Your Future Depends on Southridge Capital

Being able to feel confident in your finances is not something that everyone can say. You might be living from one paycheck to the next without a true way out of your debt problems. If you’re experiencing a lot of debt issues, it’s time to get help from a financial solutions agency. One of the best in the industry is known as Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital has years of true experience behind them to help lots of different clients with their financial worries. They help with debt management and relief, credit score repair as well as wealth management. No matter what you need, chances are pretty good that Southridge Capital will be able to help you out.

The best thing about choosing Southridge is that they’re a solid choice for your needs. You are going to notice right away that Southridge Capital is different from so many of the other companies that happen to be out there. Before you make the choice to hire another company, it is time for you to give this agency a try for yourself and see if they can help out like they have for a lot of other people. There are a lot of reasons to consider the services of Southridge Capital, but the fact that they can rectify any number of financial issues is why a lot of people choose this agency. For more details visit citybizlist.

According to Newswire, there are so many problems that come with living in debt. You might be having issues with credit card problems or you might be dealing with a bad credit score that is becoming an issue in your life. Now is the time to give this amazing company a try for yourself. You will love what Southridge Capital is able to do for you and all that they have done for so many of the other clients they have worked with before. You will love the fact that Southridge Capital is there to bridge the gap that you have right now when it comes to living in debt while also getting over these problems and knowing you’re doing something positive for yourself.

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Vincent Parascandola: A Preeminent Financial Advisor

Vincent ‘Vinny’Parascandola has a unique set of skills and experience that set him apart from the rest of the crowded and highly competitive field of competitors. His close to three decades of experience working at some of the biggest companies in the financial services industry has equipped him excellent estate planning and asset management skills. This has enabled him take on high profile and high-income earning clients. His reputation as a financial advisor of choice for many high profile investors has also been cemented by his outstanding skills in financial services and retirement planning. However, his long stay in the industry was first founded during the four years he spent studying at Pace University.Vinny graduated at the university’s Lubin School of Business with a degree in computer science with specialization in computer analytics.

Towards AXA Group’s Leadership Helm

Over the last twelve years, Vincent Parascandola‘s name has become synonymous with the operational and financial success at AXA Group. This is because during this period he has held several senior executive positions at the financial services provider, its affiliates or subsidiaries. He first joined the Group in 2005 as a senior vice president at AXA Equitable. He worked at the AXA Group’s affiliate for close to three years before serving as president for another year at AXA Advantage. He left the AXA Equitable’s subsidiary to join serve as the president of AXA Equitable’s Northern Division. After a year, he moved to its Continental Division as president. He oversaw operations in various offices across the region while managing the resources effectively. His three year presidency was also marked by additional duties as the chief sales officer. Following his excellent leadership, which was marked by an increase in the profitability of the 46 branches under his division, Vincent Parascandola was appointed to his current position as the senior executive vice president of AXA US.

Other Career Profiles

Vincent Parascandola first joined the financial services industry in 1986 at Irving Trust Company as a systems analyst. He served as an insurance agent at Prudential Insurance for two years before taking up a financial professional position at The MONY Group. By the time he left the company in 2005 to join AXA Equitable, he had served in various positions at the company including field vice president.