The Ongoing Expansion Of The OSI Group

The motto of the OSI Group is that the company provides a “world of food solutions.” OSI Group is considered to be a premier global food provider.

The OSI Group enters into partnerships with the world’s leading food service companies and retail food brand enterprises. The company provides concept-to-table solutions. The company states that these concept-to-table solutions are created with the idea to delight and impress consumers around the globe.

In its marketing materials, OSI Group maintains that it is driven by an entrepreneurial passion. According to OSI Group, the company strives to continually come up with a perfectly crafted solution for each of its partners. The ultimately objective is to ensure that a partner’s goals and needs fully are satisfied.


OSI Group is also wholly committed to marketing the best products available internationally today. This includes all products offered through any of the company’s subsidiaries and other partners. In addition, OSI Group is committed to making certain all of its products are available at reasonable price points that outpace the competition.

OSI Group announced the acquisition of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe was made from its former parent company, the Flagship Food Group.

Flagship Europe is a well-respected supplier of the United Kingdom foodservice market. Products marketed by Flagship Europe include pies, sour vide items, and frozen poultry. Flagship Europe also sells sauces, dressings, and mayonnaise.

Before the acquisition by OSI Group, Flagship Europe recently expanded into the food-to-go sector with its own acquisition of Calder Foods. Calder Foods is considered a highly respected provide of sandwich fillings, sauces, marinades, mayonnaise and dips.

In making the announcement, OSI Group noted that Flagship Europe significantly expands the company’s overall reach in Europe. One of the goals of OSI Group is to continue to expand its reach and involvement in the European marketplace.

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Fabletics Taking on Amazon

When people think of Amazon, they think of the many things they can buy and how they are always online. Fabletics is the same way. While they specialize in only a few different items, they are online and now taking on the store front world.

Fabletics Starting Online

The first place Fabletics started was online. They opened their website with a different type of model from other online stores. They used a subscription model in order to get customers and keep them while adding value to customer purchases. How it works is that the customer will sign up and then take a survey in order to see what styles they like so they can get them every month. The great thing about this model is that they can also set it and forget it. Customers don’t have to think about it once it’s started because it does everything on it’s own.

Another great thing about this kind of model is that customers can pause it if they need to for some reason. This works for a month or two before it becomes something that will need to be restarted later.

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Fabletics is Coming to Your City

Fabletics is doing something similar to Amazon by opening stores in cities across the country. The great thing about a store customers can go to is that they can try on the items they may have seen online and they can find out if they really like the items. Customers can see the items in person they have only seen online. Which is a wonderful thing when they are looking at the items they might want to buy.

Another great thing about Fabletics venture is that if a customer finds something that they like, they can simply purchase it in person and take it home without disrupting their online subscription. This means they can get more than one item in a month if they find they are loving what they are getting and want more. They only need to go to the store front and pick out what they want. They can also share with their friends the clothing they really like.

Fabletics is a great company that can help a lot of people to get the exercise clothing they want for one great price. This way they can still keep their online subscription and also purchase from the store. This means more business for them and also more great clothing for their customers. What are you waiting for? Get over to Fabletics and start your subscription today.

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