MB2 Dental Adds Stellar Performer to its Financial Management Team

With the addition of Jackson Hildebrand as the new chief financial officer overseeing MB2 Dental’s financial management (as well as the 91 practices contained within its widespread dentist-owner network), the company finds itself in the enviable position of having its dentists able to invest in each others’ practices, both financially and professionally.

Dr. Chris Villanueva, CEO of MB2 Dental, enthusiastically welcomed Jackson Hildebrand to the company, stating MB2 Dental had been actively searching for a “special individual who’s an expert in finance but also understands the challenges private practioners face. We definitely found that in Jackson.”

Hildebrand explained that, while previously working for a private equity firm, he’d actually been looking to focus his attention on working directly for a portfolio company. As someone who enjoys getting involved in the day-to-day aspects of the company, he’s in a position to take advantage of the tremendous growth potential found within MB2 Dental.

Jackson Hildebrand’s stellar background includes having served as Finance Director at TPG Capital, where he supervised the financial and accounting operations of its legacy buyout funds. With a BBA and MS in Accounting from Texas A&M University, his career began at KPMG, working in the government audit practice (based out of Washington, DC). Currently, he resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with his wife and two children.

A Look at the Great Career of Dr. Mark McKenna

The medical world is not for the people who are faint-hearted. The profession has a lot of responsibilities. Only a few people have managed to become successful in this area. For people like Dr. Mark McKenna, the medical profession is a calling. Mark McKenna is an influential medical doctor who can conduct numerous medical services and surgeries. Currently, the businessman is allowed to perform his services in Georgia and Florida states. Apart from being extremely experienced, the businessman has a great educational background that has seen him get employment opportunities in some of the leading hospitals in the country.

Getting admission to law school is not an easy task. For Mark McKenna, things worked very fast. The businessman performed very well in his high school education, earning him a position in one of the leading medical schools, known as Tulane University. Mark graduated from this organization in the year 2000. After leaving the school, the businessman was fortunate to get employment opportunities in several hospitals where he acquired lots of expertise in the profession.

In the year 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna established an institution that is known as Shape Medical Wellness Center based in Atlanta, Georgia. The primary mission of this powerful organization is to help people in the society to achieve the right weight by living a healthy lifestyle.According to Dr. Mark McKenna, people can achieve the bodies they have been dreaming of if they remain active and eat the right foods. The people who have visited the doctor say that they were giving an exercise and weight loss plan that turned out to be very effective.

Apart from having a great career in the medical sector, Mark McKenna is a renowned real estate investor who has earned a lot of wealth in the department.His father is believed to have introduced Dr. Mark Mckenna into this department several years ago. The two doctors founded a real estate company together. Despite the challenges in the market, the company managed to perform well. Although most of their properties were destroyed by a hurricane, Mark McKenna did not give up, and this has made him an influential figure in the department.

USHEALTH Group: Towards A+ BBB Rating

One of the fundamental business strategy adopted by USHEALTH Group, Inc. is customization of their operations to meet the growing and emerging demands of their wide customer base, which has continued to grow over the years. This policy has been implemented in parallel to its customer care initiatives. These two policies have ensured that the customers have become the core of the business, shaping their everyday operations and long term decision making. It is also marks a full integration of the company’s mission of giving hope to their clients through affordable and accessible health and life insurance plans. This move towards customized service delivery has earned the company a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+ (plus) accreditation, which is reflective of the company’s excellent customer care services.

The company’s reputation is built on appreciating the uniqueness of each customer. This allows them to develop a broad range of health insurance plans. The only aspect that is not tailor-made in their strategy is prices, which the company has dedicatedly kept at an affordable level. USHEALTH Group has also improved its claim processing capabilities. These best practices have seen the company ranked amongst the elite companies in North America when it comes to customer service delivery. Its customer care practice has also been honored with awards including several Stevie Awards.

Towards Quality and Affordability

USHEALTH Group, Inc. has specialized in various niche markets with significant success. In addition to the mainstream health and life insurance market marked by individuals in structured employment, the company also offers plans for individuals who are self employed or own small businesses. These individuals are usually restricted by the high premium rates and restrictions that exclude them from enjoying the benefits of having an insurance plan. This niche market enjoys plans that even cover financial uncertainties and disabilities. The overriding denominator in the company’s service provision is establishing a reputation as a dependable health and life insurance provider. The company has also expanded its operations with the establishment of several subsidiaries and affiliates headed by experienced personnel. Combined, these subsidiaries give USHEALTH Group up to fifty years of industry experience. They bring services closer to their clients while attaining service diversification. Click here to know more.

Additionally, effective management has also steered USHEALTH Group, Inc. towards greater success. The company uses a multi-tiered leadership style where power and duties are distributed across various departments headed by different highly talented and experienced individuals. At the helm of the company’s leadership is Troy A. McQuagge, an award winning company executive who serves as the president and chief executive officer. The company also has three executive vice presidents in addition to a senior vice president. They are head distinct dockets at company including finance, administration and general counsel.


UsHealth: Their Commitment to Excellence

UsHealth group has gotten several popular awards through the years because of their superb business performance and dependability. Its head office is in Fort Worth, Texas. and is constantly helping many consumers in finding the appropriate healthcare to meet their needs and solidifies it through its outstanding customer service. It was placed on a short list in 2013 as part of the Top 50 North American Call Centers for its prompt customer service.

UsHealth group is one of the top providers of health insurance solutions in the United States and is widely known for its innovative health care services targeted to the community. It is committed to excellence in serving its clients.

The organization is made of two different insurance companies, Freedom Life Insurance Company along with the National Foundation Life Insurance Company. Unlike other health and life insurance providers, clients get to tailor their insurance packages according to their health needs with UsHealth. The company aims to provide its clients with not just flexible plans but make them affordable for them as well. UsHealth Group along with their family of companies offers some plans that their customers can customize depending on the coverage they need.

The company is based in Texas and has been providing health and life insurance for over 50 years collectively, having served over 15 million customers. UsHealth Group has received numerous coveted awards over the years for their excellent business performance and professionalism.

The group is also a PPO provider (preferred-provider organization) which means that you do not need a primary care physician, and have the freedom to visit any medical professional you want, PPO plans are simply more flexible. UsHealth group provides coverage despite the time of the year and makes it their goal to understand the diverse needs of their clients providing an extensive range of products so that they can pick those that they deem best for them.