Goettl Does More Than Business For Veteran

Goettl is run with a vision when it comes to bringing air conditioning to the customers. For one thing, they are able to enjoy some of the best comfort from the units while they are able to save money. However, Goettl has gone beyond the regular services of providing units for a price. They have reached out to people who have been in less than favorable circumstances and unable to afford any new units. Among the people they have helped out in the hot days of summer is a veteran on independence day. They have taken the time to bring comfort to the person who has served the country.

Ben Ousley has been faced with a major issue when it came to air conditioning. For one thing, his old air conditioner has finally died out. Therefore, he was left with no choice but to make a call to Goettl Air Conditioning. It was a good thing that he did because the temperature has reached to a scorching 100 degrees inside his home. As a result, his home has become very uncomfortable to live in. To make things worse, he was on a limited income that did not allow him $7,000 to spare on his home.

Fortunately, Dan Burke has heard his case, and being a Navy Veteran, he himself was compelled to come to this guys help. As a result, the veteran was given a new working air conditioner so that he can continue to live comfortably in his home. On this day, Goettl was booked with 100 calls. However, this circumstance was considered an emergency. Therefore, the veteran was able to get the help that he needed. He was set up with a newer and a much better air conditioning unit that has brought him even better comfort than the last one did.

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