Eric Pulier: From English to Tech

Have you heard of this Eric Pulier guy? He is known as a brilliant entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a published author. I typically keep up with up-and coming business tycoons buy Eric has flown under my radar for some time now! Let’s dive into his background of graduating with a bachelor of arts in English to a well-known technology businessman.

Eric finished school at Teaneck High School in 1984. He must have made some good grades because he moves on to Harvard to obtain his Bachelor of Arts in English and American literature in 1988. He even showed off his academic prowess with the magna cum laude title. So far it doesn’t ring an entrepreneur background but take a look at what Eric has accomplished.

Eric Pulier has made an impact in the world of technology. He graduated from Harvard and chose to live it up in Los Angeles. HE started a company called People Doing Things in 1991 that focused on offering technological innovations to the healthcare and education sectors. The healthcare sector is still growing with innovations every year. Eric has founded, funded, or co-founded 15 different companies in his career of being an e-visionary according to VAR. He knows how to sell his visions a well with his record of collecting over $100 million of venture capital for businesses to date. Eric doesn’t just keep his money in a safe under his bed either.

Eric Pulier has donated time and money to multiple charities over the years. He got involved with the Multiple Sclerosis Society involved his creating a multi media education platform to educate people with multiple sclerosis about the condition. Eric also worked with Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., Stephen Spielberg, and Peter Samuelson on a private social media network called Starbright World. It gave children with chronic illnesses a platform to connect and share experiences with each other for more info about us: click here.

Eric still lives in Los Angeles, California and is currently raising four kids while still making an impact in society with his philanthropic efforts, entrepreneurial projects, and his career of showing what it looks like when people start doing things.