AVAAZ – Inspiring Change All Around the World

An inspiring declaration for change has leapt upon the global stage. It is the voice of the US based organization AVAAZ. Via an engaging website that offers multiple languages, the organization is a driving force behind many human rights interests and globally endearing environmental causes.


AVAAZ was started in 2007 as an online battlefront to promote global activism. The original founders envisioned utilizing the global appeal of the Internet to ignite change. They focus on serious issues that befall the world on a global basis, such as human rights, climate change, animal rights, world hunger and corruption. Once you become one of the millions of active members, you can light a fire to ignite a passion, or sign on to support one started by other likeminded member.


One appealing feature of the movement is the simplicity in which people can become involved. All users need to do is venture to the AVAAZ.org website, find a worthy petition to sign, and enter an active email address. They also provide petition signers with a subscription feature to follow the causes that interest them. It is also easy to spread the word about an issue you are passionate, through convenient social media tabs.


AVAAZ is a highly vocal proponent of helping to ignite people across the globe to fuel change for the better, not just for the sake of change. They have harnessed the worldwide appeal of the Internet as their most viable tool. Each day millions of new people, become engaged to help improve the world around them, sometimes one petition signature at a time.
Most people agree the world is getting more crowded, the climate is growing warmer, plus we are increasingly presented with serious problems that affect humans on a worldwide basis. It is refreshing to see a venue open to voice individual concerns, launched across the globe in an instant. AVAAZ is inspiring change all around the world.

Check out Avaaz on Twitter for further information.