Why You Should Get To Know ClassDojo If You’re A Teacher

Sometimes you can do more as a teacher if you can make your classroom a little more exciting and entertaining for your students without having to compromise on the learning fundamentals. If you’re looking to do that, then you should consider using ClassDojo, an app that was first started in 2011 but is now being used at thousands of schools across the nation. This app uses all kinds of features from giving points to students for positive behavior, having a Facebook and Instagram-like experience to share student activities, and also having videos the students can watch that help them understand what it takes to learn hard subjects.

What’s even better about this app is it lets you instantly share and communicate with parents how their child is doing, and more often than not it leads parents to discuss more about school activities with their children while their home. The app is free to download and doesn’t even require an administrator’s consent to do so, though administrators are welcome to be involved with it. Many teachers have been pleased to announce that they don’t have to worry about organizing parent-teacher meetings because this app gives them more flexibility to keep parents in the know all along. And for anyone concerned about privacy and their children, the app has been built with highly secure technology to prevent information from leaking.

ClassDojo is primarily the work of two British-American grad students Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, though they do now have other team members involved. They started the app as simply a small point system, but as they started getting venture capital investments into it, they began to explore how they could make it even better for teachers and students. They’ve relied heavily on the feedback of teachers and parents and plan to always keep the basic use of the app free, but they are starting to roll out optional premium material to add to the basic features.