Choosing WEN By Chaz, A Product Made By A Creative Personality

Good hair conditioners aren’t just any conditioners, they are conditioners you can make your own because of the feeling they give you and their personal touch. Maybe you’ve looked around stores like Bed Bath and Beyond but still haven’t found that shampoo or conditioner you like. WEN By Chaz may be your answer, a conditioner brand that’s become very popular with several celebrities and notable salons and it’s purchased primarily online on WEN by Chaz gives you something different, a shampoo and conditioner that cleans and soothes hair all the way down to the roots and makes it feel brand new and shiny.

One user who doesn’t work for or have any connections to WEN by Chaz gave the product a try and spoke about it at Her trial lasted 7 days and she certainly spoke glowingly of how the conditioner made her hair softer and smoother without losing strands. She did note that the cleanliness and orderliness of her hair did wear off if she skipped days conditioning or went to bed after using it. But overall it was a product she did recommend to those who have bad hair days and wanted something to change things up with.

WEN by Chaz took hold in a salon in Hollywood, CA thanks to the ingenuity of Chaz Dean, a former photographer and person with an artistic passion. Seeing people with beautiful hair in his YouTube videos and wanting to give everyone a chance to have that, Chaz Dean went to a prominent cosmetology school to put his creativity to work and soon he collaborated with a health product company to create an exquisite conditioner with all natural ingredients. The Wen product line was born and soon became an instant favorite. You can buy the product either in a basic or deluxe kit and it comes in pomegranate, sweet almond mint or lavender scent.

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Wen By Chaz Gets The Bustle.Com Seal of Approval has earned its reputation as a website that people go to for their information on many things. They are especially known for their beauty and fashion experts. These are people that actually use the products and they are not just looking to get a product for free or be an endorsement. They have high integrity, and they can’t be bought. That is why this review by Emily McClure of,, really carries some weight with it. The person reading it knows they are getting the truth and they are going to get a detailed review that is really going to be devoted to the subject matter at hand.

Emily McClure did not just try it out for one day and write up a quick review about the Sephora advertised product. That is not her style and that is not the way she works. When she is going to review something or have her name attached to the review, she is going to do it. She gave it seven full days and really gave tremendous insight on the product, WEN Hair. She is an incredibly honest and smart writer. Because of this, any and all questions about the all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment were answered in her review.

She took seven days and after each day, she added a photo to her Facebook to ensure that her readers could see first-hand what the product was doing for her hair and how it was really making some positive changes. Most of all, she talked about how people noticed not only a great change in her hair, but they noticed a change in how she carried herself. She was happy, full of life, excited, and it gave her confidence. Now, that is something that someone can’t put a price tag on, and it shows that Wen by Chaz earned its positive review.

More product information available on the Wen Wikipedia page.

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