Unchallengeable Securus Technologies

We are living at times where criminal and terror attacks have risen to an alarming rate. Criminal’s masterminds have changed the way of operations and turn our technology to a bizarre. Securus Technologies have come with the new technology of identifying criminals by voice through calls made. The company provides service that includes public safety, criminal investigations, and monitoring. The company developed a software device that enables an investigator to quickly identify the voice of an inmate or any other party outside the bars and relate the same to where that voice comes from. PRO 4.0 aid the investigator uncover related criminal attacks planned via phone calls. A good number of offenders are easily arrested by just making a follow up on the calls made by just getting a sample of the calls made. This searchable voice enabled the device to make it easy for investigation done without necessarily going through the biometric information of the criminal under investigation. Released inmates might collude with those still in custody carry out criminals activities through phone calls but the PRO 4.0 voice search device has made it convenient to track the involved and arresting thus creating a criminal free environment. Different security authorities have been put in a proper position to deal with criminals activities before they happen. Lives and property have been rescued through this technology. General public have been put on alert to enable them to be secured in case of an attack. Securus Technology keeps on improving to allow it gun down any suspicious criminal plans by inmates and their counterparts who might have been released before or even other criminals who have not set their eyes on police cells. Services of security should be treated with the care and high level of vigilance it deserves.


8 Golden Rules for Success in Panama from Venezuelan Entrepreneur Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Panama is one of the preferred destinations for Venezuelans to start new businesses. One of these is entrepreneur Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa who firmly believes in the capacity of youth to initiate businesses using technology as a primary tool, especially with the help of the Internet.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a businessman with twenty-five years of experience in the world of trade. From a young age, he adopted the idea of becoming his own boss, as well as making his own decisions and taking risks he deems necessary; all valuable lessons that have assured him positions in five Panamanian companies as president, director, and treasurer.

His enterprising vision has allowed him to find in this country great possibilities to create business and stimulate sources of work due to his strategic geographical position on withknown.com that enables innovative business ventures, and where young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to expand their economic and trade horizons.

For these reasons, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa feels a commitment to sharing these eight rules for success:

1. Try to discover new niches that have not yet been exploited in order to create viable businesses.

2. One way to lower costs when starting up a business is to use the Internet. It is an efficient and affordable tool that is rapidly expanding and brings immediate results.

3. Look for a trustworthy associate that allows you to grow and advises you on the market.

4. Success does not depend on a flawless record on es-la.facebook.com. Register your business legally seeking the help of an attorney, who will aid you throughout the process according to your expectations.

5. You must have a thorough knowledge of the industry to which you will dedicate to, and stay updated about new innovations and be ready to work from the ground up.

6. Minimize costs by sharing them with other entrepreneurs. Avoid excessively large investments of capital.

7. Plan well your activities to avoid being outmatched by competitors and possible costly litigation. Turn your attention to your competitors’ weaknesses, be open to criticism and new ideas.

8. Find a good mentor with vast experience in the sector in which you are interested in. Learn about the area of expertise and seek wisdom on it.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: https://www.instagram.com/adrianjvfigueroa/

Recent CRDA Loan Uncovers Sad Truth Behind New Brunswick’s Development

New Brunswicks’s development, Devco has been touted as the pride New Jersey, pointing to it’s recent strides as the example by which all of The Garden State to follow. It doesn’t take a genius to point out that urban development across New England as a whole has been grinding down to a halt. New construction is virtually non-existent and maintenance of old infrastructure is practically a myth. The staggering amount of urban decay is unsettling and anyone who is living in the city can point to any number of dilapidated and abandoned structures you might find by simply wandering this collapsing maze.
Certain corporations and community organizations have taken advantage of this most prevalent of issues by finding older and poorly maintained infrastructure and renovating them for use toward their business. The ideal is simple, community leaders and politicians will support the rebuilding which will, in theory, bring increased commerce and business to the community while reducing signs of urban decay thereby increasing the value and safety of neighboring properties.

has accrued an debt of $20 million dollars from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This came as a shock to some in the community, due to all the positive coverage of the development including words of encouragement from New Jersey Senate President Seeney as the most exemplary example of when public dollars are channeled through private firms to perform large-scale construction.

Whether the agency itself is to blame for irresponsible spending and expenditures, for being too ambitious in its undertakings on private or if it is the Governors policy passed in December which forced the agency to seek out private loans to begin with.

Regardless, while the reconstruction has thus far remained a beautiful sight to behold, it will be hard to imagine anyone will be happy until the project has managed to pay back all its debts. Read full report on pressofatlanticcity.com.







Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: A Leading Lawyer in the Competitive Brazilian Industry

The overall reasoning behind the significance of lawyers in the society is that all people are equal, and everyone needs an equal access to legal justice. Since there are many lawyers in Brazil, citizens have a decent opportunity of accessing the legal justice that they deserve. The services offered by different lawyer differ significantly based on what clients need. Customers may require assistance with things such as business law, personal injury, and divorce.

How to become a lawyer in Brazil

Brazilian University accepts high school graduates who have excelled in an exam known as Vestibular. A law degree can take a span of four to five years in a public or private university certified and authorized by National Commission of Legal Education.


Apart from vocational training offered by the Brazilian law universities/colleges, law students must engage in complimentary activities. This obligation is filled by undertaking an internship. Law firms, corporations, and other notable organizations that offer practical activities associated with the law profession are recommended for the law students.

Brazilian Bar Examination

This examination is administered twice or thrice per year (January, March, and April). The exam is extremely tough and needs adequate planning from the learners who are applying for it.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

According to Lantinglawyers.com, an established Latin Lawyers website, Ricardo Tosto is one of the most influential lawyers and strategists in the legal industry of Brazil. He started his professional career in a small office and worked tirelessly to become a qualified corporate litigation legal expert in Latin America. Tosto has represented top executives and politicians in big cases. Additionally, he is an innovator of some of the amazing legal tools used in the Brazilian legal community to date.

Today, Tosto is a senior partner at top Brazilian law firm, Leite, Tosto e Barros Advocates. The law company has created a strong reputation on issues of dispute resolution, economic law, international law, employment law, capital markets, commercial law, information technology, and intellectual property cases.  Tosto is a graduate of esteemed Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie holding a postgraduate degree in the specialty of Business Administration.

Reasons to Engage in Investment Banking

An investment bank is considered as a financial entity that helps people and business in accumulating capital by making investments and taking part in the stock exchange. The allow business experts and entities to get the most lucrative investments, and also maintain them in the long term.
Reason to engage in investment banking

The role of the investment banks is to countersign and issuing securities to individuals and companies. The majority of people and businesses obtain the services of investment banks for the countersigning and issuing of these securities.

Investors look for the services of investment banking institutions as they specialize in the industry of investing, offering unique services like market making, trading in derivatives, fixed revenue commodities and equity security. On top of that, these specialized investment banks help companies in their mergers and purchase through facilitating and supervising the whole process.

Here are the core services that investment banking are used for;

Trading and promotion of securities

The money or other securities are transacted in transactions, what is called facilitating trade or market creating. The promotion of this securities is done by their specialized banking institutions, through countersigning and researching since it is the selling side of investment banking.

Dealing with investors

Investment banks manage people and businesses in regards to their investment. The investments can be hedge funds, pension funds, or mutual funds. This is usually referred to as the buying side of investment banking.

Investment banking offers a dais for investors build and maintain their investment as they have crews of experienced experts who provide well-informed insights into the stock exchange. On top of that, they have the professionals regarding making investments in the most lucrative fields in various industries.

Martin is a Venezuelan citizen who has leveraged his citizenship to assist his customers for many years. Martin is a huge devotee in international investments and for that reason, he has managed to spread his wealth in many countries. This gives him an opportunity to minimize his risk while making sure that he benefits from the local development.

Martin understands different ways monitor every market, and for that reason, he can swiftly respond the moment a market is about to make a downturn. The capabilities of Martin to realize oncoming market trends gives him an opportunity to offer the excellent results to his customers.

Jim Hunt Announces Wealth Wave, an Initiavtive to Navigate Bear Markets

Regardless of the state of the market, many believe there is a way to collect returns on investments and they’d be right to think so. Investors just need to learn how to ride the right “wealth wave.”

Jim Hunt of VTA publications has launched wealth Wave in an effort to teach investors just how to do that. Jim prioritizes timing in all instances of investing. Knowing when and where to move money, even during a crash, makes the difference between successful and failed investors.

Throughout his career Jim Hunt has had prolonged experience specializing in spread betting. His role was in taking investors, often times brand new to the process, and instructing them on the right moves to make, habits to adopt and attitudes to develop in or to succeed in this venture. Jim’s even made himself available through supplemental materials such as DVD training sets and webinars on how to master stocks.

With Wealth Wave he expects this career of demystifying investments will only continue, producing a new wave of informed investors relying on proven methods of success that can gain impressive returns.

About Jim Hunt:

Jim Hunt in a financial advisor and CEO of VTA Publications, a publisher of remote learning materials across many educational disciplines. After having made a name for himself as an investor, and developing an eye for key market trends that would lead to profitable returns for his clients. He has taken this expertise to many platforms, including seminars and instructional materials. It’s even become the platform company.

Since 2012, Jim has reached thousands of clients through VTA Publications, providing them with solutions to their queries regarding investment and money management.  They draw upon the most current of information from informed articles and educational literature from the world of finance. They are intended for those who want to refine their understanding of this profession and even those who have never taken part in investing before coming to Hunt’s work.

Lip Balm Is Not Only The Cure For Chapped Lips But Also For Fuller Looking Lips

Have you ever had chapped lips and decided that you needed some lip balm? I know I have! There are many different types and brands of lip balm out there on the market. Some of the more popular brands of lip balm are Burt’s Bee’s, Carmex, and of course who could forget Evolution of Smooth otherwise known as EOS. Many people who use lip balm notice that their lips not only heal much faster from being chapped but they also look fuller when you apply lip balm every day. Lip balm might just be the trick when wanting your lips to look fuller and more plump.
Evolution of Smooth Lip balm comes in many different types. When choosing Evolution of smooth for all of your lip balm needs you can choose between organic smooth spheres, visibly soft smooth spheres, shimmer smooth spheres, active protection smooth spheres, and even organic smooth sticks. If you are looking for a lip balm that has sunscreen in it you may want to go with EOS lip balm‘s active protection because it has SPF 30 sunscreen in it to give your lips extra protection for all those days when you are active especially outside.

Maybe you are just looking for a simple organic lip balm. Evolution of Smooth’s organic smooth spheres (see: http://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245) or organic smooth sticks on Ulta would be perfect for you. The organic smooth spheres come in eight different flavors and the organic smooth sticks come in three different flavors. No matter what type of lip balm you are looking for Evolution of Smooth is the perfect brand for you due to their wide selection of different lip balm products. Visit their website at evolutionofsmooth.com.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Helps Women Look Great

These women are going to have many chances to change their bodies when they come to visit Jennifer Walden for the first time, and they need to make sure that they have asked for a full consultation that will explain how their procedures will work.

The procedures that people get when they come to the office could be surgical or non surgical, and they need to pick the thing that Jennifer Walden thinks makes the most sense. She can lead people away from surgeries if that is not what they want, or the people who come in can get very complex surgeries that she is an expert in. It all depends on what the patient needs, and it depends on how much they can get done at one time.

There are many other things that people can do on just one visit, and they need to make sure that they are going to be able to get in and out when they are ready for their appointments. It is also important for these people to remember that they are going to learn how they can change their bodies in the simplest way.

Jennifer Walden is a surgeon who is very skilled in her craft, and she knows how to make it possible for everyone to look their best. They are going to have a chance to feel better about their bodies, and they can find something that she calls the inner diva. That is how simple Jennifer Walden makes plastic surgery for every single woman.

Beautiful Western California And The Top Ski Resorts Welcome Tourist

Some of the most beautiful countries are located in the Western California mountains. These mountains overlook pristine lakes and valleys full of green. The woodlands feature beautiful and educational nature trails and woodlands tall as the sky. The redwood trees grow so tall that they look like they are touching the clouds. Each twist or turn taken on the mountain will give tourist a new perspective on the Sierra Mountain range.

During the winter, the mountains are covered in the most beautiful fresh white powder. This powder or snow is the lively hood of so many mountain resorts. The snow brings in so many people to ski the slopes of Lake Tahoe. In the midst of the beauty is the history of the mountain. Lake Tahoe was the setting of one of the winter Olympics. Lake Tahoe made a name for itself when it hosted the highly publicized Winter Olympics starring so many talented athletes. Today these athletes still come to practice and vacation on the beautiful slopes of Lake Tahoe Squaw Valley and the wonderful ranges of Alpine Meadows resorts.

Squaw Valley is one of the top resorts in the Lake Tahoe and Western California mountain area. Recently, a merger took place allowing Squaw to merge with Alpine Meadows for more ski areas and better lift tickets. The merger is one of the helpful things to happen to the area. Because of so many resorts offering skiing in the mountains, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows felt it a great idea to merge their interests in the slopes and swings to give tourist and skiers a better packaged deal. Source: http://squawalpine.com

People often say that the mountains are scary and treacherous during the winter season. The snow covered mountains are home to so many people that travel these roads day and night without issue. The key to being able to travel these roads is the road crew. The Resorts make sure that the roads to the ski lifts are freshly plowed and clear daily. The crews are responsible for the safety of so many people so they also recommend the use of snow tires or chains when climbing the hills. Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley Resorts check the weather and the roads daily to make sure there is safety for anyone traveling.

People like Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley are constantly making sure the area is ready for the skiers and clear for travel.

A Basic Guide for Online Reputation Management

Having a good online reputation is one of your most valuable assets. As online reputation reviews.com revealed, it creates an impression in people’s minds about your business. A bad online reputation can damage a multi-national or a small business. You should always take proactive measures to protect your reputation online.

Look Beyond First Page Results
The first step you should take is to Google yourself. Most of us will only check out the results on the first page and possibly the second page. However, you need to take time and look at what at least twenty pages say about your brand. A serious business partner will not simply look at what the first page says. He or she will hire someone to investigate them. The professional will look into as many pages as possible. More details can be found here.

Do Not Underestimate Social Media
If you want to protect your reputation, fill a complete profile on the most popular social media accounts. Otherwise, a malicious person might do it and try to profit from it. You should also ensure you have a verified account. It makes it easier to fight negative press about you or your brand. You can also use tools that help you manage your social media accounts. The feedback you get on social media also needs to be put to good use.

Update Information about Your Brand Regularly
A press release ensures that positive information about your brand can be found. There are many sites where you can make press releases. As a result, when people Google you, they find great information about you. However, only make a press release with relevant and informative information. Ideally, you should do this on a monthly basis. For better SEO ranking, create a good title, and follow it up with a good first sentence.

Most people will Google your business before they get there. Sites such as Yelp play a major role in getting customers to come to your business.