Dr. Mark Mckenna Changes Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Mark Mckenna is passionate about his patients and advocates for them every step of the way. This is made clear with his newest business venture OVME. OVME is a state of the art cosmetic medical procedure facility that specializes in non-invasive cosmetic procedures and weight loss. While their services are for both men and women, there are services offered by OVME that are designed specifically for men as well. These services include treatments for hair loss as well as testosterone replacement therapy that is individualized to meet the specific medical and aesthetic needs of each patient.

For repeat clients, Dr. Mark Mckenna’s OVME offers membership programs with different options. Some of the perks of membership include special offers and free shots of B-12 every week. At the moment, OVME has only one brick and mortar location located in Atlanta, Georgia but Dr. Mark Mckenna and his team at OVME have plans to expand to more locations in the very near future. With OVME already earning their place as one the premier facilities in the Atlanta area, it’s only time before they see more locations being opened across the United States in the upcoming years.

Not only does OVME offer their services at their location that opened in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, they also give their patients the opportunity to have one of their licensed physicians that work for OVME as freelancers go to the patient’s home in order to perform their non-invasive cosmetic procedure in the most comfortable environment that is possible. Dr. Mark Mckenna and his team at OVME work hard to ensure that their patients look at their experience with OVME as a luxury to be looked forward to. If a patient decides to visit their facility, they are treated to an experience that is relaxing and spa-like as opposed to feeling like a medical facility. Dr. Mark Mckenna’s expertise in the medical industry and the world of business have allowed him to create a unique experience that will change the way people think about cosmetic procedures.



CEO Sheldon Lavin Encourages Premium Food Production and Consumption Around the World

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the OSI Group, LLC. The company is privately held, and its headquarters are based in Aurora, Illinois. The OSI Group has an international entity, namely the OSI International Foods Ltd, of which Mr. Lavin serves as its President.

OSI Group is a food processing company that serves the food service companies, and many of the leading fast food companies. Mr. Lavin leads a worldwide staff of employees that exceeds 20,000. The company has 65 food processing facilities across North America and overseas, many of which have won awards for their safety and quality standards. The OSI group operates in 17 countries to date.

Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, the company has seen a tremendous spurt of growth internationally. Even more growth is to come as a result of the most recent acquisitions that were negotiated by the executive leadership of the OSI Group. The company acquired Baho Food and Flagship Europe. These are two food processing companies with facilities and a large presence in Europe. Additionally, both companies offer food items that compliment those produced and distributed by the OSI Group.

The acquisitions will add to the company’s magnitude as one of the largest premiere food provider in the world. Sheldon Lavin received a great deal of recognition for the scope of progress that the company is making on a global basis, including job growth. Both he and the company have achieved numerous awards since he has taken office . He was awarded the Global Visionary Award in 2016. The award is issued by the Vision World Academy of India. The OSI Group operates 8 facilities in India, providing many of their products including fruits, vegetables, and more. Additionally, the company was awarded the United Kingdom’s 2016 Globe of Honor, recognizing its facilities in Britain.

The company supplies many of the fast food chains including McDonald’s, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Burger King, and more. The product line is expansive, and includes chicken, chicken strips and patties, beef, beef patties, pork, bacon, hot dogs, dough, and more.

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Vijay Eswaran has One Constructive Philosophy that Will Help your Business

Vijay Eswaran is a revered global entrepreneur. He is the founder of one QI Group , a conglomerate of five business units that spread across Asia , the United Arab Emirates , Singapore and Malaysia. Alongisde the business are five departments that cut across lifestyle, luxuries, training, conference evaluattion and internal retail as well as retail business.

Background Data

For Eswaran, business is the hallmark of every healthy economy. But for there to be an healthy economy, the engine of the business must put his clients and employees first. The statement service to others before self grately resonates with Vijay Eswaran in this case. To him, the success of business and a good example is his business, highly relies on his ability to care for others before considering the need to maximize profits.

QI Group and its Services

QI was established in 1998. Eswaran uses direct sales to reach his clients through a distributing platform that ensures every client is catered to. Currently , the business works with its affiliates to distribute exclusive products that cover a broad spectrum including personal and home care needs, energy products and personal nutrition.


To achieve all that he has in a short span of being in business , Vijay Eswaran holds onto various business philosophies that have since then, guided him into achieving excellent business ratings coupled with high service delivery skills.

Additional Information

Vijay Eswaran believes that the philosophy of puttig others before himself was imparted to him by his father. This is because even as a child, he was a dedicated individual who applied the philosophy in his dealings with others especially classmates. Now a successful business proffessional, Eswaran applies the same philosophy to run business in various parts of the world. What is more, he applies his entrepreneurial wealth of knowledge to accumulate tons of business ideas from his networks.

The Overview on Business

Perhaps the most fundamental lesson entrepreneurs can derive from Eswaran is the fact that business and its success rely on the skill set of an individual. Moreover, it takes courage and community service to succeed in implementing a business idea.

How Tony Petrello Came To Lead Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries is a publicly traded company that was formed in 1968. It is incorporated in Hamilton, Bermuda, and has its operational headquarters located in Houston, Texas. It is a firm in the oil and gas industry and it maintains the largest land drilling operations in this industry in the world with personnel in 25 nations worked on about 500 rigs.

Tony Petrello is the head of Nabors Industries and is one of the best paid chief executive officers in America. He earned about $15.37 million in 2016, for example, thanks to his salary and stock options. He was brought in to establish this company as one of the biggest in the industry and he has achieved this goal admirably.

Tony Petrello was born in Newark, New Jersey in a family of limited means. He set a goal of getting a full scholarship and he achieved this when he was able to attend Yale University at no expense. After earning both bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics he decided to attend Harvard Law School and graduated from there with a law degree in 1979.

For several years Tony Petrello was an attorney in law for a very highly regarded New York City law firm called Baker & McKenzie, eventually earning the status of being a partner. In 1991 Nabors Industries was one of this law firms clients and they were so impressed by his work they offered him a top executive job. He accepted the job offer and moved to Houston along with his wife.

When he first joined Nabors Industries he was their COO and president. He was offered to be named the deputy chairman in 2003 which he accepted. It was in 2011 that he earned his role as the company’s CEO. In this role he led the company to earn $2.2 billion in annual revenues in 2016. This was a substantial sum in a year that saw declines in the value of the price of a barrel of oil.

Tony Petrello is a philanthropist as well as a business leader. When his daughter Carena was born very prematurely she developed cerebral palsy. The more he learned about childhood mental disorders the more he knew he needed to help children with them. He gave a $50 million gift to the Neurological Research Institute at the nearby Texas Children’s Hospital so that vital research could be conducted into these types of mental disorders.

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Lori Senecal Leads the Global Advertising Industry

Lori Senecal remains one of the most successful CEOs of her generation. Since joining CP+B in 2015, Senecal has transformed the organization into a reputable modern global agency. In her capacity as the agency’s Global Chief Executive Officer, Lori is tasked with overseeing growth and expansion of the company globally. She is also in charge of coordinating the operations of CP+B’s 10 international offices.

Due to her unique leadership abilities, Lori Senecal has not only fueled the agency’s growth and development but also created a positive culture within the company. CP+B’s great industry achievements haven’t gone unnoticed. The company was listed among the 2017 Creativity Innovators of the Year by Advertising Age, a reputable global media brand.

According to PR Newswire, apart from CP+B industry recognitions, Lori has received several awards at a personal level. Advertising Age’s magazine also listed Senecal among the four Agency Executives to Watch in 2016. Senecal’s enormous industry contributions have also been recognized by AdWeek Power. She was consecutively featured in Ad Week’s Power 100 List of top marketing, media, and tech leaders. The Global CEO was recently honored by Fast Company as a revolutionary business leader. The recognition has since put Lori on the list of 2017’s Most Creative People in Business.

Before taking over her role at CP+B, Lori worked with KBS, serving as the Global Chairman and CEO of the organization. KBS experienced significant growth during her time, including its expansion from domestic to a global agency. While at KBS, Lori received a number of awards both for herself and the company. The renowned innovator has also worked with McCann Erickson and McCann Worldgroup as president and Global Chief Innovation Officer respectively.

The youngest girl in a family of four girls, Lori grew up in Montreal. She received her degree from the McGill University. During an interview with inspirery.com, she confirmed to the readers that her inspiration into advertising career came during her days in coaching.

Since joining the business world, Lori Senecal has worked with several brands including Coca-Cola, American Express, HomeGoods, and BMW. She has not only grown into a global advertising queen but also a reputable business leader. You can follow her Twitter page and check out advertisingweek to see more.

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Reaching beyond the limits


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the most well-known entrepreneurs today. The gentlemen are taking technology and fashion to the next phase of life where people can get whatever design that they desire without having to struggle with them. Investing in fashion industry took a lot of meditation and thinking. Being that both Don and Adam did not have a clue on how the fashion industry works, starting off in the new field required a lot of input.

Investing in a strange field

Ressler and Goldenberg did not have any clues of what a fashion industry entails. The duo had never thought of investing in fashion because it required deeper market understanding and focus. Having had a good background in technology, they figured the direction in which their knowledge could take them. After studying the market demands, they noticed that there is a huge gap in the market for the development of quality fashion tastes. The discovery led to a new set of clothes and fashion developments that would take the industry to a new level.

Making use of the previous experiences

Being the owners of the Techstyle, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have different roles to perform. Having experiences in technology, the roles of Adam and Don are completely distinguished. Before being employed at the Intermix Company, Adam developed websites that would help different companies in raising money and in the process of growth. The experience and the knowledge of raising such kind of a website intrigued that company. His contribution to the growth of Intermix led to several successes. On the other hand, Adam Goldenberg is another technology wit who started investing in his interest when he was a teenager. At the age of 15, Adam was given a lucrative post at Intermix as the vice president of the strategic operations. Later, when he was 20, Adam became the CIO of the company, and this gave him the knowledge necessary for quality management.

Creating unique brands

Other than the currently sought fashion, Dressler and Adam used their knowledge of technology to personalize the products which people would want to use. The customers have found a new line of fashion where they can specify their requirements and establish a design that suits their requirements. Started as an online store, the tech style has taken over the fashion design. With its current plans for expansion, there is likely going to be a new force in the American market and the entire world.

Clay Siegall Works Hard

Clay Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics and he is someone who has worked hard to get to where he is today. When asked about how he got started working in the area in which he is working in, he shared that he has always been interested in the world of medicine. Clay Siegall is someone who saw people get treated for medical issues, and he found that the way that they were treated was not what it should be. He believed that there were better ways to help such people, and he got started working to help those who were in need of help.

When Clay Siegall was asked if he ever had a point in life where he wondered if his business was going to make it, he was honest with his answer. He admitted that there was a point where things were going bad and where he didn’t know if he would be able to continue toward his goal. When he was asked what it was about him that makes him successful, Clay Siegall shared that he is not afraid of hard work. He credits all of the work that he put in to the success that he has seen in his life. Without the hard work that he has done, he would not be where he is today.

Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics, and he currently serves as the CEO of that company. The company was created to help those who are in need of medical help and to make sure that they receive the best kind of treatment. Seattle Genetics creates technology that can be helpful in treating those with various health issues.

Before he got started with Seattle Genetics and the work that he did in creating that company, Clay Siegall lived a busy life. He worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for some years and also spent time working for the National Cancer Institute. Clay Siegall had many jobs, and he shared his knowledge with others in a variety of ways.

Sheldon Lavin’s; Leading OSI Group LLC to the Top

Sheldon Lavin enjoyed a successful career in banking after earning a degree in Finance and Accounting; later moving on to become owner of a consultant firm. In 1970 Lavin assisted a small company, Otto & Sons, with finances. Lavin become more involved through the years, and eventually worked his way up to becoming Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company that in now known as OSI Group LLC. Lavin has kept the company’s family like work environment as a top priority, and works diligently toward the expansion and betterment of OSI Group LLC.

On February 20, 2016, Sheldon Lavin was awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. This award is given to persistent visionaries who accomplished their goals through hard work and perseverance. Click here to know more.

Under the guidance and leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group LLC has received numerous awards. Many of the awards have been given to companies that OSI Group LLC has acquired throughout the years. One such company is Flagship Europe; acquired in December of 2016. Flagship Europe was awarded with the Top Food Supplier Award by Trade Monthly Magazine earlier this year. This award is given to those “whose devotion, innovative thinking, and tireless efforts have seen them achieve outstanding results.” Additional recent awards earned by OSI Group LLC include the Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council on May 5, 2017, and the California Green Business Award on July 22, 2016. Both of these awards focus on companies that strive to reduce pollution in all areas of their business; from fixtures and maintenance, to facilities and operations.

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USHEALTH Group Basks in Glory after Its CEO Wins Gold in the One-Planet Awards

2016 was a good year for USHEALTH Group, Inc. as its CEO, Mr. Troy McQuagge, was named as one of the winners of Professional Excellence Awards. The winners’ list that was released early January this year had Troy listed as the Gold Winner for being the best CEO in 2016. The award is the most prestigious award any CEO in the world could wish for as it involves a thorough and competitive selection process.

How the Awards Are Organized

One Planet Awards honors excellence in all aspects of business and professionalism where businesses and professionals with exemplary records are awarded. All industries are represented during the awards, which makes it even more competitive. All companies, as well as professionals from all corners of the world, are eligible to take part with no discrimination based on size, ownership, or any other irrelevant factor.

Why the Award was Worth for Troy

The One Planet Awards stamped the fact that Troy McQuagge is highly competent in all that he does. Since arriving at USHEALTH in 2010, his services have been nothing short of exceptional. He started by breathing life into USHEALTH Advisors, a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. It was due to his impressive record at Advisors that he was promoted to the helm of USHEALTH Group in 2014. Since then, Troy has helped the firm to take over the health insurance industry by storm. Under his leadership, USHEALTH Group has been registering high, and consistent profits and the client base has also significantly increased.

Award Dedicated to Everyone at USHEALTH

As a show of humility and team leadership, Mr. McQuagge gave credit to his team at USHEALTH for the One Planet Award. According to him, the award was a recognition of the commitment his team puts in every day to ensure that healthcare is affordable for all. He added that everyone at USHEALTH was working towards innovating new insurance covers for its clients, covers that will have the flexibility of changing with changing times. Troy McQuagge on Facebook.

Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge’s strength is in his unmatched leadership capabilities and moving communication skills. With those two traits, he manages to maintain the good working relationship between employees and him as well as employee-employee relationships.

Troy is an ex-student of the University of Central Florida. He worked at Healthmarket prior to joining USHEALTH Advisors in 2010.

Troy McQuagge Recognized By His Peers For Executive Excellence

Troy McQuagge is the proud recipient of the CEO of the Year Gold Award, as part of the One Planet Awards program. McQuagge, as CEO of USHealth Group Inc., was honored for professional excellence, which included his turnaround strategies for both USHEALTH and the company’s marketing arm, USHEALTH Advisors. After his win was announced, McQuagge said “It’s an honor to be named by One Planet Awards to receive this esteemed industry and peer recognition. In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow”.


While Troy McQuagge is correct, it is easy to sell affordable coverage when insurance costs are rising, companies don’t enjoy growth and profitably without an adept leader at the helm. Starting out as USHEALTH Advisors’s president and CEO in 2010, McQuagge’s skills led him to become a VP and chief marketing officer of USHEALTH Group in 2013. In 2014, McQuagge was promoted to CEO of USHEALTH Group. Since McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group, the company, which offers innovative and flexible health coverage, has enjoyed success in a highly competitive industry.


After graduating from the University of Central Florida, McQuagge’s entire professional career has been spent in the insurance industry. He’s worked for Allstate Insurance Company, the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. and then HealthMarkets’ Agency Marketing Group before joining USHEALTH Advisors.


With McQuagge as CEO, USHEALTH Group has been on an extraordinary growth trajectory for the last three years, winning a Gold Stevie Award for Insurance Company of the Year in 2016. In his free time, McQuagge enjoys supporting charitable causes, including HopeKids Dallas, HopeKids Phoenix and the Semper Fi Fund.