“Gregory Aziz: An Innovative Established Leader In The Freight Production Industry!”

With Gregory James Aziz’s business acumen and performance history he has become a dynamo in the capital investment and entrepreneurial industry and is widely recognized among his constituents as a leader. Aziz is the acting Chief Executive Officer and President of National Steel Car, whom is the biggest and third ranked producer of freight car production parts and cars in the country of Canada. National Steel Car located in Hamilton, Ontario is distinguished by its constituents in the railroad car industry for being the only company to have their ISO 9001:2008 certification in North America.

Established in 1912 by several capital investors, the company from the start was a lucrative success. In fact, just one year, National Steel Car had far surpassed their trajectory growth sales just as Canadian locomotives, carriages, wagons and other vehicle orders reached an all-time high. Even during the Great Depression Era, the company did not go bankrupt like the majority of businesses did although it did suffer some losses. With all of the building going on in World War 2, National Steel Car’s production and revenue surged through the roof and they’ve been thriving ever since. They are so successful and prevalent in the freight operations market that for over ten years straight they have eared the notable TTX SECO award. The following is a list of some of the currently manufactured freight car products they offer.

  • Boxcar – super duty and jumbo choices
  • Coil car –both the longitudinal and transverse coil cars
  • Flat car – also offering Centre beam car options
  • Gondola car – including coal car carriages
  • Hopper car – covered and open roof
  • Intermodal car – well and spine distinctions

Gregory J Aziz has had a great deal of work experience among the banking markets and has had many prosperous investment endeavors in N.Y that saw profitable capital return. It is through the profit of these acquisitions, James Aziz was able to purchase National Steer Car from Dofasco, the company that bought it in 1962. He had the foresight to transform the company into an exclusive railroad freight car manufacturer as opposed to other interests the previous owner made such as trucks, snowplows and aviation equipment. Gregory Aziz remarkably catapulted the manufacturing volume from 3,500 to 12,000 vehicles in just five years from its purchase in 1995. Employment rose from approximately 600 people to 3,000 due to this great expansion.