Paying attention to Dog food: The Benefits of Beneful

When was the last time you ate something without knowing where it came from or what was in it? For most people, the answer is never! In an age in which we expend so much energy on learning what is in our own food, shouldn’t we care just as much about what we feed our pets? We want simple, nutritious, and great-tasting food that keeps us going strong and feeling great. The food we feed ourselves important and the food we feed our dog shouldn’t be any different. Good food matters. Real food matters. Dogs can even be picky eaters sometimes and getting them the right nutrition can be a challenge. Balancing a healthy diet and making sure the food meets your dog’s needs is tough. Ensuring that the quality of the food is the highest it can be is paramount to the entire process.

What do we look for in a dog food. A food that will benefit your dog should include benefits for their digestion on, the health of their coat, and overall wellness. Whether your dog is running a marathon with you every day, or lounging around and cuddling in front of the TV, we want them to be as healthy as possible when it comes to the food they eat. Some dogs need a food that can help them loose weight, for example, while a very active dog will require a much more substantial and energy-packed meal. We should know exactly what we’re feeding our dogs and be sure that they contain healthy ingredients and a great balance of nutrients, antioxidants, and heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. In the same way we take rigorous care of our own food and the nutrients we provide to ourselves, our the food we provide for our furry friends must be just as important.

Beneful is produced right here in the United States by a caring team that stands behind a product they care about. Purina employees are dog owners and dog lovers and they feed their dogs Beneful. Feeding your dog Beneful means they’re getting real meat and vitamin-packed veggies rich with antioxidants. Complete nutrition for your best pal and a confidence that they’re getting the best.

With a great mix of soft and crunchy textures, Beneful is sure to keep even the pickiest eaters happy and healthy and looking forward to the next bowl. The variety of flavors and diet considerations make managing a specific diet easy too.

Balanced nutrition means a balanced lifestyle for your furry family member. We only want the best and the best should be simple. Real beef and Omega 3 fatty acids to keep your buddy at his best and help insure longevity and happiness.

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Yeonmi Park Enlightens Audiences on Living in North Korea

There are still many things in our society that need to be corrected. Whether they are issues regarding personal liberties, corporate and social injustice, or just plain right and wrong, there is not the amount of outcry from needs on wrong that there was just 10 short years ago. Without speaking our minds and protesting the various bills in our society, they will remain unchecked and continue. While we may not understand that fully here in America, in other parts of the world it is fully understood, and individuals are doing their best to highlight the inequalities and injustices of their particular part of the world.

The story of Yeonmi Park is a tale of hurt and survival. As a child, Park grew up in affluence living in North Korea. She did not understand the nature of the cruel and tyrannical government that she and her family were forced to live under. When she was nine, she saw one of her mother’s friends savagely beaten by state police. That was her first exposure to the hardness of living under North Korean rule.

Years later, her father was arrested for smuggling and sentenced to jail. Park insists the only reason he was doing so was to feed his family. For his crime, he was sentenced to hard labor in prison where he remained for several years. During his incarceration, he became severely ill and was released due to the seriousness of his illness. Upon returning home, Park’s father realized that they all had to escape the country to avoid dying of starvation. He planned an escape for his entire family across the North Korean border through China and into Mongolia. Although he planned to escape with his family, Park’s father was too sick to make the journey, and later died in North Korea.

Park’s family began their arduous journey. They received help from Chinese smugglers once they crossed the North Korean border, but their ordeal was just beginning. While being smuggled, one of the Chinese smugglers actually raped Park’s mother in front of her while she watched. It was only a single episode in a long line of struggles as they continue on their journey through China and towards Mongolia and. They finally reached their goal, and met with South Korean diplomats who facilitated their escape out of Mongolia and into South Korea.

Years later, Park, now 21 years old, speaks to various groups around the world about her ordeal and her escape from North Korea. She appears at meetings and lectures as a activist against the cruelty of the North Korean government. She has written a book outlining her entire escapade that is scheduled to be published by Penguin Press in the near future.

Many times, we forget what it’s like to live in a free society. By hearing the tale of people under oppression such as Yeonmi Park, we can gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the liberties that we have been given, and take steps to make sure that those liberties and freedoms are never taken for granted.

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The 2015 Ski Outlook Is Music To The Ears Of Skiers

El Nino will have a lot to say about the upcoming 2015 ski season. Depending on the pattern of the jet stream, certain areas could have record-setting snow falls or not much at all. In the last couple of years, snow falls have dropped in many areas over the U.S. According to Mountain Meteorologist Chris Tomer, all indications point to the development of at least a moderate El Nino. The areas expected to be affected include the southern California area and portions of the desert southwest. The ski lodges around the Utah and California areas are expected to receive a fair amount of snow this year.

According to reports, all area resorts will open in time for the ski season. There should be a significant amount of snow fall already settled by opening dates. In fact, most resorts are more interested in new technology and safety measures than the amount of snow. “I predict that all areas will do pretty well. I don’t think skiers have much to worry about this year,” says Tomer.

Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth welcomes the news. “The last couple of years have been rough. The jet stream did a number on our snow over the last two years,” says Andy Wirth. The lack of snow over the last few seasons caused visitation to drop by some 20%. Wirth has been CEO of Squaw Valley since 2010. He was appointed to the position after a long and successful tenure at Steamboat Springs Resort. Wirth is responsible for putting Squaw Valley on par with some of the most luxurious resorts in the world.

As CEO, Wirth’s first order of business was to give Squaw Valley a complete overhaul to the tune of $50 million. Wirth’s efforts have been greatly appreciated by customers, colleagues and staff. Wirth is also a spokesperson on renewable energy and global warming. His efforts to galvanize the local community on the issue of conservation and recycling are phenomenal.

The news of the upcoming weather season is giving all business owners a huge sigh of relief. “I’m just glad that everything looks like its finally getting back to normal,” says an area resident.

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Susan McGalla Proves that Inner Drive Fuels Career Success

Susan McGalla has made her mark in the business and real estate sectors. This Ohio native was born into a family which challenged their children to succeed. Her dad was a football coach by profession and he wielded a great deal of influence within the household. Young McGalla would learn that she could pursue any path she wished. There was never any special treatment to be received just because she was female. Susan McGalla grew up understanding that it was she herself who could determine her future success.

To be sure there were challenges along the way. However this enterprising businesswoman kept her mind focused squarely on the goals that she had envisioned. Once she had graduated from Mount Union University Susan immediately began to map out a career in the business world.

Her early foray into the retail industry began with a position she secured at the Joseph Horne Company. While she was employed with this retailer Susan McGalla on would begin to hone the marketing and management skills that future employers would find indispensable.

McGalla remained at Joseph Horne until 1994. Then she opted to accept a new position with American Eagle Outfitters. Her new duties included buying merchandise for the company’s women’s clothing division. With the title of divisional buyer attached to her name McGalla began to climb the corporate ladder.

American Eagle was still a relatively new retail company in 1994. Susan McGalla had joined its ranks just 3 years after the company had sold controlling interest to Jacob Price. AE was now evolving and expanding its merchandise offerings in an effort to attract a broader customer base. McGalla was quick to understand the clothing trends and she used her merchandising and marketing experience to help boost AE sales figures.

With a focus on youth-oriented clothing American Eagle Outfitters was poised for retail success during the 1990s-2000 era. McGalla was instrumental in expanding the clothing line to include a wide array of quality children’s clothing, intimate apparel, graphic tees and stylish jeans.

McGalla is credited with much of the company’s success with both the Aerie lingerie line and the 77kids clothing line. During her employment years at AE Susan McGalla assumed a number of management and executive positions. The pinnacle of her American Eagle career occurred when she was chosen as the company’s president. She also held the office of Chief Merchandising Officer.

Never content to rest on her own laurels McGalla moved forward to find new fields to conquer. She has established a consulting firm that advises retailers, investors, financiers and real estate businesses. Even with her own company to manage Susan McGalla continues to give back by participating in various community organizations and happily supports several charitable causes.

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Make Your Life Easier With Slyce

Visual search and product recognition technology has taken the mobile communications industry by storm in the past several years. Toronto-based Slyce, Inc. was founded in 2012 to develop visual recognition technology that allows smartphone users to purchase items via picture identification. Slyce uses product pictures to determine product type and analyzes them according to their characteristics.

Slyce’s Universal Scanner was introduced in early 2013 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and was well-received by the telecommunications market. The scanner easily handles barcodes, QR codes, and photo images in a short three-step process:
A barcode, coupon, or QR code is extracted and the information is instantaneously given to the user.
Photo data is received is compared to a photo of printed material (billboard, display ad, etc.) and an exact match is made.
A real world image analysis of characteristics is done (color. size, pattern, etc.) and products matching the analysis are displayed in 1-15 seconds.

Slyce also has similar apps for consumers including:
Snip Snap: A photo scan is processed into coupons (thousands of coupons may be accessed through a web search).
Pounce: Shoppers use their smartphone camera as a purchase button from item pictures.
Crave: A visual search engine with item recognition and product recommendations

The company’s founders Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot had not anticipated the massive growth in its client base. Within two years after its launch, Slyce had generated over $20 million in profits and had opened additional offices in New Waterford, Nova Scotia, and Minneapolis. The company has also partnered with some the nation’s top retailers like Neiman Marcus, Toys R Us, The Home Depot, and JCPenney.

Over 12 million active customers use the Slyce app, and the numbers are bound to increase because of company negotiations with global retailers. More social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn allows for exposure to another client demographic and plans for new app projects are currently underway. Mark Elfenbein, the company’s Chief Digital Officer, says it “has the potential to revolutionize the way consumers interact with brands.”

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Activism The Necessary Good

Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. are among the most revered and successful human right activists in history. Lincoln fought a war to abolish slavery, well Gandhi and King used peaceful protests. King allowed himself and his protesters to be beaten and sprayed with high power water cannons in full view of the American public. This was effective, the media showed the atrocities on the evening news and public sentiment turned in Kings favor. The public outcry put pressure on those with power to pass laws against discrimination. Laws were passed and however tepid race relations are in this country now they are light years ahead from the Jim Crow days. Without human rights activists such as the well-known King and the common unnamed faceless masses that walked with him, were beaten with him, those who wept and cheered with him, without these people who put human rights over their own safety we would still be in the dark ages of race relations.
In the age of twenty four hour news cycle’s human rights violations are covered alongside of what Justin Bieber said on a late night talk show and bookended by the local weather forecast. The media is more interested in covering the actual human right violation, and not the person who speaks out against it. In the white noise of our society there are still human rights activists among us.
Malala Yousafzai is a young woman who was shot by the Taliban for voicing her wish for girls in Pakistan to be allowed to attend school. She survived and won the Nobel Peace prize. Ayaan Hirsi Ali suffered excruciating human right violations by extremist Muslims but escaped and tells her story through books and public speaking. One of the more recent human right activists is a young woman named Yeonmi Park.
Park escaped North Korea after witnessing such horrors as a mother of one of her close friends being executed for watching a “Hollywood movie”. She witnessed her mother being raped, her mother allowed herself to be raped for Yeonmi Park’s protection. She speaks of only one television channel, no internet, and in one speech she spoke of a man being killed for simply making an international phone call. What makes Park remarkable is that she doesn’t shrink from the spotlight, she doesn’t shy away from telling her story, and she is not shamed by the crimes committed against her she is empowered by them. She rises to the occasion and speaks on behalf of all the oppressed North Koreans that she will never see again. Her heart is with them, it beats as one of them. Under her meek persona burns a fire that sees injustice and speaks out against it. She is pure gentleness amongst horror she is a bright light amongst an unspeakable darkness. She is necessary.

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Brian Mulligan Knows Sports

There are relatively few people that are capable of harnessing true excellence in both the business world and in the sports world. Brian Mulligan is one such individual. In fact, the CEO of Brooknol Advisers, a company that he developed, has spent years specializing in things like sports and entertainment. In fact, he has built his multimillion dollar company around such things and he has managed to do so with a great deal of success. He has over 30 years of experience in his chosen profession and has demonstrated that it is possible to achieve excellence by tying sports and business together.

When it comes to his accomplishments as a business executive, it is easy to understand why he is so successful in his current endeavors. He has a wealth of experience in all types of business management and he has proven that he is capable of taking virtually any type of business, especially those related to sports, and turning them into a major success. That is part of the reason that he is such a renowned success in his own endeavors that he chooses to pursue today.

It is obvious that Mulligan has a real love for anything related to sports. He has spent years writing about all types of topics concerning different sporting events. He has even given several public lectures about the subject. It is obvious that he has made himself an authority on the subject. This is undoubtedly one of the things that allows him to be a successful business executive and a sportswriter all at the same time.

Of course, Mulligan is not just a business executive or someone that writes about sports. He also is a philanthropist. He chooses to try to make life better for other individuals who may not have as much good luck as he has had in the past. As a result, he works hard to help individuals throughout his community have a better life even though they are currently struggling with everything from financial woes to a lack of nutritious food or even a roof over their head. When all these things are put together, it becomes easy to understand why Brian Mulligan has been so influential and why he continues to have a positive influence on people from all walks of life. The best part is that he continues to push the boundaries in an attempt to bring his love of sports and business together, often with the intention of helping someone else.

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How to Choose the Right Makeup from Lime Crime

Choosing the right makeup can be a daunting process. Nothing is annoying like ordering make-up online and later noticing that they are not the right ones for you. To solve this problem, there are proven tips that can be used to pick the right makeup. These tips will also help one choose which make-up to wear and when.
1) Skin Color
This is one of the main things to consider before one goes out shopping for makeup. Skin color can be classified as dark, half cast, pale, or tanned. Individuals who are dark-skinned should be very careful with blushers. They should avoid pink make-up.
Half-casts should avoid green make-up and pay extra attention to lip color. Brown is the ideal color for individuals with tanned skins, while tanned blusher is the right one for pale skins. Individuals with pale skins should avoid red make-up.
For those individuals who love bright make-ups, Lime Crime Makeup on tumblr has a wide range of products to satisfy their needs. Cosmetics from the company have been carefully developed to show bright on all skin tones. These make-up also come in a wide variety of bright colors. Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere, a popular model and make-up artist.
2) Hair color and eye color
The color of one’s hair and eye are also important when choosing make-ups. Individuals should wear makeup such that the colors complement each other. One should try different colors to come up with the right color.
3) Skin type
One can have an oily, dry, spotty, or sensitive skin. For individuals with oily skins, the trick is to avoid oil based make-ups. Before make-up application, the user should first apply talcum powder. The power helps to prevent the oil from your skin from destroying your make-up.
For those with dry skin, it is advisable to moisturize. This should be done before one applies make-up. Products such as Clearasil can be used by people with spotty skins to remove the spots before applying make-up. These individuals should avoid the temptation to cover the spots by wearing too much make-up. Clearasil use is enough. The right make-up for sensitive skins should be hypoallergenic. Moisturizing the skin before make-up application also reduces sensitivity.
4) Consider context
During the day, one should apply light make-ups. However, it is advisable to apply heavier make-up at night. One should avoid bright make-ups when attending church services.
You should always ask other for their opinion whenever trying a certain make-up for the first time. Friends and family members will always give you honest answers. Remember to make your make-up stand out by accompanying them with the right attire.

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Stephen Murray, CEO Of CCMP Capital Passes Away

CCMP Capital is a global private equity company. This firm specializes in multiple equity investment activities in North America and Europe. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on linkedin partners with many exceptional management teams. With the combined strengths of their proprietary operating resources and industry expertise, the mission is to drive the company’s growth and operational efficiency.

At CCMP, operations are ran by highly experienced employees, consisting of 30 years of managment expertise. Approach of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital to operational enhancement shadows the importance to position their portfolio companies to achieve greater value in a shorter time span. CCMP partners with management teams throughout the investment process. They work with management to discuss the same blueprint for the future. Once agreement is reached on certain strategic topics the operating and investment professions at CCMP monitor the progress with the portfolio company management.

A powerful and beloved member of CCMP Capital was former CEO Stephen Murray. Murray had been with CCMP Capital since 1989 when it was known as Chase Capital Partners. During the mid 2000’s CCMP was one of the biggest private equity firms in the nation. Later on, the company separated and grew independently where Murray took over as CEO in 2007. Last month, Murray left the company due to health related issues. A couple weeks later Murray passed away, dying at the age of 52.

To CCMP, it is certainly an honor to work with some of the most reputable partners in the private equity class. CCMP Capital has had the opportunity to be able to work with some which has enormously benefited their firm. The investors CCMP work with include a myriad of constituencies such as public and corporate pension funds, endowments and foundations, and sovereign wealth funds. CCMP believes the confidence their partners have to invest in their company is a huge part of their success.

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Boraie Development LLC Contribution to Real Estate Development.

Real estate business has been in existence for some time now and many people have benefited from the business in one way or the other. To those engaging in the business, it is a profitable venture and businessmen have therefore been able to earn good money. For the clients who have been buying from real estate developers, they have also benefited in that they get houses and offices ready for occupation at an affordable price. Governments have also benefited through increase in revenue from the taxes collected from the real estate developers. The real estate developers have also contributed greatly in bringing a new face to many towns through their luxurious housing projects which in turn attract investors.


Boraie Development LLC is among the real estate developers that have made a name for themselves through various projects that they have already undertaken successfully. It majors in property management, real estate development and marketing. For a successive venture, the company has joined hands with financial institutions who finance buyers and architects and contractors who ensure that the firm’s projects are completed in good time and as required. The company’s main offices are based at New Brunswick, New Jersey in the United States of America. Most of their work is found in New Brunswick and Atlantic City. The firm has received praises for the way it is transforming New Brunswick through the use of underutilized parcels of land turning them into highly valued properties through their development. In return, the value of properties in the area has increased which has brought in more investors hence improving the economy through numerous taxes collected by the authorities.


The firm begun after its founder Omar Boraie who was an Egyptian moved to New Brunswick about 40 years ago to further his education. It was then that the real estate industry was finding roots in New Jersey and he took the chance to start his own company. Today, the company is managed by his two sons who have flourished the business to a higher level. The firm together with other real estate companies has taken the advantage of New Brunswick having old structures by designing new and modern buildings that will accommodate offices in the town.One of the recent works that the firm has developed is The Aspire which is 17 floors building that provides luxurious housing. The demand for the houses is also amazing as residents flood the firm’s offices asking for vacant houses. The residents are now demanding more decent and modern houses something that was not there in the past.

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