Wes Edens: Chairperson and co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens: Chairperson and co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wesley Robert Edens is a renowned entrepreneur and a businessperson in America. Additionally, he is also an investor in the privately owned entities and an owner of a sporting team. Importantly, Mr. Wesley Robert Edens is the co-founder of the fortress investment venture, a firm, which deals with alternative asset management primarily in the privately owned equities. This firm is located in New York, in the United States of America but its operations are diversified to reach a wide range of clients all over the world.

Wes Edens Takes Home Pay of $54M

For the second time in a period of approximately five months, Mr. Wes Edens has hinted the headlines in the New York Times articles yet again. According to the times, he is expected to earn a home take away worth $54.4 million annually. This figure covers for the $ 13.4 million, which is an annual compensation from the fortress group and dividends worth $41 million as a shareholder in the same firm. However, the inclusion of his dividends his lump sum home take got people talking. Following a proxy statement, which was filed in April it, was revealed that Edens possessed 63.3 million shares in the fortress venture. He established this firm in 1998, and he is the chair of the seven-member board that operates this company.

Involvements and sports

Wes Edens is in the course of procuring the renowned cloud nine championship series. This deal is estimated at the cost of $2.5 million. This purchase will see Mr. Wes Edens and his affiliates acquire the rights contract to the former clubs players. Initially, this sale was to be accomplished by one of the renowned investors from the United Arabs, but this never happened. Should this deal be successful, Edens will be ranked as the fourth NBA owner in the league’s championship series, which take place in northern America. Besides being a noble businessperson, he is also a devoted philanthropist. He primarily directs his contributions to health, art, and educational causes. His lifetime donations exceed $3 million. Some of his greatest giving has entailed the $1 million gifts to the Macalester College in 2011 and 2016.

End Citizens United Targets Scott in Push for Election Reform

End Citizens United has been pushing election reform since 2015, supporting candidates who advocate to remove Big Money out of politics. In the calm before the mid-election storm the PAC is quietly advocating for candidates that sympathize with their election reform, candidates who could use some of the opening seats to the ECU’s advantage. End Citizens United has been grassroot funding such legislators since their creation, continuing their complicated quest is to revert the Citizens United decision many still advocate as harmful. For many the decision in the Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission case invited a stronger presence from Big Money in the election party.

By extending the freedom of speech to corporations, the decision allows such corporations unfettered campaign support. This is bad in the eyes of the opposition because it allows the election process to be bought. It also gives Republicans a leg up, according to Democrats. To repeal it all End Citizens United has to do is amend the First Amendment back to the individual. No big deal, just an expansive piece of legislation that needs majority support. This is why End Citizens United seeks to form their own majority. Not an easy task at all, but one they have never given up on.

Their support of like-minded candidates is only one part of their mission, they also rally against candidates who accept corporation PAC money, are guilty of illegal actions, or simply do not advocate for election reform. Such legislators make it hard to have a majority. One such candidate recently under fire form the ECU is Rick Scott. They even have proof enough of his indiscretions to file a formal complaint with the FEC. Scott has denied the allegations although ECU keeps advocating that they have proof. Although the FEC has yet to make their own comments, it is unknown what impact this will have on his campaign if any. But the ECU has not lost its stride, and keeps pushing its agenda. Scott is just one more pawn in a huge chess game, and the ECU has many more pieces in play.

Fortress Investment Group acquisition By SoftBank group

Fortress Investment Company is a management firm that is responsible for managing all alternative assets in liquid hedge funds, private equity and credit funds. The organization was established in the year 1998 January, 1. The firm is located in New York, the United States of America. Currently, Fortress investment group is the leading and most diversified global investment management organization. Fortress investment group is deeply experienced and highly specialized expertise in all range of investment strategies. The company has about 11-50 employees working under its management.Earlier last month, the company had set to prepare a significant push into corporate lending that was meant to raise funds under the ownership of Softbank group. Fortress Company was dedicated to seeing a total amount of over $ 2 billion raised as the first fund that would be devoted directly to lending.

However, this matter was not yet made public. Additionally, the organization was targeting to raise about $ 5 billion for its fifth flagship loans opportunities fund. Last year, Fortress managed to make sales that amounted to $3.3 billion. Since it became private equity, the firm has made major progress.Softbank group is a global technology player that is owned by a Japanese billionaire. The company is aspiring to drive forward information revolution. Recently, Fortress investment group brought new faces to the board. It gave promotion to Josh Pack and his colleague Dew McKnight to be managing partners in the firm’s credit group. They were placed to work closely with Peter Briger. Briger is the organizations’ credit head and also the co-chief executive officer.When the company made a sale to the Softbank group, Joel Holsinger became the first senior executive employee to resign from the firm.

According to reports, Joel was a progressive employee. He was listed among the rising leaders along with McKnight and Pack. Additionally, Joel was a board member of the Fortress committee and also the credit group’s investment board committee. According to his LinkedIn profile, Joel is now on Sabbatical. At fortress investment group, employees are happy with the way programs are run. They enjoy serving clients and are determined to see that the company can achieve their tax liabilities. Also, the firm has the best learning atmosphere for all interns.Most of the interns who come visiting straight from college prefer to work at the organization. The Rest of the employees show great hospitality as they show the new employees how things are done at the firm. It takes less than three days for a new intern or employee to catch up with the rest.

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Vincent Parascandola: A Preeminent Financial Advisor

Vincent ‘Vinny’Parascandola has a unique set of skills and experience that set him apart from the rest of the crowded and highly competitive field of competitors. His close to three decades of experience working at some of the biggest companies in the financial services industry has equipped him excellent estate planning and asset management skills. This has enabled him take on high profile and high-income earning clients. His reputation as a financial advisor of choice for many high profile investors has also been cemented by his outstanding skills in financial services and retirement planning. However, his long stay in the industry was first founded during the four years he spent studying at Pace University.Vinny graduated at the university’s Lubin School of Business with a degree in computer science with specialization in computer analytics.

Towards AXA Group’s Leadership Helm

Over the last twelve years, Vincent Parascandola‘s name has become synonymous with the operational and financial success at AXA Group. This is because during this period he has held several senior executive positions at the financial services provider, its affiliates or subsidiaries. He first joined the Group in 2005 as a senior vice president at AXA Equitable. He worked at the AXA Group’s affiliate for close to three years before serving as president for another year at AXA Advantage. He left the AXA Equitable’s subsidiary to join serve as the president of AXA Equitable’s Northern Division. After a year, he moved to its Continental Division as president. He oversaw operations in various offices across the region while managing the resources effectively. His three year presidency was also marked by additional duties as the chief sales officer. Following his excellent leadership, which was marked by an increase in the profitability of the 46 branches under his division, Vincent Parascandola was appointed to his current position as the senior executive vice president of AXA US.

Other Career Profiles

Vincent Parascandola first joined the financial services industry in 1986 at Irving Trust Company as a systems analyst. He served as an insurance agent at Prudential Insurance for two years before taking up a financial professional position at The MONY Group. By the time he left the company in 2005 to join AXA Equitable, he had served in various positions at the company including field vice president.