Ara Chakerian Championing Better Healthcare and Forest Sustainability

Ara Chakerian is a highly successful entrepreneur that gains his money while helping the community, he’s also a philanthropist. He is highly involved in good environmental activities, conserving forest resources with the aim of leaving a better footprint on nature.


As population is increasing, humans generally have not payed adequate attention to forestry. The first intention for real estate is to destroy the wooden plains, then build upon. Ara Chakerian otherwise knows the holistic success of the project and the environment is down sustainability, and this makes him one the advanced minds in land management. His personal interest in sustainability drove him to start Limonapa Teak. The company specializes in sustainable teak production, through the cultivation of teak throughout wide areas. In most cases, the land used for this practice was formerly a grazing land for herds but through horrible land practices, couldn’t be a feeding ground to the herbivores.


Being a diverse investor, he is also the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings LLC a group with interest in start-up health care companies. Because of his dutiful nature towards life and growth, Ara Chakerian co-founded TMS Health Solutions, a medical practice providing help to victims of resistant depression through transcranial magnetic stimulation.  For more info you can visit



As a person, Ara Chakerian doesn’t have a fixed schedule for a day instead spends his time understanding strategies, coming up with progressive visions enhance his trade while uplifting the community in the process. He maintains the major driving force for him is the privilege to be in the situation to effect change and how he can use it to benefit his surroundings. Progressive minds will always find something that inspires them to the next level, and Ara Chakerian seems very excited with the growth of digital health care. He understands that the future growth of healthcare will be attributed to widespread digital assisted health care apps.



Good entrepreneurs can foresee future obstacles, as a young man he wasn’t sure in what form they would appear in a business. He however found out his ability to see obstacles in a state of calm, either in nature, surfing or trail- running.