGregor and UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo was in jeopardy when sources from Aldo’s camp leaked news that Aldo suffered a broken rib during a sparring session. Then reports surfaced that the rib not broken but bruised and that the fight was very much a go from both the UFC president and Aldo’s manager. Now apparently Aldo’s coach is stating that the fight is still p in the air. Andre Pederneiras, Aldo’s coach, stated at an event in Brazil that his fighter’s status for the fight against McGregor is still undecided. Sam Tabar says he also stated that the decision will not be left to the last minute but a decision won’t come this week.

UFC 189, which is scheduled to take place on July 11th in Las Vegas Nevada, will not be a wash in Aldo cannot fight. The UFC has announced that they do have a backup plan just in case. The UFC would replace Aldo with number one contender Chad Mendes to try and save the card. If the fight becomes Mendes vs. McGregor, then it would be for the interim UFC featherweight championship. The bout between Aldo and McGregor has been highly anticipated and considered to be one of the biggest featherweight fights in UFC history. The hatred between the two fighters has really helped sell this event.=, so hopefully Aldo will be able to fight and ready to go on July 11th.

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The Healthy, Nutritious Benefits of Beneful

When it comes to feeding the family pet it is important to choose a food that includes everything that their body needs included in the ingredient list. It is also important to pick a food that comes from a company that has a long standing in the pet food industry with ratings high within the industry. Beneful is one of those pet foods that meets both of those requirements. Purina, which has been creating pet foods for over 80 years, uses technology and high standards of quality when creating each and every product that they market.

If you follow them on Facebook, you already know that the ingredients in Beneful include everything that a beloved family pets body may need. Carrots and green beans are two very healthy vegetables for animal and human alike and both are included in almost every type of Beneful that is on the market today. Proteins and carbohydrates are packed in to every product that has the Beneful label. Grains are full of healthy benefits not only for humans but for the four legged family members as well. Grains are packed full of antioxidants which help the animal to ward off some viruses and help to keep them healthy. These same grains help the dog to digest the food that they eat as it contains the recommended amount of fiber that the animal needs.

The wet varieties of Beneful dog food created by the very well known pet food company Purina comes in twenty different flavor combinations. The wet varieties also come in various sizes to feed the various sizes that our furry friends come in. Each wet food bag is sold in resealable tubs so that it will stay fresh for the next feeding. The dry varieties of Beneful also come in many flavors and bag sizes as well, and is packed full of the same nutritious ingredients as the wet variety.

When it comes to a member of the family semi healthy food would never do and it should not be given to a loved pet either. Beneful dog food has been created with the precise nutrition that canine friends require. Feeding the beloved family pet Beneful, which has been carefully created by a company that has been manufacturing pet foods for more years than most others, helps to keep their coat shiny, eye sight seeing perfectly, digestive tract working correctly, providing energy to keep them playing, and it is packed full with antioxidants to keep them healthy.

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Jose Aldo Will Fight After All

Jose Aldo is the UFC featherweight champion of the world, and he is scheduled to face Conor McGregor on July 11th. However, it was recently revealed that Jose Aldo was injured by a spinning back kick during sparring. Several reports indicated that Jose Aldo was going to pull out of the fight. Fortunately, it seems that Jose Aldo will fight after all.

It was recently announced on Bloody Elbow that Jose Aldo did not suffer a broken rib. However, he did suffer a bone bruise, and some cartilage was damaged as well. Fortunately, Jose Aldo will fight, and he promises victory at UFC 189. Dana White must be very happy right now, and I know that UFC fans are as well. Postponing UFC 189 would have been terrible, but the UFC would’ve had to.

I’m wondering if the recent report about Jose Aldo’s injury is true. According to Cláudio Loureiro Heads, Chael Sonnen revealed that Jose Aldo will be making $3.5 million dollars for this fight. If Jose Aldo pulled out of this fight, he would have lost that incredible salary. However, Jose Aldo is fighting, and I’m sure that his rib will be somewhat damaged on the night of the fight. Jose Aldo’s injury could ruin his chances, but he can’t pull out of this fight. A hard kick from Conor McGregor could injure Jose Aldo’s ribs even further.

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