Clay Hutson Progresses to the Next Level

Daily Horarium?

Mostly everything Clay Hutson does these days focuses on his being a stage manager. For example, when he’s working with Kid Rock he wants to be the first one there, so he’s up at 6:30 am. Once he arrives at the venue, he goes thru the schedule of the events planned. He likes to make a walk thru the venue early and execute a storage plan for the day.


Being Productive

For Clay Hutson, his productivity also reflects in the planning and care of his crew’s productivity. Preparation before the show and follow thru after the show are intrinsically related to one another. While the show is going on begins a detailed plan to execute after the show to let his crew know what they need to do to wrap up.



The Original Idea for your Company?

Several threads of experience and accumulation of knowledge came together at the proper time. Clay Hutson gives credit to the idea of launching out on his own to four major factors. First, he says he had a vast amount of live entertainment as well as working in tour productions. In the beginning, he worked with the Billy Graham International Tours, for example. He learned his way around the industry by jumping in and becoming familiar with how things are done.


Accumulation of Experience and Networking

Clay Hutson says he feels fortunate to have been able to learn from all his experiences form the right people and gained the right knowledge about what this industry expects. At one point, Clay Hutson was able to put all the dots for his variety of experiences together, which formed the background from which he felt he could launch out in any direction and he would still be safe. Besides the accumulative effect of experience, there were also some experiences which he had no control over that nudged him to move out on his own and that was the recession caused one of the companies he was working on to go thru some irrevocable problems, so that gave him the opportunity to launch out on his own. It all came together at the right time.


Clay Hutson Productions

Clay Hutson is a native of Nashville, Tn. Clay Hutson takes an aesthetic approach to his work. He puts in plenty of hours of work, but in the end, he is considering the artists and the fans. He always strives to make sure the artist gets what they expect; secondly, he wants the fans to have a memorable and beautiful experience. Learn more:


An Influencer And A Magnate

The Great Desiree Perez has made it clear she is there to help other women get into the business that ROC Nation is most known for, which is launching hip hop careers. There is something perfectly comforting, for women coming into the business, to know that they have another woman to talk to and to guide them as they travel down this road.

She has been working alongside Jay Z for many years, and it would be hard to speak of one, without thoughts of the other coming up. Des Perez has had a huge impact on the already terribly successfully Jay Z brainchild, Roc Nation, and she has been instrumental in additional successes they have had in recent years. Although directly connected with the organization for nearly a decade, many suggest she has been instrumental in helping Jay Z grow his brand for over 2 decades. They are somewhat inseparable professionally.

When speaking of her impact, it is simply put: she maximizes profits while managing talent. She makes the bottom lines expand, bringing in additional funds for investors and making the brand stronger. Rihanna, one of Roc’s headliners, is on a tour that is largely sponsored by Samsung, a sponsorship near wholly the work of Ms. Perez.

She does not deal with just Roc talent, but rather she is seen as somewhat of a talent incubator, sponsoring the progression of several careers in the music industry. Squarely a backbone in the “Hova Circle of Influence,” she is side-by-side with her husband, Juan, and many others completely focused on success of the enterprise and artists.

Sean Carter, AKA Jay Z, has been a human-based paradigm of advancement and support for millions of artists. He might easily be the hardest working individual in entertainment and his reputation is spotless. With the help of Ms. Perez, and as combined with his hard work, he has seen his empire rise to lofty levels in the past decade. He is a class act and this particular fact is undoubtedly a big part of the reason he has been so successful. Class begets class.

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The Chainsmokers and their Rise in the Music Industry

The Chainsmokers became hugely popular in the United States of America and the United Kingdom some years ago. The band has been together since the start of their career as DJs and the rise of electronic music, and they have developed together and becoming a family.

In 2012, electronic music was starting to rise and amass a following. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart had already begun following the progression of the music style and were already experienced with the DJ console. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart met in New York City. Both had dropped out of school to chase a dream in the music industry. They were matched together by their current manager who thought they would click well together.

Alex Pall is from Westchester County, New York. He moved to the city of New York in order to chaise his realization as a DJ. Andrew Taggart is from Freeport, Maine.He was introduced to the music when he was 15 in Argentina and has been passionate about electronic music ever since hearing David Guetta for the first time.

Even though The Chainsmokers was formed in 2012, the EDM-pop duo had their breakthrough a couple of years later in 2012 when their song #Selfie came out.

The song was in the Top 20 charts of several countries for weeks after that. When their EP Bouquet came out in October 2015, the single Roses which was included in it, was among the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. Then they had the single called Don’t Let Me Down among the top five. The same song won the award Best Dance Recording of the Grammy. After that, their single Closer took a number one spot on that chart.

Their career reached its next stage when the duo started being recognized more. The Chainsmokers achieved two awards from the American Music Awards as well as five recognitions from the iHeartRadio Music Awards. The second album called College came out in November 2016 and then the year after in April they released Memories..Do Not Open. The Chainsmokers is now one of the most popular electronic music bands in the United Kingdom.

Success of Clayton Hutson

Success is defined as the accomplishments of one’s goals, and for Clayton Hutson, that couldn’t be more true. For one of his most recent tours, Hutson read about the company’s SD11 rack-mountable system, which is a digital mixing system, and thought of nothing else except getting his hands on one for a 2017 tour. Hutson has been a long-time user of DiGiCo products, and held multiple titles for the tour, including FOH/Monitor engineer and day-to-day/Production/Tour Manager.


“I’ve had a long history with DiGiCo and when I saw the SD11 on the website, I made a plea to the audio-powers-that-be to make it happen. We were in the middle of the tour and the console appeared a few days later on a show day.” Hutson said.


The OneRepublic 2017 Honda Civic tour included a mandate for clean design and it drove all production decisions for the tour. VER, the go-to company for production equipment and solutions, came up with a solution by providing audio, video and lighting, and tied it together with automated rigging for the 2017 North American that was held over the summer. The OneRepublic 2017 Honda Civic Tour ran from July 7-September 12 throughout North America, and followed with a tour in Asia from September 17-25.


The show designer, Raj Kapoor, along with the co-production designer and lighting designer, Mark Butts, had a long conversation about their design dilemma with David Martin and Richard Cano, project managers at VER. Together, they worked to come up with an automated rigging system to safely and accurately move trusses that carried 70,000 pounds of lighting, audio and LED video panels.


“The Kinesys system is brilliant,” Hutson says. “The movements are repeatable and precise, it allows us to ‘thread the needle’ so to speak, as many our cues are timed now. The system executes perfectly.”


Hutson has also used VER products working with Grammy-awarded NeoSoul stylist Maxwell, who made a return to stage on a co-bill tour with singer-songwriter Jill Scott. The monitors were controlled by using an SD7.


“The SD7 was literally the only console that could come close to doing what we needed it to do,” said Hutson, “One of the beauties of the console is that anything you want it to do, it will do, and it’s a very stable platform.” Learn more: