Trabuco The Ancient God Of War

Trabuco is an ancient barricade weapon that was used to destroy masonry walls or heave projectiles above them to the other side as a catapult does. It can also be called the trebuchet, for differentiation from other weapons. It is referred to as the thick gauge rifle or revolver in Brazil. This weapon was used in areas of all religions including the Muslims and Christians. It could accurately throw a projectile of 140 pounds at high speeds into an enemy’s barricade to a distance of up to 800 meters away. It was brought to Europe in 600 DC after its invention in China at around 400 AC.

The trabuco was an evolvement of the old sling. The lowest Trabuco type is extra portable with an extent that is lesser hence it allows for easy transportation. Its release time intervals also short allowing for more throws and can be operated by one person who is responsible for both feeding and pulling the string. However, most trebuchets are large hence needed between 15-45 men to operate it with two men handling the rope. The operators were local citizens who were working in defense of their city or attacking enemies.


Through the Persians and Byzantine Empire, Trabuco reached the Middle East, and through Germany’s north, it reached Nordic countries. Later its traction and knowledge got to Scandinavian at an unknown time in history according to Early when Paris was under major attack, the machines were used and the Vikings met. In the early 800, the machines were also used by the Nordic People to siege Anger. For the first time, Trebuchets counterweight was used in Italy at the end of the 12th century. In England, they were introduced in 1216.

In 1191 during Acre attack, Richard Lionheart amassed two trebuchets that he named “Bad Neighbor” and God’s Catapult” to fight with in 1304 according to During the Castle attack of Stirling, Edward Longshanks had his engineers built a trebuchet that would be gigantic to defeat the English Army and gave it the name “wolf war.”

The trabuco lost its value when gunpowder emerged. It was no longer the best choice for a field gun. Even after gunpowder, they were used in the Burgos attack (1475-1476) and Rhodes attack (1480). In 1521, Hernán Cortés recorded its last military use in the Aztec Capital attack in Tenochtitlan. Today, Trabucos are used for entertainment and to educate on mechanics basic principles.

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The Pulp Fiction of Lawrence Bender.

If you had to would you rather watch a uniquely produced movie or just watch a popular film? Well, it all depends on the creative work and ability to capture the people’s attention in a film for it to be considered to be the best. A Good movie will always be credited to the producer. Lawrence Bender was born in New York, the USA in 1957.He graduated from the University of Maine, where he studied civil engineering. He has since enjoyed success in his love for movie production. One of the movies that bender boasts of success is the Pulp Fiction.

Pulp fiction was released in 1994. It merged the practice of classic crime tales to bring sanity to the society. The film produced by Lawrence Bender grew to be one of the bestselling movies of all time. In its combination of thriller actors such as Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Samuel Jackson and Uma Thurman, the characters displayed have not disappointed.

In a crime entailed movie, Lawrence Bender shows his ability as the producer to bring the fiction part into reality. In a thrilling flow, Pulp Fiction involves two target men who are out on a hunt to get back a suitcase that was taken away from one of them. This movie is both enjoyable and tempting to watch. While watching, you are considered through different storylines that merge to entertain and thrill. Pulp Fiction is one of the best movies by the most prolific producers of all time, Lawrence Bender.

The most exciting and entertaining scene of the Pulp Fiction movie is when the two hitmen who are out on a mission of retrieving the stolen bag. One would quickly be forced to think that they are just two ordinary people in a chit-chat session. I can only speak for the majority and say that Lawrence Bender made Pulp Fiction a stylish and brilliantly built movie. There is a natural flow of events and a sense of realism. Lawrence Bender is without a doubt one of the greatest producers in old and recent times. He remains to be a favorite of many with his style of movie production.

Academy of Art Institute graduate Daniel Arriaga and his film Coco

Daniel Arriaga is a talented senior director at Pixar. He is an Academy of Art Institute graduate, who’s film was based upon his own cultural heritage in a tale based on Mexican folklore. The Mexican tradition of El dia los Muetros is honored in this hit children’s film. As this tradition focuses on bringing life into characters that are already dead and skeletons, Daniel Arriaga and the whole team of artists and illustrators worked to create a visually appealing cast of characters that were non living. There was great success in the venture of making this triumphant film into an Oscar winner.


Coco is the story of a young boy named Miguel Rivera who goes on an expedition into the Land of the Dead, while trying to uncover family secrets. Miguel longs to be a musician and this journey enables him to successfully complete that undertaking. Daniel Arriaga and his team of talented artists worked diligently to complete this film. Along with the intricate plot that is rich in cultural heritage and folklore, there is a beautiful musical score. Some of the original songs in this movie went on to win Oscar for Best Original Song.

Having an Academy of Art Institute graduate excel in the art of filmmaking to the extent of winning an Oscar is a tremendous victory. The Academy of Art Institute was formerly called


Academy of Art College. It is located in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1929, this was originally a school for advertising art. The school offers a bevy of different degree options, ranging from associates through masters programs with approximately twenty five subjects. In addition to on campuses offerings, there are online course options.

The Academy of Art Institute also offers athletics and a unique Academy of Art Institute Automobile Museum. It houses over two hundred rare and remarkable cars.

The Academy of Arts Institute has produced many successful individuals, such as the current Oscar Winner, Daniel Arriaga and other known fashion designers, actresses, music video directors and many more talented people.



Dr.Saad Saad is a professional in the pediatric surgeon. He was born in a family of eight children in Palestine but grew up in Kuwait. He got his degree in Medicine from Medicine School of Cairo University, Egypt. He is a surgeon available in New Jersey, Eatontown and was associated with numerous hospitals within that area, which include the Medical Center of the University of Jersey Shore and that of Monmouth in the Long Branch Campus specializing in surgery at both centers.

Dr. Saad Saad has been practicing surgeon for over 20 years. He has during the years performed so many pediatric surgeries on patients within and outside his community. In his United States community and that of Holy land, he helped children ranging from youngsters to infants. He has also been part of several missions including four US medical missions and eight Jerusalem Medical Missions. He went to West Bank to help the poor children through performing complex operations on them. He had been disturbed by the existing procedures and methods as a physician forcing him to challenge the current state of treatment conditions to find ways of reducing the risk and pain that his patients went through. He has then come up with two inventions patented under him and has developed new and improved procedures of pediatric surgeries.

One of his inventions is that of a catheter that has in it an integral electromagnetic device that helps identify its location in a patient’s body. The normal medical catheters are inserted into a patient’s body as a tube that is used to treat conditions that are medical or perform a procedure of surgery. They can be used to drain fluids and gases or even create a path to instruments of surgery into the body. To trace them inside a patient’s body, a physician has to perform an X-ray or an MRI scan on the patient. This processes especially the MRI involves big machines that are not the most efficient in terms of portability. His catheter is developed such that to trace it in the patient’s body only an external device for locating it is used to scan. It is run over the patient’s body to signal the doctor on the position of the catheter once its tip is below the locator perpendicularly. The signal is sent through a voltage that illuminates its light. Learn more:

His other invention was that of providing an endoscope with it irrigation and suction properties during a procedure without losing contact with the targeted area. This would reduce the time and activities involved when a doctor has to remove the endoscope and insert a suction pump in the middle of a procedure.

Aloha Construction Can Help You Remake Your Home

Aloha Construction is headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It serves the state of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The company has grown from a small family firm to one of the region’s leading contractors, having completed over 7000 local projects over the last ten years. In that time, the company has also gained a reputation for excellence and integrity, and it has maintained a safety record unrivaled by any of its competitors. Aloha Construction employs a high quality team of claims specialists, supervisors, installers, managers, inspectors, and office staff to serve the needs of homeowners throughout the area.

From roof repair to siding installation, the company has a long record of providing innovative and high quality solutions to the people of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

If your roof has been damaged in a recent storm or you have detected a leak coming from it, you do not have time to waste. Being in such a situation constitutes an emergency. You should call Aloha Construction for help. The company will dispatch a roofing team to your home immediately. They will quickly locate the source, nature, and extent of the damage and do what is necessary to repair it.

Siding installation, repair, and replacement is another area in which Aloha Construction can be of service. Worn and faded siding is unsightly. It is the sort of thing that can negatively impact the value of your home. Replacing it is a difficult and daunting task, which is why you should not take it on as a DIY project. You should instead contact the experts at Aloha Construction. A siding team will come to your home and do the job for you. The color and form of siding that you choose will be expertly laid down without undue delay.

Aloha Construction also offers expertise in home renovation and refurbishment projects. If you want to lay down new flooring, add an extension to your home, or have new doors and windows installed, you should call the company. They will send out a team that can help you put your design ideas into action and transform your plans into reality.

Financial Advisor David Giertz Writes About How Federal Tax Changes Affect Investors

David Giertz is a FINRA registered broker in the financial industry. He started out his career at Financial Horizons Security Corp. in 1989. He began as a financial services provider and quickly rose through the ranks. After just four years he joined Citicorp Investment Services as an executive. He continued to work in high-level positions at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation for several years. At one time he was the senior v.p. of their Financial Distribution and Sales department.

In a February 2018 article, David Giertz outlined how the new tax laws affect people when it comes to saving for retirement. He said that there five main things that investors need to be aware of going forward. The first is that the health savings account contribution limits are changing. Most people aren’t aware, he says, that an HSA can be used as a retirement account. In fact, they are triple-tax advantaged and can be superior to an IRA or 401(k) in a number of ways.

As he explains it, an HSA isn’t taxed for either capital gains or dividends, money in them can be used tax-free for medical expenses, and after age 65 they can be used on anything tax-free. He says the contribution limit is going up to $3450 for individuals and $6900 for families.

David Giertz also says that the limit on 401(k)’s is going up to $18,500 in 2018 and people over age 50 can contribute $24,500. His third point is that IRA deduction limits are changing depending on income. As income increase the tax deduction limit decreases. He says this starts at $63,000 for single taxpayers and the heads of households. Married couples start to phase out at $101,000.

Also, Roth IRA limits are changing. He says that single people and heads of households cannot contribute to a Roth IRA for those earning $120,000 to $135,000 a year. Finally, David Giertz says that the limits on the Saver’s tax credit are also changing. In order to get this federal tax credit people need to earn less than $63,000 for married couples, $31,000 for single taxpayers, and a head of household needs to earn less than $47,250.

OSI GROUP Tremendous Growth under David McDonald’s Tenure

The current president of the OSI Group LLC, David Mc Donald has had many significant achievements while in his career and in running the OSI Group. David also was popularly known as Dave was born in Northeast Iowa. The enthusiastic entrepreneur born in 1964 graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Iowa State University in the year 1987. He also received the Wallace E.Barron outstanding senior award during his time at the University.

McDonald began his career at the OSI shortly after he graduated. His focus and sheer hard work have seen him grow in his career while at the same time achieving tremendous results for OSI Group. Like many other hardworking entrepreneurs, David has gradually climbed the ladder to successfully lead the OSI Industries as president and the Chief operating officer, from different junior positions at the company. Among the positions he has held at the OSI Industries include Project Manager of the company.

David’s extensive experience in working with OSI Group as president for the past 30 years has seen him make extraordinary decisions for the company. The decisions have seen OSI Group registering tremendous growth. David has been able to put the OSI Group among the world’s top food processing companies. With the expansions through opening its outlets in various countries, the OSI Group under David Mc Donald remains at the top ranks in the food processing industry.

The OSI Group is an internationally recognized company that processes value-added proteins for retail. The company’s primary products include beef patties, sausages, Pizza and sandwiches. The company’ recent progress was the launching of a new processing plant and the acquisition of Boho Food Company, a privately owned Dutch Company. The move enabled the OSI Group to be able to penetrate the European market. In a recent interview, David Mc Donald pointed out that the OSI Group was happy to have made that possible. David also pointed out that the company would be adapting too many changes, following innovation and invention in different areas like technology. He explained it was to ensure the company stays in business and at the top in the future.

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Financial Independence Possible Through “Freedom Checks”

Matt Badaili discovered investments that are now called “Freedom Checks”. Mr. Badaili is a geologist that has traveled the world reviewing natural resources and investment opportunities. For four decades leading government authorities have worked toward making America self-sufficient. The oil, gas, and mining resources are essential in reaching this goal. Otherwise, we will continue to spend billions of dollars for these resources from United States hostile countries, which makes the United States presently interdependence (not self-sufficient) upon nations that are anti-America. Read this article at

In 1987 Congress enacted the “Statute 26-F” that allowed companies to become Freedom Check distributors. These companies must meet two primary requirements to qualify. Presently, only 568 companies have met the criteria to become the MLPs that issue Freedom Checks. First, let’s be clear, these checks are not government checks. They are distributions earned from investments in MLP’s (Master Limited Partnerships). They are not related to Social Security or Medicare; any age group can receive these Freedom Checks. At present these 568 companies are expected to pay out $34.6 billion this year in distributions to their unitholders.

Let’s clarify some terms such as units and distributions. The words are used to help remind people these 568 companies are not corporations, but rather partnership entities. Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) are publicly traded partnerships that work as pass-through businesses. They combine the tax benefits of limited partnerships with the liquidity of publicly traded securities. Lately, many of these partnerships have focused on energy-oriented investments. MLP’s are not new investment vehicles or strategy. Since they are partnerships rather than corporations, the stockholders of corporations are unit holders in the MLPs. The dividends in corporations are distributions in publicly traded partnerships. The units are traded publicly just like stocks in the markets. Individuals buy units and received distributions in the form of Freedom Checks (cash), or reinvested in buying more units, with the hopes that the payments and values will rise over time. The MLPs have the same goals as owning shares in a corporation.

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The MLPs profits have quarterly payments. These income-focused investments typically carry high distribution yield. The rules for returns are different than for stocks when it comes to filing income taxes. The yields are not taxable, and when one chooses to sell the units, the gains are also treated differently from corporations in regards to income taxes. Who would not want such investments? Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Bruno Fagali And Advertisement Regulations Regarding Photoshopped Models

In 2016, an article was added to the French Code of Public health. The article states that advertisements which include photoshopped images of models must be captioned “Retouched Photograph” so that viewers are not misled to believe that such bodies can naturally be obtained. This regulation came as a response to the report that 30 or 40 thousand people in France currently suffer from Anorexia, a body-image related mental illness. As of October 1st, 2017, the regulation is being enforced.

This is not the only French effort aiming to reduce body-image issues. Since 2016, models have been required to submit medical documents to ensure that their general health and body mass index are below a certain level. Similar laws have been made in Israel in 2012 and in Australia in 2014. In Brazil, attention was brought to the subject in 2010 but no regulations have since been passed.

Bruno Fagali is a notable ethics lawyer in Brazil who wrote about this topic in his online blog. Specializing in Public Law, Advertising Law, Anticorruption Law, Election Law, and Parliamentary Law, Bruno Fagali thinks the modeling and advertising industry should be more regulated. Bruno Fagali is responsible for the Corporate Integrity Management in Brasilia, Rio De Janeiro, and Sao Paolo, which aims to combat corporate corruption. Bruno Fagali is also a member of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Ethics Business. This particular topic is very relevant to his area of expertise, especially since Bruno Fagali has a professional certificate in healthcare compliance by the CBEXs (Brazilian Council of Health Executives).

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Southridge Capital Helps People Build Financial Stability

Southridge Capital is one of the leading financial solutions company in the United States today, with more than 20 years of experience working in the industry with great success. Stephen Hicks is responsible for the development of the company these days, who is also widely recognized in the financial world. To date, Southridge Capital has helped ten of thousands of people take control of their financial lives and gain financial independence. In a generation where this is more difficult than ever due to the economy, Southridge knows how important it is to get a handle on finances quickly before too much debt racks up.

According to Newswire, Southridge Capital stands above their competition both in method and technology. They have the latest analytics software as well as some of the best financial experts in the industry with decades of experience behind them. Today, nearly anyone can find use in Southridge Capitals services, since they do more than just help people get out of debt. They also help people manage their finances in business, build their credit scores, or create a budget. Whatever an individual needs, Southridge can create the perfect strategy to help them fix their finances.

What many peopled don’t know is that there have are many wealthy people that have used the services of Southridge Capital as well, mostly used as a method of prevention to ensure they stay on track financially. With that said, even for seasoned businessmen, times can get tough and the economy can change, and with millions of dollars on the line, professional help is necessary to avoid losing one’s own livelihood. There are financial solution companies all over the country these days, and although Southridge Capital is one of the best, there are many great companies out there at the ready to help people get back on track in their financial lives.  You can visit their Twitter page.

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