Cassio Audi – Drummer and Investment Banker

Cassio Audi, currently an investment banker in Sao Paulo, Brazil was a driving force behind the heavy metal boom in the early 1990’s in Brazil. Audi was the lead drummer for the Brazilian teen band, Viper, with hard rock influence from European bands such Iron Maiden and heavily influenced by the new age British heavy metal movement with a following throughout Latin America.

Audi was highly influential with teens reaching an international expansion where Audi was a primary motivator in shaping the heavy metal expansion and influence globally. Viper went on to produce several albums with various versions to include the Brazilian version, the most renowned “Soldiers of Sunrise.” Songs such as “A Cry from the Edge” and “Living for the Night” are featured via YouTube links below.

Viper’s A Cry from the Edge from the 1989 album Theatre of Fate

Viper’s Living for the Night from the album Theatre of Fate

The Theatre of Fate album released in 1989 featured both a heavy metal version as well as a classical version based on Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. This same year, Audi left the band to pursue his financial career where he has excelled as well. Audi specializes in helping the “average Joe” in Brazil with investment opportunities to maintain and build wealth. Audi presents new opportunities to Brazilian individuals that may typically only be available to the upper echelon of society. Audi obtained his MBA from Universidade de São Paulo where he has worked for the major investment firms in Brazil with a successful career in Investment Management.

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