Technological Leader: Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a privately held company that supplies critical technology solutions to public and law enforcement organizations throughout the states. They are headquartered in Dallas, TX and are currently working with over 3,400 public and criminal justice agencies, as well as more than 1.2 million detainees all over North America. With around 1000-5000 dedicated employees, Securus is equipped with specialties that are key to staying connected in this digital age.


Securus Technologies provides services that span from Call Management Systems, Data Analytics, Telecommunications and Information Technology. The service that is provided from Securus heavily impacts the way these agencies operate and brings them to another level in terms of staying connected. Clients have so much good to say about Securus because they truly bring proper technological assistance.


One specific aspect that Securus focuses on is keeping the jail and prison system safer. Securus helps with investigations that happen within the jail walls and ones outside of jail as well. Customers across the many facilities being serviced have reached out with positive feedback on the effectiveness of Securus. One customer wrote a letter and spoke about how a staff member who was bringing in contraband was arrested, using valuable information from phone systems.


Another customer mentioned how using the LBS software, which helps with information from phone systems, was a vital component in seizing millions of dollars’ worth of illegal belongings. They stressed how it would be near impossible without the software and that they intend to continue taking advantage of it.


Securus Technologies and JPay Enhance Inmate Familial Connections

Research on criminal offender recidivism consistently reveals that incarcerated individuals that are able to maintain close connection with healthy family members while imprisoned are precisely the same cohort with the lowest recidivism rate. Securus Technologies, via its JPay unit, is the industry leader when it comes to inmate communication services at this juncture of the 21st century.

One way in which Securus Technologies and JPay keep inmates in touch with family members is via its email system. Many departments of correction on the state and local level across the United States utilize JPay when it comes to email communication for inmates.

In some instances, the system is structured to permit family members to send an email to an inmate loved one. The inmate must use U.S. Mail to respond. In other jurisdictions, the system is set up within the department of corrections and an institution to permit email correspondent back and forth.

The email system associated with Securus Technologies and JPay is relatively affordable, considering other inmate communication options, including some inmate phone systems in place across the United States. Generally, a person writing an email to an inmate pays the equivalent of a postage stamp for each page of an email. The pages are akin to standard sheet of paper.

The JPay email system also permits the sending of photographs as well. The rate for sending images is the same as that associated with written text.

The Securus Technologies and JPay email system not only enhances familial relationships while a person is incarcerated, it also allows institutions a more efficient system of monitoring communication between inmates and the outside world. Inappropriate communications, including those discussing potential or prior criminal activity, can more readily be identified and isolated than is the case with traditional “snail mail” communications. This improves overall community safety.