Lime Crime Gets Playful And Creative

In today’s market, customers love something that really stands out. This is true of everything people buy. For many people, this applies to makeup as well. Those at Lime Crime know full well that their clients turn to them for items that are fun and look good. It’s no surprise that their latest line of products are about fun. It’s also no surprise to fans that their latest products are also all about the use of wild colors and clever designs that remind buyers of objects they loved as children. In an effort to help provide another generation of shoppers with clever makeup that looks great and uses highly innovative packaging, those at Lime Crime have introduced another line of new products.

The Pocket Candy Palettes

The new product from Lime Crime is called the Pocket Candy. These are charming small compacts that offer a wide range of eye shade. Buyers can have fun with the eye shadow offered. Each one is unique. There are three kinds of pocket candy palettes that buyers can tote with them wherever they go. Each one contains multiple shades of eyes shadow including the wild colors the company is known for and neutrals to help anyone balance out their overall look. You can get a single one for thirty-four dollars or opt for all three choices for ninety dollars.

Many Types of Shades

Clients will find many types of shades to pick from with this latest collection. Each one is designed to help the buyer show off her personal sense of style. Every woman who likes to experiment with new kinds of makeup will find something fun and amusing in this latest line of products. The founder of the company, Doe Deere, aims to help women everywhere express themselves through the us of makeup. She knows that her many fans love the idea of taping into fun items they played with as children. She also knows the love the idea of being able to stay in touch with ideals even as they grow up. Her new line does just that.