Bruno Fagali And Advertisement Regulations Regarding Photoshopped Models

In 2016, an article was added to the French Code of Public health. The article states that advertisements which include photoshopped images of models must be captioned “Retouched Photograph” so that viewers are not misled to believe that such bodies can naturally be obtained. This regulation came as a response to the report that 30 or 40 thousand people in France currently suffer from Anorexia, a body-image related mental illness. As of October 1st, 2017, the regulation is being enforced.

This is not the only French effort aiming to reduce body-image issues. Since 2016, models have been required to submit medical documents to ensure that their general health and body mass index are below a certain level. Similar laws have been made in Israel in 2012 and in Australia in 2014. In Brazil, attention was brought to the subject in 2010 but no regulations have since been passed.

Bruno Fagali is a notable ethics lawyer in Brazil who wrote about this topic in his online blog. Specializing in Public Law, Advertising Law, Anticorruption Law, Election Law, and Parliamentary Law, Bruno Fagali thinks the modeling and advertising industry should be more regulated. Bruno Fagali is responsible for the Corporate Integrity Management in Brasilia, Rio De Janeiro, and Sao Paolo, which aims to combat corporate corruption. Bruno Fagali is also a member of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Ethics Business. This particular topic is very relevant to his area of expertise, especially since Bruno Fagali has a professional certificate in healthcare compliance by the CBEXs (Brazilian Council of Health Executives).

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