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The Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein, authored a very insightful article, on, on the current issues that the Jewish community are facing with the alliance between the alt-right and the leftists in the State of Israel. The leftists are usually the defenders against any barbarous and unfair acts against a group within the country, but recently, it has appeared as though the group has took sides with the hate of the alt-right and has allowed a lot of the harsh actions to persist, such as those of stoning women, killing of the gays, violating minority rights and hateful acts on feminism. The article goes into details about: why radical leftists may have joined forces; how the alliance is recognized on college campuses, the radical leftist leader, Linda Sarsour and much more.

Radical leftists, looks at the conditions in the State of Israel and with all of the hate actions conducted by Islamic radicals, and they see that the Muslims are being targeted by the Jews. Actually claiming that most of the problems that are happening in the Middle East and the rest of the world are responsible to the Jewish community. To each his own on this matter, but is it really necessary to continue the hateful actions towards the Jewish without resisting it? No, but radical leftist shares the same hatred as alt-right when it comes to western world influential domination, such as related aspects of it: freedom of speech, the fighting against anti-semitism promotion and “pluralistic nationalism”. Maybe radical leftists do actually have a point, but isn’t it another way to fight the power of the Jewish community?

Leftists students at Tufts University took action against the anti-semitism acts on campus in a disorientation guide that was directed towards Hillel International [the largest Jewish Campus organization in the world]. It would expose the ant-semitism among the leftists on campus in an attempt to motivate leftists to take action as suppose. Jews claim that the many acts on campus that were claimed to be anti-semitism acts, indeed wasn’t, just a bunch of rhetoric to tick off a Jew.

Radical leftists leader and Muslim, Linda Sarsour, is one that many can say have it out for the Jews and who actually supports the way that Saudi Arabia treats their women, which is actually on record as horrible. She would also thank Sirah Wajjah in a speech she delivered, titled,” Jihad Against Trump”. Sirah Wajjah was said to have part in the World Trade Center Bombing in 1993.

For more information on this article from the perspective of Adam Milstein himself, visit the article titled, “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide”. A stupendous article. Also learn more about Adam Milstein by visiting the Adam Milstein LinkeIn page.

Dr. Mark Mckenna Changes Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Mark Mckenna is passionate about his patients and advocates for them every step of the way. This is made clear with his newest business venture OVME. OVME is a state of the art cosmetic medical procedure facility that specializes in non-invasive cosmetic procedures and weight loss. While their services are for both men and women, there are services offered by OVME that are designed specifically for men as well. These services include treatments for hair loss as well as testosterone replacement therapy that is individualized to meet the specific medical and aesthetic needs of each patient.

For repeat clients, Dr. Mark Mckenna’s OVME offers membership programs with different options. Some of the perks of membership include special offers and free shots of B-12 every week. At the moment, OVME has only one brick and mortar location located in Atlanta, Georgia but Dr. Mark Mckenna and his team at OVME have plans to expand to more locations in the very near future. With OVME already earning their place as one the premier facilities in the Atlanta area, it’s only time before they see more locations being opened across the United States in the upcoming years.

Not only does OVME offer their services at their location that opened in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, they also give their patients the opportunity to have one of their licensed physicians that work for OVME as freelancers go to the patient’s home in order to perform their non-invasive cosmetic procedure in the most comfortable environment that is possible. Dr. Mark Mckenna and his team at OVME work hard to ensure that their patients look at their experience with OVME as a luxury to be looked forward to. If a patient decides to visit their facility, they are treated to an experience that is relaxing and spa-like as opposed to feeling like a medical facility. Dr. Mark Mckenna’s expertise in the medical industry and the world of business have allowed him to create a unique experience that will change the way people think about cosmetic procedures.

Jason Hope Brings Hope to Research on Anti-Aging

Jason Hope, philanthropist and talented investor recently donated $500,000 to the Sens Foundation for their ground-breaking work on aging and age-related diseases. The Sens Foundation is a non-profit 501(3)(c) that researches the way age-related illnesses are treated. Some diseases show up in a human body only when the aging process begins. Organs, cells and blood vessels lose elasticity as well as functionality as we age, and this is when disease usually shows up. According to David Hogan, gerontologist and professor at Calgary University, some examples of age-related illnesses are: cardiovascular disease, strokes, high blood pressure, cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s Disease. Jason Hope believes there is “too little research being conducted to develop effective treatments,” for any age-related illnesses. That is why he has donated so generously to The Sens Foundation’s research. Their belief is that if the aging process can be halted before any major damage is done to the various systems of the human body, age-related disease could become non-existent.

With Jason Hope’s generous contribution, The Sens Foundation constructed the “Cambridge SENS Laboratory.” Here, the primary research into ageing is focused on glucosepane and its affect on the human body. In layman terms, glucosepane creates an irreversible spider-webbed protein and carbohydrate chain throughout a body’s collagen, and accumulates as a person ages. Glucosepane buildup in the body inevitably leads to a stiffening of joints, arthritis and arteriosclerosis. Now that this protein has been identified as a key signature to aging, the SENS Laboratory is focusing on substances that may bind with the glucosepane and extract it out of the body. Jason Hope is optimistic that the more people better understand the aging process in relation to glucosepane, the bigger the spotlight for the SENS Foundation and its research.

Jason Hope is an philanthropist that invests in innovative, futuristic technologies that challenge today’s entrenched views. He earned an MBM from W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and today is coveted for business expertise. He also offers grants to high school and college students to assist their ideas in the next possible technological discovery. If you would like more information on Jason Hope and what projects he is involved in, you can visit his website here. Or if you would like more information on the Cambridge SENS Laboratory and the latest development on glucosepane and aging, you can visit their website here.

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O2Pur, One of the E-cigs Stocks To Buy in 2018

With business amalgamation continuing in the tobacco sector and the close connections all the international cigarette trailblazers have with each other, investing in the stocks of one or two of them will give you the exposure you need to get a comprehensive portfolio of flammable cigarette options. British American Tobacco, for instance, is planning to buy Reynolds-American, a market-leading company in e-cigarette gadgets.

Tobacco stocks have mainly been enjoyed by many due to the generous dividends they offer, and while the majority of the payments are not at stake in 2018, some of them may not perform as favorably as others. The environment will continue skewing towards the most prominent companies as the smaller ones get moved further in the direction of the periphery. The following are some of the best e-cigar stocks to look out for in 2018.

Philip Morris

International tobacco industry giant Philip Morris International is a market-leader in e-cigarettes alongside its iQOS gadget, a rechargeable, pen-like gadget where a cigar-like product gets inserted. Just like Kent Neo-sticks from BAT, Philip Morris is promoting its consumable HeatSticks using the Marlboro brand. The device truly changed people’s perception about electronic cigarettes since it relies on real tobacco for flavor, not an e-liquid flavor.

British American Tobacco

Once the British American Tobacco finishes its procurement of Reynolds-American, it will jump ahead of Philip Morris International to become the leading tobacco corporation. It has numerous cigarette options in the market currently, and it is predicting that heat-not-burn technology (HNB) is going to be the next significant development in the industry.


O2Pur is another e-cigar company to look out for because they have a lot to offer. This company provides electronic cigarette devices and e-liquids as well. That means that individuals don’t have to look in multiple spots to get what they want. In reality, the e-juices they offer are of premium quality and include the best ingredients. Moreover, they have unmatched prices, and you can invest in this firm knowing that they take care of their customers with high-quality services and unbeatable prices.

OSI: A Tradition in the Food Service Industry

In 1909 a gentleman by the name of Otto Kolschowsky founded a family-ownedmeat market and butcher shop in the Chicago area of the USA; he namedthe business Otto & Sons. That business has become one of the leaders in the food production service. Today, the man behind the reins of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin, Chairman and CEO.

The headquarters is now located in Aurora, IL., and provides food products in 17 countries, while employing over 20,000 employees worldwide. It goes without saying that OSI is one of the largest privately held companies in the USA.

The focus point that this company strives to achieve is one of providing high quality food products to its clients so they will always be able to provide the same to the consumers they serve. The OSI Group produces just about every food product in every food group.

known to man. They provide: meat, produce, seafood, pizza, baked goods, beans, and the list goes on. While the selection of products is important, OSI strives constantly to maintain the quality of each and everything that comes from their effort to serve the food industry.

So far it is safe to say that the OSI Group has earned the right to be at the top of their field. This makes any company a reason to be proud. The OSI group takes it further, in that they take special care in the preservation of natural resources. They realize that this is necessary to ensure that food will always be available to feed the world’s population. While this is a worthy and necessary contribution to the world market, OSI Group also takes very seriously the need for environmental protection. This should be one of the major concerns of any corporation operating throughout the world. This protection of the environment is one that OSI will never stop working toward.

What more can be said about a company that employs thousands, a company that provides a standard of quality to our food industry and one that does all this while consistently working toward making the world a better place in which to live.

OSI should stand as a mentor for any company, in any industry, who should copy OSI’s acceptance of the responsibility placed on them to safeguard the world in which we live.

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Don Ressler Is The Mastermind Behind Active Wear Advancements At Fabletics

With regards to ladies’ athletic wear, most ladies are stuck between two decisions: pocket-friendly or in vogue. Additionally, the ladies’ sportswear market has had a remarkable gap between usefulness and fashion for quite a while. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler paid heed to the trends of activewear utilization at an unprecedentedly high rate in 2010. Understanding that ladies’ athletic wear would not have been backing off at any point soon, they helped to establish Fabletics with a mission to make extraordinary looking activewear that was elegant, utilitarian and also, pocket-friendly.

Together, they thought of a progressive vision for ladies’ activewear. Rather than concentrating on what the present market patterns were, they centered around what ladies needed. Also, through shopper tests and center groups, they could confirm that a portion of the best issues plaguing ladies in the sportswear world was steady no matter how you look at it. Nonetheless, it was tough to make an outfit that looked great and felt great without spending a fortune.

Don Ressler’s collaboration with Kate Hudson as the face of the brand changed the better part of that. One of the issues with the sportswear industry was that branding was moderately universal and few organizations could target particularly to ladies with their brands. Notwithstanding, the artist Kate Hudson would end up being a confident, friendly and alluring face. With her as the representative of the association, Kate would have the capacity to make a connection with purchasers, interfacing Fabletics to the majority. Right up ’til the present time, regardless she considers her work essential and concentrates on enhancing the brand’s quality on the web and face to face.

One thing that made Fabletics promptly not quite the same as its rivals was the way that it had a steady online presence and incredible grassroots interest. Utilizing Kate Hudson’s conversational abilities and charisma, they could adequately market it online, shunning the conventional retail systems. This model demonstrated an extraordinary approach to pick up wage in return for permanently branding down an item that they were continually going to offer.

Don Ressler couldn’t be more content with the achievements of his diligent work and push to make an organization that declined to be exploitative of ladies who were searching for right mold decisions. Not happy with merely keeping up business, Fabletics has reported that in this year, they will be extending their market, going for the plus size types.

OSI’s International Expansion and Why It Has been so successful

OSI Group has been a leader in the food processing industry since 1909 when it was established. Even though a lot has changed since then, one thing remains constant: the company’s commitment to providing its customers with nothing but the best. When the current CEO of the company, Sheldon Lavin, took over, he had one vision—to transform the company into a global enterprise—and he has been making small but steady steps towards that. OSI’s first operation outside the U.S. was the Beijing facility, which it opened in 1992. Since then, the company’s presence in China has grown vastly, and it now has several other operations in the country.

Over the years, OSI has been forming strategic partnerships with other companies in the food processing industry to expand its market reach. Over the past 12 months, it has opened 7 new facilities in various locations around the world. Its leaders put a lot of emphasis on growth and expansion, and are investing a lot in this. The company partners with clients to find out what they need so that they can provide them with exactly that.

Strategic Partnerships

OSI recently purchased a plant in Chicago that formerly belonged to Tyson Foods for $7.4 million. The plant makes various food items including bacon, meat balls, hotdogs, hamburgers, vegetable products and poultry products as well. The company also purchased Flagship Europe, which makes dips, sandwich fillings, dressings, sauce, pies and marinades. OSI formed a partnership with Daho Foods, a Dutch company that manufactures deli meats, snacks and convenience foods. Daho Foods has operations in Netherlands and Germany and serves 18 countries in Europe, so this new partnership will really increase OSI Industries’ market reach. Through all these new operations, OSI is able to meet the growing demand for its products in the U.S. and beyond.

OSI currently has 65 facilities in more than 15 countries including the U.K, Brazil, India, Poland, Canada, Spain and Germany among others. The headquarters of OSI are in Aurora, Illinois. However, it runs its operations as autonomous units with local managers and employees as they understand the locals better and are better placed to meet their unique needs.


The decentralized business structure that OSI uses has worked very well for it. That is one of the reasons why its international expansion has been so successful. There is no micromanaging by top executives who do not really understand the local markets. With the excellent leadership and winning business strategies used at the company, OSI is bound to grow tremendously in the coming years.

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Business accomplishments of Susan McGalla

The world has changed such that women, just like men, can hold top managerial positions and own companies. Some women have gone ahead to show the world that they are capable of leading a country. Other women, however, still shy away from leading roles since they are afraid of undertaking the typical challenges that come with leadership.


Susan McGalla is a passionate financial advisor who previously held top managerial positions in leading companies. Susan commenced her career in 1986 where she worked for eight years at Joseph Horne Company. She later moved to American Eagle Outfitters where she served as president and CMO of the company’s flagship American Eagle Brand.


Susan McGalla was then inspired to start her company that would provide consultancy services on financial investment. She was encouraged to offer advisory services to fellow women who wanted to step into the business world.


Based on Susan McGalla’s accomplishments, it has become evident that inequalities between men and females are non-existent. Besides, women who have succeeded in top managerial positions have shown that women have powers to deliver with excellence despite coping with bigger challenges.


Efforts to bridge the few gaps that discourage women from taking leadership roles in business enterprises and starting their businesses are essential. Governments, non-governmental organizations, and individuals have launched platforms for empowering and helping women. The empowering principles help women to fight for bigger roles in companies and manage their ventures as well.


Susan McGalla is among the philanthropist that has contributed hugely towards empowering women. She also uses her exposure and experience in the business industry to provide consultancy services that are essential for women to assume leadership roles in the industry. She affirms that hard work, passion, versatility, and confidence are the key attributes to success.


Susan McGalla recommends that women have to be actively involved in the struggle to get leadership roles in business and in society. They should identify and exhibit their prowess in leadership.


To fuel her philanthropic efforts, Susan McGalla started P3 Executive Consulting organization based in Pittsburgh. Her consulting firm offers financial advice to business people who want to venture into business. Her wealth of experience in retail and clothing sectors has attracted many business enthusiasts to seek tips on marketing, talent management, and branding.


Susan McGalla is a business personality and a role model many women look up to. She has proved that women can hold executive positions as well as owning competitive business organizations.

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How Technology and Fashion Industries Help Each Other Grow

Chris Burch is an experienced entrepreneur and investor in the fashion and technology industries. He has observed the two industries for quite some time, and he has noted that both sectors complement each other. The Ithaca College alumnus believes that technology can be fashionable and fashion can become technologically fashionable.


Current Trends


Currently, designers are using technology to develop fashions that are of high standards and functionality. Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, believes that marrying technology with fashion brings out endless possibilities. She believes that technology should be a playground for fashion designers to produce functional designers


The Two Industries Helping Each Other


Some notable examples can proof that the two industries complement each other. In the 1970s the boom box and the two deck cassette players were very familiar. However, in the 1980s, the cassette players became more popular after they were incorporated in movies storylines. Likewise, the Google glasses didn’t gain popularity after they were launched. There was a lot of stigma of wearing the glasses until recently when a fashion designer, Diane Furstenberg, decided to help out. She made her models wear the Google glasses while on the catwalk. This gave the glasses an immediate increase in demand. These two scenarios prove that the two industries have notable synergy and the future of them will be determined by how deep they help each other.


Trends for the Future


The future of the two industries will be trying to develop fashions and technologies that protect us and also provide energy. For instance, some designers are making technologically fashionable airbags to replace helmets for motorists. Others are designing gloves that can help firefighter communicate while in their work. Another school of designers is developing clothes and shoes that can produce kinetic energy to power mp3s, watches, and mobile phones.


About Chris Burch

Burch is a serial entrepreneur with investments in the real estate industry, technology, and fashion. He is also the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has been an active investor in various industries for over 40 years. Burch has been attributed to the growth of over 50 companies.


Chris Burch started his career when he was an undergraduate student at Ithaca College. He invested $2,000 to start Eagle’s Eye apparel, a business that grew to $165 million by the time he sold it. His successful career has been attributed to his unmatched ability to find the nexus between innovation and implementation. Burch has a remarkable investment portfolio including international and domestic real estate venture.



The Career of Financial Expert Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is the Founder of Austin, Texas-based Ascendant Capital, LLC. He operates the company as a branch office of Axiom Capital Management, Inc. and offers securities through them. Ascendant Capital specializes in alternative investing such as private equities, hedge funds, and real estate. He earned his university education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has worked as a financial advisor at such well-known companies as Smith Barney, Alex Brown, and Merrill Lynch.

Schneider is a serial entrepreneur and Ascendant Capital is the fourth company that he has been the founder of. The first company he founded and developed was Axiom Capital Management in March 2002. In May 2004 he founded another financial services company Equities First, Paradigm Global Advisors. He also founded another investment firm in 2006 that was called Alternative Investments. In operating these companies he has learned a great deal in developing and building a financial company as well as deep knowledge in financial products. He has used this experience and knowledge to advise his clients on ways to invest that fall outside of traditional investments such as stock and bonds and how to diversify their portfolios with alternative investing.

Since starting Ascendant Capital in 2012 he has built it into a company that employees over thirty people and that has raised almost one billion dollars. Schneider has built a network that includes more than 250 investment advisors and more than 50 brokers.

Outside of his work Jeffry Schneider has a number of interests including philanthropy. He has volunteered at Wonders and Worries, an Austin nonprofit that provides a network of support for children that have parents with serious illnesses, as well as volunteering for the Gazelle Foundation which works to build and fund clean water projects in Burundi, Africa. He has also supported other charities including Cherokee Home for Children and God Loves We Deliver. Schneider is also an athlete and has competed in various athletic competitions around the world. He has been a participant of marathons (including the New York Marathon), half ironman, and full ironman competitions which involve competing in swimming, running, and bicycling.