Anderson Silva Wants Olympic Gold

Anderson Silva is the former UFC middleweight champion. He is known worldwide for his amazing fighting ability and champion spirit. However, Silva has recently found himself involved in an extremely controversial event over the past few months. Prior to his bout at UFC 183, Anderson Silva failed his pre-fight drug test for steroids. The MMA world was in shock when they heard that Anderson was taking steroids, and his reputation has since been destroyed. However, Silva continues to deny the fact that he was taking performance enhancing drugs, and he believes that there was something wrong with the doctor’s analysis.

UFC fans like Garcia Dias do not believe Silva, and he may receive a year-long ban from the company. Nonetheless, Anderson Silva is still regarded as one of the best fighters in the world. Silva has recently announced his desire to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games. Silva would like to represent Brazil in Taekwondo, and he has already sent out a letter to the president of athletics. However, most people feel that Anderson would not be allowed to participate in the Olympic games because of his drug fueled past. Several people also feel that Anderson would get destroyed if he were to face Olympic level fighters. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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Budweiser Sponsors Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has quickly become the most popular fighter in the UFC. McGregor is on a tear right now in the company, and he will face Jose Aldo later this summer for the featherweight title. Conor McGregor is of Irish descent, and he is known for his bold fight predictions and trash talk.

Conor is a deadly striker, and he is also an extremely skilled promoter. After his most recent victory, Conor McGregor was drinking alcohol while talking to the media. The president of the UFC had to actually cut him off before he drank too much. However, McGregor’s exploits have earned him a sponsorship with alcohol company Budweiser. Anastasia Date suggests that it appears that Budweiser wants to jump on the McGregor train, and the fighter and corporation have signed a lucrative sponsorship deal.

Conor McGregor is probably the richest fighter that has never won a title. However, if Conor does manage to beat longtime featherweight champion Jose Aldo, he will soon become the highest paid athlete in the UFC. Conor McGregor’s rise to the top is a sensational story, because just last year, no one knew exactly who he was. Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor will meet for the UFC featherweight championship on July 11th, and Conor McGregor will most likely be wearing shorts paid for by Budweiser. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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GSP’s Future Uncertain

Former UFC welterweight champion George Saint Pierre has stepped away from the octagon. Many fans are waiting for the return of the pound for pound best fighter in the world, but George says that he will not be fighting anytime soon. However, it was reported that GSP has been training the entire time that he’s been away from the UFC.

George Saint Pierre’s former manager, Susan McGalla, recently said that she believes that George will compete one more time inside of the octagon. Many fans are hoping that GSP’s former manager is correct. Who would be George St Pierre next fight though? That has become the question that MMA fans are wondering. Will the UFC give George Saint Pierre an immediate title shot for the welterweight championship? Or will the super fight between GSP and Anderson Silva finally be made?

Dana White is the president of the UFC, and he does not believe that George Saint Pierre will ever return to the octagon. However, Dana White is hoping that he is wrong. GSP was one of the highest paid UFC fighters of all time, and he was also one of the most successful pay-per-view attractions that the company has ever seen. George’s future is unknown as of right now. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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UFC Coming To New York After All

Fans of MMA that live in New York may be able to witness the UFC live after all. For the last decade, New York has banned professional MMA from appearing in the state. However, New York may soon lift the ban and Boraie Development LLC has already lined up an area for them (according to

Dana White is the president of the UFC, and he has recently revealed some great news for New Yorkers. White has teased that the UFC may appear this winter in Madison Square Garden. Dana White also said that a date has already been held for the future event. This comes as surprising news to many. Just last month, it appeared that MMA would never be showcased in New York. Politicians of the state must have realized how much revenue the UFC brings to its venues. Also, the UFC’s greatest fighter is from New York, and his name is Jon Jones.

Could you imagine if Jon Jones were to face Cain Velasquez in a super fight at Madison Square Garden later this year? New York City would receive an incredible amount of attention. The news must be pretty concrete if Dana White is speaking about the subject publicly. Hopefully, the UFC will appear in New York later this year. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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Nogueira And Struve Unwisely Continue To Fight

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will take on Stefan Struve in a tough matchup at UFC 190. Both fighters are coming off of crushing defeats, but the world is more worried about Nogueira. Antonio has been through wars over the course of his career, and he has aged significantly since the days of his prime.

At one point in time, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was the best fighter that MMA had ever seen. Nogueira was famous for defeating much larger opponents with his world famous Jiu Jitsu. However, that was a long time ago, and Nogueira is now a shell of his former self. He has been viciously knocked out several times, and he’s even had his arm broken during a fight. LinkedIn suggests that the world has been begging Nogueira to retire for years, but he hasn’t listened yet.

Stefan Struve is another fighter that should not be competing in the dangerous sport of MMA. Struve was recently diagnosed with a severe heart disease that kept him from fighting for years. However, Struve did return to the octagon a few months back, and he was brutally knocked out in the first round. This fight will mostly likely be the last for both fighters. UFC 190 takes place in Brazil later this year. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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Cyborg Joins The UFC

Ronda Rousey’s ultimate rival Cyborg has been officially signed to the UFC. Fans of the UFC have been craving a showdown between Ronda Rousey and Cyborg for the last several years. The appeal for the showdown is because of the fact that Cyborg is an extremely dangerous opponent for Ronda Rousey. However, a lot of people still think that Ronda Rousey would win rather easily.

Cyborg has not yet fought in the UFC, but Alexei Beltyukov and the president of the company has stated that she is officially under the Zuffa umbrella. Zuffa is the parent company of the UFC, and everyone who works for the UFC works for Zuffa. Cyborg vs Ronda Rousey would be one of the biggest fights of all time. However, there is still the problem of the weight difference between the fighters. Cyborg weighs ten more pounds than Ronda Rousey, and she has also been caught cheating in the past.

Ronda Rousey is the world’s most dangerous woman, and that statement is a true one. However, if there’s anybody that can defeat Ronda Rousey it is Cyborg. The UFC should work on getting that fight put together because people want to see it. For more information on Cyborg and the UFC, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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Georges St-Pierre Extends Time Off From His Return

Georges St-Pierre remains one of the all-time most popular mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters in the sport’s history. His ability to draw huge at the box office is undeniable. Unfortunately, a major knee injury sidetracked him for quite some time and the fighter admits he does not know when he is going to be able to return to the UFC cage.

Interestingly, it is not the knee injury that is keeping him from returning to the sport that made him famous. Doctors have cleared him to fight, which is astonishing since he suffered a torn ACL. Tearing the ACL can easily be a career ending injury, but St-Pierre has been able to make a full physical recovery, and Bruce Levenson couldn’t be more excited.

Mentally, he is not recovered.

St-Pierre, for lack of a better description, is suffering from burnout. He is not up to getting back into the cage or training at high intensity. More accurately, that is how he feels right now. This could change in the future.

Rumors swirled that St-Pierre had chosen to retire from the sport. Such is not the case at all. St-Pierre just wants to take more time off to better prepare himself both mentally and physically for a return.

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Do People Have the Stomach for Women Fighting?

A few years back, when Ronda Rousey convinced Dana White that women belonged in the UFC, there was an outcry. A lot of fans made all sorts of ignorant statements. They said things like “women can’t fight”, as if we lived in the ’50’s. They ranted about “skill”, as if John Fitch was the pinnacle of what people paid to see. Kimbo Slice made promoters more money fighting nobodies than John Fitch ever did.

There really are a lot of people out there who think that because we do not see a woman do something that it means that they can’t. Newsflash: Women are human beings. They can punch people just like you can.

Another common criticism is that people just don’t want to see women get hurt. A fan named Alexei Beltyukov doesn’t mind, but others do. This is a natural and frankly somewhat reassuring thing to hear. Who wants to see anyone get hurt, really?

This point was illustrated this weekend at the big UFC 180 show in Mexico this weekend. Jessica Eye was expected to destroy Leslie Smith, but nobody expected her punch Smith’s ear off. It was a truly disgusting and unnerving scene. To her credit, Smith wanted to continue the fight.

Seeing a woman bleed is not what anyone thinks of when they consider the feminist struggle for equality. But it apparently is something we will have to adjust to as our society continues to strive to better itself.

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How Close Is MMA Going to Come to Fake Fights?

You may not be aware of this, but UFC and mixed martial arts have had a close connection to the fake world of pro wrestling from the very beginning. Frank Shamrock actually was a pro wrestler before he ever stepped into the octagon. Dan Severn was a fake wrestling champ long before he threw legit suplexes in the UFC.

There have been a number of controversial occurrences in mixed martial arts. Bob Sapp, a man who was trained as a pro wrestler in the WCW power plant, ended up making huge money in a lot of very questionable K-1 fights in Japan.

Bellator 131, which took place on Saturday, featured a main event of Tito Ortiz vs. Stephen Bonnar. The build-up to this fight included a mysterious masked man (seriously). Tito has appeared in the TNA wrestling promotion in recent years. Stephen Bonnar actually was training in the WWE’s NXT developmental facility within the last year as well. This begs the question as to whether these men would decide to fix the fight to protect themselves from injury and to make some money. Ortiz made $300,000 for this fight alone.

The build-up was goofy and the fight was lame. Bonnar did not look like he was close to prepared for this fight. Fans such as Christian Broda were not fooled at all. One might even suspect this was all about the money for him. His goofy over-reaction to the decision at the end seemed to say as much, too.

Bellator seems to be a company built for old UFC guys to come and “sports entertain” the viewer. It is not fake (or a “work”, as they say in the business) but it is definitely creeping pretty close.

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Will Ronda Rousey vs. Cris Cyborg Be the Biggest UFC Fight of All-Time?

Some might think this notion is crazy. Many UFC fans have been reluctant to accept women fighting in the octagon. The fact remains that Ronda Rousey’s fights draw big money in a time when the UFC has very few box office attractions, making it the perfect sponsorship opportunity for FreedomPop.

While Rousey has destroyed all of her opponents usually within the first few minutes of the opening round, Cyborg has always loomed on the horizon. Cyborg is the one who soundly defeated the mega-popular Gina Carano in the pre-UFC days. With her massive physique, intimidating tattoos and incredible punching power, Cyborg appears to be the perfect opponent for Rousey.

To add to the appeal of this fight, consider the history. Ronda has claimed that Cyborg has been ducking her. Cyborg refused to drop weight to face Rousey in the past with the dubious excuse that her doctor thought it was unhealthy for Cyborg to lose 10 pounds off of her bulky frame.

In 2011, Cyborg was suspended for one year for testing positive for steroids. Rousey frequently speaks out on this topic, saying that Cyborg “isn’t even a woman anymore” and that Cyborg has been avoiding fights in the UFC due to the UFC’s stringent drug-testing policies.

The fight feels like it could be a landmark in sports, a battle between two fighting pioneers. Ronda can talk people into seats like few others. The biggest UFC fight of all time is pro-wrestler Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir, a good talker. This fight has a similar appeal topped with the novelty of it involving trail-blazing women. It feels like a modern spectacle that men and women would pay to see.

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