Brian Torchin Is Filling A Gap In Healthcare Related Employment

HCRC Staffing Agency is managed by founder Brian Torchin and he is passing on the word that there are alternative ways to create profits in the healthcare industry.

If the workers in that industry are adequately prepared then operating effectively in the sector can actually be relatively easy. HCRC offers clients a good option for staffing and goes the extra mile to be sure that the employees are prepared. Some of the key elements to make this strategy work includes:

-Counseling Related To The Job

HCRC offers medical professionals job counseling to help prevent the burnout of moving from one profession to another until they find where their passion lies.

-Placement In The Preferred Field

HCRC can offer immediate placement in the preferred field once an opening presents itself. HCRC works to fill positions immediately to make sure that their clients always have a complete staff. They take pride in making sure that placement occurs quickly.

-Verify Employees

HCRC makes sure to verify employees with one of their own staffing specialists.

  • A Personal Mission

Brian Torchin is in touch with the plight of current medical students and realizes how difficult it can be to find a good job. He wants to make the job finding process easy and effective for those seeking employment.

Brian Torchin attended New Your Chiropractic College from 1992 until 1995 and also attained his BS in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware. He is a member of the National Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters.

4 Ways To Brighten Your Skin Naturally At Home

Ever suffered from dull skin due to over exposure to sunlight, dry skin or even over-reliance on synthetic cosmetic products? All these factors and many others contribute to a dark and dull skin. Our research & development team conducted a study to find natural skin lightening remedies that are readily available and that will effectively help brighten your complexion at the comfort of your home. Here are the findings:

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera’s natural cooling effect fights hyperpigmentation. Its properties help rebuild damage tissues through regeneration of new cells

• Squeeze the jelly-like substance from the aloe vera leaves
• Apply the substance on your skin and leave for about half an hour
• Rinse the skin thoroughly. Repeat daily for results.

2. Papaya

Papaya contains rich nutrients and natural bleaching properties that will effectively lighten your dull skin.

• It is healthy to eat the fruit to gain its nutrients
• Rub, the inner skin of the papaya on the skin, then allow it to dry. Rinse with cool water. Do this daily to see glowing effects.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber knits together collagen in your skin tissues to ensures that your skin is firm and supple. In addition, the cooling effect of a cucumber on skin makes it ideal for all skin types.

• Slice the cucumbers and place them on the skin for about 15 minutes. Remove and rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat twice on a daily basis to see results.

4. Makari purifying & cleansing toner

It cleanses the skin, getting rid of dark spots to leave your skin complexion light and bright.

• Apply once or twice a day to see effects. Doesn’t need to be washed off.

About Makari

Makari de Suisse is a manufacturer of unique beauty products aimed at meeting skin whitening needs of its customers.  Their products are made purely from natural ingredients that help fight beauty issues such as uneven complexion, stretch marks, and acne among others.

Remove Bad Hair Days With WEN by Chaz Dean

Although WEN Hair cleansing conditioners were created many years ago, they still still get a lot of praise and good reviews today by women who have achieved excellent results. Chaz Dean, the creator of the Sephora endorsed WEN hair care products, is a long time hairstylist has a lot of expertise in the field and even works with many celebrities today. A detailed review, written by Emily McClure, can be found on, which details the usage of WEN and how it actually works on the very fine hair that she has. Since WEN claims to work on all hair types and has a lot of high ratings, she wanted to see if it could help her manage her hair.

She was worried at the start because the texture of the product is very thick when applying WEN, but it is not designed to weigh down the hair at all, which she found at within a couple days after she started seeing results of her own.  The majority of women who try it out see results within a couple weeks time, which is also dependent on proper usage and what other products they continue using.

WEN, by its very design, has been created to lift up and remove all the build up from other products that leave behind contaminants in the scalp, usually because they contain chemicals for cleaning. Chaz Dean and his team went through the process of trial and error to create the right make up of natural ingredients that was capable of getting the job done without stripping the hair of its oils or moisture. Visit the Wen hair Wikipedia page for more information.

Need Wen hair care? get it here:

Unchallengeable Securus Technologies

We are living at times where criminal and terror attacks have risen to an alarming rate. Criminal’s masterminds have changed the way of operations and turn our technology to a bizarre. Securus Technologies have come with the new technology of identifying criminals by voice through calls made. The company provides service that includes public safety, criminal investigations, and monitoring. The company developed a software device that enables an investigator to quickly identify the voice of an inmate or any other party outside the bars and relate the same to where that voice comes from. PRO 4.0 aid the investigator uncover related criminal attacks planned via phone calls. A good number of offenders are easily arrested by just making a follow up on the calls made by just getting a sample of the calls made. This searchable voice enabled the device to make it easy for investigation done without necessarily going through the biometric information of the criminal under investigation. Released inmates might collude with those still in custody carry out criminals activities through phone calls but the PRO 4.0 voice search device has made it convenient to track the involved and arresting thus creating a criminal free environment. Different security authorities have been put in a proper position to deal with criminals activities before they happen. Lives and property have been rescued through this technology. General public have been put on alert to enable them to be secured in case of an attack. Securus Technology keeps on improving to allow it gun down any suspicious criminal plans by inmates and their counterparts who might have been released before or even other criminals who have not set their eyes on police cells. Services of security should be treated with the care and high level of vigilance it deserves.


8 Golden Rules for Success in Panama from Venezuelan Entrepreneur Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Panama is one of the preferred destinations for Venezuelans to start new businesses. One of these is entrepreneur Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa who firmly believes in the capacity of youth to initiate businesses using technology as a primary tool, especially with the help of the Internet.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a businessman with twenty-five years of experience in the world of trade. From a young age, he adopted the idea of becoming his own boss, as well as making his own decisions and taking risks he deems necessary; all valuable lessons that have assured him positions in five Panamanian companies as president, director, and treasurer.

His enterprising vision has allowed him to find in this country great possibilities to create business and stimulate sources of work due to his strategic geographical position on that enables innovative business ventures, and where young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to expand their economic and trade horizons.

For these reasons, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa feels a commitment to sharing these eight rules for success:

1. Try to discover new niches that have not yet been exploited in order to create viable businesses.

2. One way to lower costs when starting up a business is to use the Internet. It is an efficient and affordable tool that is rapidly expanding and brings immediate results.

3. Look for a trustworthy associate that allows you to grow and advises you on the market.

4. Success does not depend on a flawless record on Register your business legally seeking the help of an attorney, who will aid you throughout the process according to your expectations.

5. You must have a thorough knowledge of the industry to which you will dedicate to, and stay updated about new innovations and be ready to work from the ground up.

6. Minimize costs by sharing them with other entrepreneurs. Avoid excessively large investments of capital.

7. Plan well your activities to avoid being outmatched by competitors and possible costly litigation. Turn your attention to your competitors’ weaknesses, be open to criticism and new ideas.

8. Find a good mentor with vast experience in the sector in which you are interested in. Learn about the area of expertise and seek wisdom on it.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa:

Recent CRDA Loan Uncovers Sad Truth Behind New Brunswick’s Development

New Brunswicks’s development, Devco has been touted as the pride New Jersey, pointing to it’s recent strides as the example by which all of The Garden State to follow. It doesn’t take a genius to point out that urban development across New England as a whole has been grinding down to a halt. New construction is virtually non-existent and maintenance of old infrastructure is practically a myth. The staggering amount of urban decay is unsettling and anyone who is living in the city can point to any number of dilapidated and abandoned structures you might find by simply wandering this collapsing maze.
Certain corporations and community organizations have taken advantage of this most prevalent of issues by finding older and poorly maintained infrastructure and renovating them for use toward their business. The ideal is simple, community leaders and politicians will support the rebuilding which will, in theory, bring increased commerce and business to the community while reducing signs of urban decay thereby increasing the value and safety of neighboring properties.

has accrued an debt of $20 million dollars from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This came as a shock to some in the community, due to all the positive coverage of the development including words of encouragement from New Jersey Senate President Seeney as the most exemplary example of when public dollars are channeled through private firms to perform large-scale construction.

Whether the agency itself is to blame for irresponsible spending and expenditures, for being too ambitious in its undertakings on private or if it is the Governors policy passed in December which forced the agency to seek out private loans to begin with.

Regardless, while the reconstruction has thus far remained a beautiful sight to behold, it will be hard to imagine anyone will be happy until the project has managed to pay back all its debts. Read full report on