At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Patients Have A Say In Designing Their Treatment Plan

Oncologists at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) now have a new tool, the Clinical Pathways program, to help them decide on a course of treatment for their patients. The Clinical Pathways program integrates a decision support solution, eviti, and the Allscripts Sunrise records to produce a program that presents physicians with all of the available cancer therapies for their patient. The Clinical Pathways program takes into account the latest cancer data, presenting only the evidence-based options that are appropriate for their patient’s specific disease state. Patients have their say as well; they can discuss the data provided, which includes information on response rates, the approximate cost of delivery and toxicity, with their oncologist and family.

CTCA has five hospitals across the country; people frequently travel to receive the integrative cancer treatments that have made CTCA famous. CTCA has a presence in other countries for people to make contact and determine if they wish to travel to the United States for treatment. In addition to conventional cancer treatments, CTCA has a variety of non-traditional practitioners in-house, such as acupuncturists, to combat the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments.

With CTCA’s patient-centered approach and advanced clinical treatments, the hospitals enjoy high patient satisfaction scores. Each of CTCA’s patients receives an individualized treatment plan based on the location and the stage of his or her cancer. Patients also design a portion of their treatment by including mind-body medicine, massage, spiritual counseling and any of the other integrative therapies that they choose to include.