Capitol Anesthesiology Association- Eliminating the Fear in Medical Procedures

What is one of the most horrific fears that people have? The answer is that people are tremendously afraid of going to the doctor! They fear that they will die in their sleep during the medical procedure. While there is always a small chance of complications; Capitol Anesthesiology Association, CAA, physicians and nurses are full of trained professionals who specialize in successful anesthesia.

Taking Care of Patients, the Right Way

Located in Austin, TX, Capitol Anesthesiology Association focuses on taking great care of patients; while safely performing anesthesia. They offer anesthesiology service in the following areas:

  • General – Used for severe surgery and dosed according to bill of health
  • Regional – Used for monitoring pain after a procedure in certain regions of the body such as: legs, arms, and abdomen
  • Local – Used through an IV under the skin to cause light sleep for small area
  • Pediatric – Used for children
  • Obstetric – Used for child birth deliveries
  • Cardiovascular and Thoracic – Used for functions of the heart and the lungs

Providing Ease Through Credentials

If going to the doctor still scares you, then rest assured you’re in great hands. Capitol Anesthesiology Association have physicians and nurses that are board certified or actively pursuing certification. As a result of their knowledge and exemplary service. the CAA works with Dell Medical School to help educate nurse anesthetists, paramedics, medical students, and medical residents. In addition, the CAA works with seven organizations locally and nationally that promote wellness in people of all ages.

There is no doubt that going to the doctor can cause any sane person jitters. However, Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s reputation is built on ensuring safety to their patients.