Best Way to Finish To-do List Via Upwork Blog

It’s not a secret that the best way to stay productive and organized is with a to-do list. Though, more often than not, to-do lists are harder to get through, but in a blog post on Upwork, a few suggestions were made as to how to accomplish this feat.

A to-do list should have everything you need to get done on it. The less you’re keeping in mind, the better you can focus on the work at hand. Sounds simple enough, but a lot of people try to balance a mental list with a physical (or digital) one.

Make your list in advance, even if it’s the night before. Making a list is far from wasted time, vital time spent on preparing for the seat ahead or the whole week. If you tend to stay up late, this is something you can do before bed, so when you wake up, you already have in mind tasks you can do and check off your list.

Throughout the day, or the work week we might add to our list, but having one place with everything we have to do is ideal compared to having it spread out across several mediums. Not only does your efficiency take a hit, but it’s almost like being scatterbrained. Not suitable for your stress levels or organization.

Another thing you can do to stay on top of things on your list is to create priority. Whether rating times with low, medium or high level of energy requirement. You can also add time-based attributes like due dates or estimated time of completion. Make sure that these estimates are realistic, though.

With all of your tasks in one place, big and small, you can easily zoom in and out, keeping tabs on your overall progress and managing your perspective on things. It’s also a good idea to re-evaluate your list. Seeing how far you’ve come and if some items don’t need to be on your list anymore.

Just a few simple highlights from the otherwise interesting blog post, if which I highly recommend you take a look at Upwork’s website.