Fortress Investment Group acquisition By SoftBank group

Fortress Investment Company is a management firm that is responsible for managing all alternative assets in liquid hedge funds, private equity and credit funds. The organization was established in the year 1998 January, 1. The firm is located in New York, the United States of America. Currently, Fortress investment group is the leading and most diversified global investment management organization. Fortress investment group is deeply experienced and highly specialized expertise in all range of investment strategies. The company has about 11-50 employees working under its management.Earlier last month, the company had set to prepare a significant push into corporate lending that was meant to raise funds under the ownership of Softbank group. Fortress Company was dedicated to seeing a total amount of over $ 2 billion raised as the first fund that would be devoted directly to lending.

However, this matter was not yet made public. Additionally, the organization was targeting to raise about $ 5 billion for its fifth flagship loans opportunities fund. Last year, Fortress managed to make sales that amounted to $3.3 billion. Since it became private equity, the firm has made major progress.Softbank group is a global technology player that is owned by a Japanese billionaire. The company is aspiring to drive forward information revolution. Recently, Fortress investment group brought new faces to the board. It gave promotion to Josh Pack and his colleague Dew McKnight to be managing partners in the firm’s credit group. They were placed to work closely with Peter Briger. Briger is the organizations’ credit head and also the co-chief executive officer.When the company made a sale to the Softbank group, Joel Holsinger became the first senior executive employee to resign from the firm.

According to reports, Joel was a progressive employee. He was listed among the rising leaders along with McKnight and Pack. Additionally, Joel was a board member of the Fortress committee and also the credit group’s investment board committee. According to his LinkedIn profile, Joel is now on Sabbatical. At fortress investment group, employees are happy with the way programs are run. They enjoy serving clients and are determined to see that the company can achieve their tax liabilities. Also, the firm has the best learning atmosphere for all interns.Most of the interns who come visiting straight from college prefer to work at the organization. The Rest of the employees show great hospitality as they show the new employees how things are done at the firm. It takes less than three days for a new intern or employee to catch up with the rest.

Sheldon Lavin Influential Businessman

To perceive the critical steps that Sheldon Lavin has made in the business, which have pushed OSI Group onto the universal scene and added to gigantic occupation development over the globe, in 2016 given a Global Visionary Award and in 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award for his unrivaled duty to administration to the Chicago business group. Lavin has expressed various circumstances that he’s lowered and respected by such acknowledgment, stressing that he’s glad for the work he’s expert and the general population who have helped the develop OSI Group into the global. Vast numbers of his representatives have expressed that they don’t accept there is a business that nurtures his specialist as Mr. Levin does.

While growing OSI Group’s the worldwide organization has additionally gotten a full rundown of ecological and supportability grants under Lavin’s watch. Sheldon Lavin trusts the up and coming age of young business visionaries and corporate pioneers will lead and keep on making the planet’s wellbeing a need.

At the point when gotten some information about his full rundown of achievements. Lavin has expressed that he would like to rouse the up and coming age of pioneers to submit themselves to developing their organization’s incapable ways while adding to the development of worldwide business and making open doors for their representatives so they can likewise have any effect in tomorrow’s reality. Lavin turned into a dynamic individual from the organization when it was growing its business to foreign markets. Sheldon Lavin as an energetic giver has given to a few philanthropies. He has added to the Jewish United Funds and Ronald McDonalds House Charities to mention a few.

In his training Sheldon Lavin sought after bookkeeping and back. It depends on this that he entered and ran a fruitful financial counseling organization then McDonald’s business have orbited the globe. The company is one of the most prominent protein providers on the planet. Under Sheldon Lavin’s watch, is more than 20,000 workers, and keeping in mind that the organization is known for offering a portion of the best sustenance choices on the planet. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

The most significant aspect concerning OSI is its corporate culture and the way that it treats its workers. A considerable measure of this stems back to Lavin who unequivocally trusts that the representatives of any organization ought to deal with like family. Lavin invites them with open arms.

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The Great Innovations of OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the world`s leading food suppliers and works closely with some of the largest food retail brands and food service providers. The firm was established in the 20th century has grown tremendously. OSI Group has created a vast number of its affiliates in various countries like the United States, China, Europe, among many others. The firm was family owned and founded by the Otto & Sons as a small butcher shop before it specialized in the production and supply of foodstuffs to the broader parts of the United States as well as other parts of the globe.

The firm has gained a lot of popularity among its clients, and it has always strived to serve them with integrity. The ability of the firm’s employees to pay close attention to their clients has seen them conduct a vast number of sales. The firm’s food services and fresh products have been amended by many of its clients, who have proved to be loyal to OSI , evident from the vast growth of the firm.

Additionally, the firm has worked hard towards improving their services and maintaining the high quality of products to attract more customers. As a result, OSI group recently adopted the use of high tech equipment in their production, besides adding an experienced team of experts to aid in improving their services and the quality of their products. The ability of the firm’s executives to serve as an example to their employees has also boosted the firm’s development as together as a team; they have all worked towards the accomplishment of a common goal.

Besides, OSI Group has maintained an exceptional culinary skill as well as amendable knowledge on the various flavors in the world, a step that has left most of their customers satisfied. The ability of the firm’s team to offer people of races with their most preferred menu has helped them maintain their cultures as well as adopt a close relationship with most of their employees. OSI Food Solutions UK awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.

OSI Group executives have always insisted on learning to their employees and also encourage them to be good listeners. With the commitment exercised by both parties, the firm has risen to the top. Besides, the firm has won a series of awards for the best food providers around the globe, and due to its notable successes, a considerable number of firms have strived to emulate their steps.

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Dr. Saad Saad: A Legacy of Exceptional Patient Care

Dr. Saad Saad has inspired a lot of love and respect all over the world. He has created genuine relationships and contacts all over the world because of his remarkable practice and time spent under the tutelage of benevolent mentors. He has practiced medicine for over 40 years, but he has never told his approach and has maintained the strictest standards when it comes to his specialization of pediatric surgery. He has inspired a whole generation, or two, of doctors because of his exceptional approach to patient care. Many of his patients have gone on to do great things, as well as his siblings, and even his own children.


There is an article discussing the life of Dr. Saad Saad on This article, entitled “Dr. Saad Saad: Global Life & Career” was inspired because of the exceptional life that he has led. While his career began after he graduated from Cairo University, he knew way before that he wanted to be a doctor. Coming from a poor family with eight other siblings, Dr. Saad Saad knew that if he wanted to be something he would have to work really hard to get there. It seems that his siblings understood that as well, because out of that family also came three other surgeons, two siblings that hold Ph.D.’s, two siblings that are now master’s in engineering, and one that has chosen to follow the career path of the teacher. This is an exceptional line of overachievers and should have given people a good view of how well Dr. Saad Saad would do as well.


When it comes to his own family, Dr. Saad Saad went on to raise two surgeons, a nurse, and a lawyer. This was because of the educational atmosphere that he always fostered with his children, and the great pains he took to ensure that they received a quality education growing up. In fact, when he was called to do work in Saudi Arabia for the royal family he chose to stay longer because he did not want to disrupt his children’s education by constantly moving them. With that being said, his children were able to travel the world and get a better understanding of who people were on different levels. That was very important to Dr. Saad Saad.


One of the biggest things that Dr. Saad Saad wants new surgeons to understand is that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Some people may be disadvantaged but that does not mean that they are subhuman. Everyone deserves to have a chance at life and at quality healthcare. Therefore, you spend much of his career donating his time to those who would not normally be able to afford the complex surgeries and procedures. He is truly leaving a legacy behind him. Learn more:

David McDonald Attributes The Growth of OSI

David mcdonald is the COO and President of the OSI Group. OSI is a privately held global provider of food products. The company is most known for being the main meat provider to McDonald’s over the years. David has been a part of the company for more than 3 decades. Back then OSI was far from the juggernaut it is today. What he realized about the company early on was its desire to grow. And though it has grown exponentially since those days it is still hungry for more. This boundless ambition is why OSI has remained solid through the decades. It is always looking for ways to improve as a company. As COO and President of the company it is David’s job to make sure it keeps doing just that.

David McDonald attributes the growth of OSI to the relationship it has with its customers. OSI constantly does what needs to be done to meet the specific needs of its customers. Osi is both flexible and creative allowing it room to adjust to the changing demands of customers.

David McDonald and the OSI Group strongly encourage innovation and creativity. Both are needed often when having the weight of a customer’s business needs on the back of the company. Luckily OSI is a global company that can draw from a variety of resources relating to food development. Because of the company’s success many think it never fails but David McDonald says otherwise. David says the company fails in new endeavors jsut like any other company. What separates it from others is its ability to learn from its mistakes. David and OSI understand that in order to grow risks must be taken.

With David at the helm OSI has went through major acquisitions like the Baho Food deal. According to David OSI influence greatly increased in Europe after the deal was brokered.

David McDonald holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Iowa State University.

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