Beautiful Western California And The Top Ski Resorts Welcome Tourist

Some of the most beautiful countries are located in the Western California mountains. These mountains overlook pristine lakes and valleys full of green. The woodlands feature beautiful and educational nature trails and woodlands tall as the sky. The redwood trees grow so tall that they look like they are touching the clouds. Each twist or turn taken on the mountain will give tourist a new perspective on the Sierra Mountain range.

During the winter, the mountains are covered in the most beautiful fresh white powder. This powder or snow is the lively hood of so many mountain resorts. The snow brings in so many people to ski the slopes of Lake Tahoe. In the midst of the beauty is the history of the mountain. Lake Tahoe was the setting of one of the winter Olympics. Lake Tahoe made a name for itself when it hosted the highly publicized Winter Olympics starring so many talented athletes. Today these athletes still come to practice and vacation on the beautiful slopes of Lake Tahoe Squaw Valley and the wonderful ranges of Alpine Meadows resorts.

Squaw Valley is one of the top resorts in the Lake Tahoe and Western California mountain area. Recently, a merger took place allowing Squaw to merge with Alpine Meadows for more ski areas and better lift tickets. The merger is one of the helpful things to happen to the area. Because of so many resorts offering skiing in the mountains, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows felt it a great idea to merge their interests in the slopes and swings to give tourist and skiers a better packaged deal. Source:

People often say that the mountains are scary and treacherous during the winter season. The snow covered mountains are home to so many people that travel these roads day and night without issue. The key to being able to travel these roads is the road crew. The Resorts make sure that the roads to the ski lifts are freshly plowed and clear daily. The crews are responsible for the safety of so many people so they also recommend the use of snow tires or chains when climbing the hills. Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley Resorts check the weather and the roads daily to make sure there is safety for anyone traveling.

People like Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley are constantly making sure the area is ready for the skiers and clear for travel.