Banco BMG and Ricardo Guimaraes Proud to Sponsor Tennis Star Marcelo Melo


Banco BMG and bank president Ricardo Guimaraes announced it newest spokesman, Marcelo Melo, in a recent agreement the company made with the #1 ranked athlete. Melo currently occupies the top position in the world with the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals. According to Guimaraes, all Marcelo materials and uniforms will display the Minas Gerais bank logo on the uniform sleeves. Melo stated that he was happy with the agreement and considered this a very important decision because the support from BMG will assist him with preparing to compete at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next year.

BMG bank president Ricardo Guimaraes will bolster the partnership and wants to further enhance their projects to help the number one ranked player earn new titles and prepare for the next world sporting event. The athlete stated that the sponsorship has already been of considerable help with the doubles trophy he won at the Master 1000 Paris with partner Ivan Dodig. This was the fourth consecutive victory for the Brazilian. The tennis player has also won several other championships to include ATP’s Acapulco 500 World Tour Finals in 2014 and the Master 1000 Shanghai in 2013. The partnership was made in early November and according to Guimaraes, investors should be thrilled as a result of the new partnership.

Melo was the first Brazilian male ever to win a French Open doubles title. After he received his career-high doubles ranking in the world as number one in November 2015, he earned his spot as the best Brazilian doubles tennis player of all time. Melo reached the men’s doubles semifinals at Wimbledon in 2007, the mixed doubles final at the French Open in 2009, the Wimbledon doubles final in 2013, and has reached at least the semifinals in all four Grand Slams.

BMG bank maintains the tradition in valuing its clients in the sport-enthusiastic state of Minas Gerais and Brazil. The company promotes sponsorships in various sports categories to encourage prominence and visibility of athletes on the international scene. According to Guimaraes, he believes it is extremely important to support athletes who are professionals. He remains committed to supporting professional athletes who are dedicated, disciplined, and committed to their goals. These values are highly esteemed at BMG and Guimaraes stated that this is the case with Melo. The company’s president also reiterated that this partnership aims to present BMG’s name to a wider audience through sports so that it gets the full recognition it deserves.

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Why Nobilis Health is a Leading Healthcare Managemnt Company Globally

Over the years, many countries across the world have continued to invest in healthcare development for economic growth. This has led to the development of many health care management companies aimed at increasing affordable healthcare provisions. These companies have invested a lot in the development of modern form of medical hospitals thus leading to increased economic development. The companies are geared towards providing high quality healthcare services that meet the international standards. Many governments have also invested a lot of resources in the development of these companies which help in provision of management advice to many hospitals and healthcare institutions. They also invest in hiring professional personalities and doctors who have contributed a lot in the advancement of the healthcare sector to the global arena. Healthcare management companies have provided an enabling environment for different health facilities to prosper and provide affordable healthcare to the public. Through proper management systems, the hospitals can maximize on the service delivery by providing quality and improved medical care. These healthcare services vary from public to private entities on Facebook thus improving healthcare service delivery in both the public and private healthcare facilities. Nobilis Health is one of the leading healthcare management companies in United States of America. The company has invested in providing improved and affordable healthcare to the American citizens. The company has grown from just offering medical management services to the medical sector into acquiring medical facilities. The company has continued to expand and has been providing improved medical service to the entire population. Nobilis Health owns and operates ambulatory surgical centers in many parts of the United States of America. In 2004, it moved to acquire its first hospital at a cost of 7.5 million dollars. Due to its good management platforms, it has continued to prosper in the field of medical provision and has recently acquired a 60percent stake in the Freedom Pain Hospital located in Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition, the company has developed statements that are geared towards improving the working conditions of the company. They also intend to increase on their customer base by attracting more people to the visit their hospitals to receive medical attention. The company has also invested a lot in professional physician who provide quality medical attention to the citizens.

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3 Qualities of an Outstanding Investment Banker

Recently, investment banking has turned up to be one of the best-earning ventures, and as a result, most individuals are enrolling for courses that will help them secure an opportunity as an investment banker. However, with a large number of trained personnel’s, and the limited number of opportunities or positions in the financial firms, only outstanding investment bankers can secure these opportunities. To become an excellent investment banker, you need to have the following qualities. 1. Brainpower The field of investment banking requires excellent analytical skills in mathematics, economics and finance; therefore, you need to be an intellect. If you also have a good brainpower, you can comfortably understand your roles and perform them effectively to achieve the set goals. More so, since within this field there will always rise complex problems, if you are intellect, you will be able to solve the problems amicably. Therefore, an outstanding brainpower is crucial skills that as an investment banker one need. 2. Building Relationship You bet that as an investment banker, the number of clients available and the fee amount they pay determines your daily profits. As a result, the mode or relationship as well as social interaction between you and your clients are crucial. Therefore, if you need to pocket huge profits at the end of the day, you have to know how to deal with every client, have a positive attitude as well as maintain a friendly relationship between you and the client. As a result, you will efficiently network and get more clients and this will trigger in achieving your set objectives. 3. Discipline Discipline is the backbone of every success in any workplace. Besides, since the field requires commitment and diligence, self-discipline will act as a major factor towards achieving your and the companies set objectives. Think of working all those hours without mere supervision! It all calls for self-discipline. Therefore, if you really need to climb up the ladder, then embracing self-discipline will drive you towards achieving a great number of clients as well as huge profits even with the pressure from the demanding tasks. Ken Griffin: A Leading Mentor in Investment Banking Ken Griffin, the founder of the Citadel LLC in 1990, leaves to be celebrated in the field of investment banking. Being the Chief Executive Officer of Citadel LLC, his performance still records remarkable achievements. His attempts to venture in investment banking can be traced back in the 1980s, where he began trading in his dorm room at Harvard University. Besides, even after founding the financial firm with $4 million, currently the firm is known to manage almost assets worth $26 billion.

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Have a Buck or Ten? Contribute to a Great Cause

A familiar name in lacrosse circles, Jon Urbana has now recently been channeling his abilities and passion to winning efforts on saving and protecting pets through fundraisers. Though he is mostly known for his participation in sports, Urbana (on Twitter at jonurbana1) has been able to tap into this niche and leading millions of Facebook fans in making things better for pets. This is why he has introduced a new platform on “Crowdrise” with an aim of registering as many people as possible and educating them on how to protect and keep their pets safe.

Jon Urbana is a former collegiate lacrosse player and being a member of the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database, he has been able to bring the required team effort on campaigns such as Crowdrise and Earth Force on GoFundMe. This platform allows people to bring together their resources in a bid to change circumstances for helpless animals. To make a donation on this noble course, go to his Crowdrise Fundraiser account and help him champion Denver’s flora and fauna that is worth saving.

As part of his campaign towards this course, Jon Urbana has produced a personal video that shows his heart-felt desire for this drive. Watch it now and see if this doesn’t change your mind.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

As such, he has given examples of promoting kindness to animals through likeminded platforms like Animal Rescue and Adoption Society. His focus is on cats and that is why he has driven all profits from his Crowdrise account towards this harmless creatures. In addition, he also uses the Ellipse USA team and his Instagram profile (or Webstagram for those on a desktop) to educate people who come to his lacrosse camp on the importance of giving back especially to pets. It is notable that people have been able to realize their dreams thanks to the help from others, and that is Urbana said in a website open letter that he is more concerned with showing those who are sitting on sofa to find a way to help others get to their destiny.

To catch up with Jon online, you can reach him on LinkedIn or with relative ease. And to learn more about Next Level Lacrosse Camp, the camp Urbana founded, enjoy this presentation below.

The Crowdrise Fundraiser also sponsors Medical bills, weddings, birthdays, volunteer, student needs, and travel adventures requests. This is because he argues that there is no reason to struggle alone when you can find help. It is no doubt millions want to partake of this reasonable campaign. As such, the Crowdrise list is growing each day considering the platform allows the supporter to choose the different available levels to donate with the lowest being $50.

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Latest Men’s Shoe Trends For Fall

From casual to sleek, men’s shoe trends change just as rapidly as women’s, even though the selection of style is much smaller than females. Sharp dressed men in today’s world still need that perfect shoe to complete their outfit, whether its for a stroll in the autumn air, a business meeting with the higher ups or for outdoor activities in freshly fallen snow. Regardless of what you’re doing, the finest and sharpest dressed men out there know their shoes need to be in fashion, in great condition and made with the utmost of care to last throughout the holiday seasons.

There are five top leather shoes styles that are topping the charts in men’s shoes, the top style being one that has been around for decades. The oxford is versatile, can be paired with any type of outfit from casual to date night and, when made out of quality leather, will last through the scuffs and stains of winter wear and tear. In second place the plimsoll which is a light shoe made of canvas or suede, it’s not a sneaker but its not a dress shoe either. These pair finely with any casual setting, though their thin material isn’t meant to withstand harsh snow or rain.

The third shoe, another shoe made out of leather, is the basic derby. A prominent, simple and fine looking shoe with no extra stitch marks or toe caps in its design. This shoe in brown or black is perfect for fall parties, both indoor and outdoor. Tennis shoes aren’t just for exercise anymore, many companies have begun making a high end sneaker and they’re fourth on the list of must have shoes for fall 2015. Most high end sneakers aren’t made of leather but for the few companies that dabble, they offer a high quality shoe that matches your jeans and keeps your feet comfortable for an all day outing. Finally comes the refined desert boot, a simple styled boot that pairs well with dark suits for office days.

Three out of the five shoes listed above are made of leather, and as every man knows a good pair of leather shoes is always in fashion. Paul Evans, a company owned by two men who share a love of fine leather, have found a way to bring Italian quality at a fraction of the price. By forming close work relationships with six Italian families who have been crafting shoe for years they’ve cut down retail prices to an affordable number. They carry sleek office shoes and high end sneakers, all hand crafted with the highest quality of leather. If you’re looking to stay in fashion this fall, Paul Evans has every pair you need.

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Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Seemingly Channels Michael

Sergio Cortes has always looked like Michael Jackson. Even when he was a child people remarked about how much Cortes resembled the king of pop. Almost as soon as he could walk he was copying Jackson’s dance moves. And he was very good at it. Before he was a teenager Cortes was attracting large crowds anytime he started dancing. Soon media coverage followed. Cortes was regularly appearing on television and in the newspapers. He was a local celebrity in Barcelona, Spain where he was born and raised. By the time Sergio Cortes was in his teens he was an internationally known Michael Jackson impersonator.

As an adult Cortes moved to Brazil and continued to perform to packed houses. The fans in South America loved him and Cortes fit right in with the local people. They liked the fact he didn’t act standoffish like many other celebrities. He bonded with the people and regularly visited sick children and performed for them. His easy manner helped to relax them and for a few minutes they forgot about their illnesses and enjoyed themselves. Cortes enjoyed those visits too. It made him feel young and free. It’s like how Michael Jackson feels most comfortable around children.

Cortes recently headed out to Italy to start a European tour. He’ll be performing in some of the best known cities on the continent. Both Sergio Cortes and Michael Jackson have large following throughout Europe so the audiences will be large and the crowds lively, energetic, and somewhat emotional. It has only been a few years since the passing of Michael Jackson and for many people the pain is still fresh and the wound raw. But a Sergio Cortes concert can be cathartic for the fans. They get to enjoy Michael Jackson’s music for a few hours and dance and sing to their heart’s content.

Sergio Cortes is a special performer. He has been able to not only impersonate Michael Jackson by wearing the outfits, singing the songs, and dancing like Michael. He is the best Michael Jackson impersonator ever because he seems to capture the very spirit of Michael Jackson and share it with the audience.

That enables Cortes and his audience to be transported to a place where there’s peace, joy, and happiness and just be themselves. No it’s not the Neverland ranch. It’s the heart and soul of Michael Jackson, this generation’s greatest entertainer.

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Doe Deere is a Social Media Phenomenon

Doe Deere is a name that many have come to know and love. Doe has quickly become one of the most talked about names in the online makeup industry, and her dedication to providing women with the cosmetics they desire at an affordable price, is making her brand a success. Makeup is one of the most used beauty items in many women’s lives, and Lime Crime is an online retailer that caters to the needs of women who dare to be different and stand out. Now that Doe is becoming a household name, many customers are wondering what she has in store for the future.

Lime Crime cosmetics started as a simple idea to give women the makeup options they desperately needed. While running her own DIY clothing line, Doe insisted on being just as hands on with her business as she is today. Not only did Doe design and create her own fashion pieces, but she also modeled them herself. While preparing for a photo shoot one day, she realized that she was lacking cosmetics to compliment the bright and exotic colors of her clothing. After searching high and low, Doe finally decided to create her own makeup. Her colors were not for the shy, and while it was only just the beginning, Doe realized that there was a huge gap in the market for makeup that was exciting.

When Doe initially shared her idea to start an online cosmetic line, many told her that it would be impossible to sell beauty supplies online, because women needed to see the makeup in person before making a decision to buy. Being the fearless and savvy business woman that she is, Doe didn’t take no for an answer, instead she devised a plan to showcase the shades or her items that would make buying online hassle free. The “on-lip” lipstick swatches give customers an accurate depiction of their items, making it easier than ever for women to buy with confidence. Doe prides herself on being one of the first cosmetic lines to use the on lip swatches that many big brand name companies are using today.

With Lime Crime customers are instantly drawn to the gorgeous packaging, and fun names for each item. This cosmetic brand is all about creativity and sticking to that theme, the online store is much like something out of a fairy tale. Bold and Daring hues are what has made Lime Crime the brand it is today, the goal for Lime Crime is to give women the color options that other brands don’t. If standing out is what you dare to do, Lime Crime is the cosmetic line for you.

Doe Deere has an insanely large online presence, and her following only continues to grow. Over the years, Doe has mastered the art of social media marketing, and using her online platform to connect with her clients and gain popularity. Doe Deere is a force to be reckoned with, and Lime Crime cosmetics is quickly taking over the online beauty industry.

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QNET’s Efforts to Harness the Opportunities Created by Technological Advancement

As the world continues to transform the business world in a totally different direction, investors are looking at new opportunities that the new trends are creating. The internet in particular has changed the entire landscape of business and the emergence of eCommerce has created great opportunities while killing some. For instance, as a result of online trade, the proverbial tar and mortar stores have gradually been wiped out in the market and as the trend continues we will no longer need physical display stores anymore. QNET’s venture into the business world is a great threat to physical location display of goods hence the declining demand for motor and tar stores. QNET is an online conglomerate that runs its operations over the internet platform.

The growth of technology has made it possible for companies such as QNET to come up with innovative ideas of selling. QNET uses the online display marketing strategy to make its products known. However, it is imperative to make it clear that the company is not a manufacturing company and therefore it does not manufacture its own products. All the products that are found on its website are from different companies. QNET acts as a middleman in the distribution chain by providing manufacturers with the platform to display their goods. On the other hand, customers interested in purchasing these goods are able to access the products via QNET’s website and from there they can make a purchase.

Essentially, QNET has identified the opportunities that the internet platform has created and the company has moved in with speed to cease the moment. Currently, QNET has thousands if not millions of subscribers to its website. This number gives manufactures a great audience and exposure to their target market. The company’s success lies in the low and cost friendly prices at which its platform provides. QNET’s ability to sell its products at a low cost is because the company gets its products directly from the manufacturers. This reduces the cost that comes because of middles men trying to get their cut from the sales.

The company was founded in 1998 and it is a revolutionary binary middle-level marketing strategy that has created job opportunities for millions of people across the world. It has offices all over the world including Europe, the United States, Asia, and Africa to mention but a few. The company has diversified its business operations and the myriad of products that are found in its website are from different industries. QNET deals with products from the energy sector, the health sector, the education sector and almost every sector of business. This kind of diversification is paramount if the company has to avoid the implications of an economic mishap like it happened during the 2008/2009 economic crisis.

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Andy Wirth On Clean Power

The Reno City Council has recently voted in support of the Clean Power Plan. The objective of the plan is to move the country away from coal based power which is very dirty and can cause a lot of pollution in the environment. The source of energy they are moving to is described as clean and renewable. The council has joined the other entities that are in support of the Clean Power Plan. This plan is one plan that is worth moving towards. Therefore, it needs a lot of support in order to move forward. When it is implemented, it could only mean good things for the environment.

One of the people that are in support of the Clean Power Plan is Andy Wirth. As of right now, Andy works in the hotel industry. He presides over Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He is also Conrad Wirth’s grandson. His ancestry also includes Theodore Wirth. He has worked for 25 years in the mountain resort and hotel industry. His start of his career was at Steamboat Spring Resort. He has also held different positions of leadership in the Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation as well as the parent companies that it came from.

Andy Wirth’s support of the Clean Power act is going to change the way people use energy. Not only is it going to spare the environment, but it is also going to be a little more affordable to use. The change that people are witnessing has already occurred. For one thing, there is a new economy that is emerging that is diverse and sustainable. This economy makes it easier for people that are looking for a cleaner environment thanks to the clean energy that is being used. The goal is to bring forth clean energy immediately as opposed to somewhere in the distant future.

Clean energy is not about politics, it is more about the environment and the type of air that people are breathing. The poor quality is not good for the health of the lungs. Couple that with the increased fires in the forest which release agents in the air that could damage lungs and one could see the need for cleaner air.

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Andy Wirth And Clean Power

There has been a movement in this country toward doing what is better for the enviornment. After forest fires, a few of the hottest summers on record, some of the most extreme winters to date and more natural disasters, the people of our contry are starting to take the footprint we are leaving behind more seriously. Andy Wirth wrote an op-ed about the positive effects of using clean methods to provide power.

Andrew Wirth is a CEO and philanthropist who is currently known as the president of a Squaw Valley ski resort. Wirth has strong ties to his community and has been given multiple awards for his outstanding work as a philanthropist.

Wirth suffered a brutal sky diving accident that led to him losing his arm. While doctors were able to reattach the limb however it taught Andy an important lesson. He now takes advantage of every single day. He believes in helping the environment because he wants generations to come to be able to experience the many things he has been able to experience in his life. An op-ed shows the information that Wirth feels is important, and is about Reno taking a step in the right direction for a cleaner earth.

Reno City Council has decided to approve the Clean Power Plan. This plan aims to provide renewable energy in place of coal. Using coal as an energy source is bad for the enviornment because it is the greatest contributer to global warming. If we don’t make the decision quickly to clean up our power source, the effects will become irreversible.

Wirth feels that this new plan for clean energy is important because it calls on elected officials to actually make a difference, as published through the Reno-Gazette Journal. He doesn’t want these people that run the city to simply settle for compliance. If elected officials follow this. As Wirth suggests, the capitol region will become the leader in clean energy in the 21st Century. While there are many people in office that are hesitant to step forward as environment friendly citing fear of the effects it will have on the economy, Wirth points out that it has been proven time and time again that being green is good for the economy.

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