Malcom CasSelle, Gaming Commerce Savior

With the emergence of the online marketplace, crypto currency has really taken hold of the transactional market. Someday we will all look back, and see just how revolutionary crypto currency is. It’s obvious decentralized nature, is also an obvious evolution for the gaming industry. WAX(Worldwide Asset eXchange) is leading that charge with its game changing(pun intended) utilization of Delegated Proof Of Stake( DPOS), a purported upgrade from Proof Of Work. The two biggest challenges for the industry are fraud and fragmentation.

WAX tokens act as stored value, enabling commerce in a decentralized environment. Blockchain is here to stay and the gaming community will reap huge rewards from its secure nature.

No one is more confident in this assertion than WAX president, Malcom CasSelle. A Massachusetts Institute Of Technology graduate, CasSelle isn’t a stranger to taking on huge challenges. He’s been responsible for several different start ups, including MediaPass, Xfire, and Groupons joint venture with Chinese company Tencent. As co-founder Of PCCW, it now has a market cap of $35B all within an 18 month time span.

As an MIT graduate it may seem that would be enough for the average person, but Mr. Malcolm CasSelle is anything but. He also holds a graduate degree in Computer Science from Stanford. Fluent in Mandarin and Japanese, his unwavering drive is the impetus of his success in not only academia but also the business realm that has allowed him to make a mark on several different continents.

Given the credence of CasSelle’s qualifications, it’s hard to argue against WAXs bolstering about its new technology. To cut down on the fraud and fragmentation one would be hard pressed to find a more viable and secure method of digital asset commerce. It totally eliminates the need for intermediaries, the antithesis of a centralized authority.