Factors That Contribute To US Health’s Growth, And Excellent Performance In Serving Customers For More Than Half A Century

US Health Group is an insurance providing firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. Their products cover costs in innovative living, sicknesses, accidents and other sudden disabilities. US Health’s strategy accommodates customers earning middle-level incomes across the United States. Since its establishment in 1967, it has served more than 1 million Americans with customized products and services that provide reliability and flexibility throughout the contractual period. Customers seeking less pricey packages can choose from the plenty innovative products that have a first dollar protection plan. US health allows candidates to cost share through tailor making coverage. They value close relationships with their customers and aim to maintain dependability through the subsidiaries, National Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance.


US Health has won more than ten awards since its launch, such as the recent One Planet Awards. The administrative staff of the company ensures that it always recruits highly qualified individuals whose input adds value to the enterprise and helps in achieving goals. In March of 2006, Patrick H. O’Neill and J. Grover Thomas Junior joined the firm’s board of members after selection by principal shareholders. Grover has more than 50 years of experience in the financial market, whereas O’Neill has 30 years of practicing execution of legal measures in insurance companies. The then chief executive officer, Ben Cutler, stated that the appointment of the two professionals would prove worthwhile to the firm and board of directors.


In 2016, US Health Group took home the prestigious CEO of the year award from One Planet Awards after winning against nominees from private and public sectors. Troy McQuage, the CEO, stated that the honor was a representation of the collective effort of the US Health staff. He explained that the Group has a focused dedication to innovating better solutions to all citizens of the United States. Troy began working for US Health in 2010 as a vice president and has turned around the failing business operations by reconstructing the distribution strategies. In 2014, Troy became the firm’s president and CEO and has achieved growth, success and the highest profit margins of the company in this decade.