Business accomplishments of Susan McGalla

The world has changed such that women, just like men, can hold top managerial positions and own companies. Some women have gone ahead to show the world that they are capable of leading a country. Other women, however, still shy away from leading roles since they are afraid of undertaking the typical challenges that come with leadership.


Susan McGalla is a passionate financial advisor who previously held top managerial positions in leading companies. Susan commenced her career in 1986 where she worked for eight years at Joseph Horne Company. She later moved to American Eagle Outfitters where she served as president and CMO of the company’s flagship American Eagle Brand.


Susan McGalla was then inspired to start her company that would provide consultancy services on financial investment. She was encouraged to offer advisory services to fellow women who wanted to step into the business world.


Based on Susan McGalla’s accomplishments, it has become evident that inequalities between men and females are non-existent. Besides, women who have succeeded in top managerial positions have shown that women have powers to deliver with excellence despite coping with bigger challenges.


Efforts to bridge the few gaps that discourage women from taking leadership roles in business enterprises and starting their businesses are essential. Governments, non-governmental organizations, and individuals have launched platforms for empowering and helping women. The empowering principles help women to fight for bigger roles in companies and manage their ventures as well.


Susan McGalla is among the philanthropist that has contributed hugely towards empowering women. She also uses her exposure and experience in the business industry to provide consultancy services that are essential for women to assume leadership roles in the industry. She affirms that hard work, passion, versatility, and confidence are the key attributes to success.


Susan McGalla recommends that women have to be actively involved in the struggle to get leadership roles in business and in society. They should identify and exhibit their prowess in leadership.


To fuel her philanthropic efforts, Susan McGalla started P3 Executive Consulting organization based in Pittsburgh. Her consulting firm offers financial advice to business people who want to venture into business. Her wealth of experience in retail and clothing sectors has attracted many business enthusiasts to seek tips on marketing, talent management, and branding.


Susan McGalla is a business personality and a role model many women look up to. She has proved that women can hold executive positions as well as owning competitive business organizations.

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