Fear Should Motivate You, Not Hold You Back

Vijay Eswaran is known for his methods that help people improve their lives and change for the better. He says that you should not let fear hold you back. There are some things that you need to realize about fear.

First of all, realize that fear is just excitement in disguise. If you are afraid of doing something big, you are really excited about doing it. In order to convert your fear into excitement, what you need to do is change your outlook on life. Say you are ready to parachute out of an airplane. You can let your fear paralyze you, or you can let yourself feel a rush of excitement about doing something that very few people ever do. It is all about how you look at things. If you are willing to change and move forward, then you will be excited about things, rather than fearful. The truth is that the older you are, the more likely you are to be afraid rather than excited. The younger you are, the more energy and excitement you have about doing new things. Older people tend to like to stick to their comfort zone.

Vijay Eswaran has a known saying: What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. In a similar vein, what doesn’t paralyze you, energizes you. If you let your fear paralyze you, then you are on the wrong track. If you do not have fear at all, perhaps you should also realize that fear is normal. The truth is that if you want to embark on a new journey in life, you will have fear but you will not be paralyzed by it. On the contrary, you will feel energetic about your decision to do something new. If you are afraid of doing something, go ahead and do it! It is a great way to overcome your fear and become a stronger person.

Fear was important in early times so that people stayed away from danger. Now, however, people are afraid of things they should not be afraid of. Use your fear to motivate you.

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Adam Milstein: How Business Owners Can Grow their Ventures by Monitoring Trends in the Market

Adam Milstein is a Jewish real estate developer and philanthropist. He spent most of his childhood life in Israel. After completing his tertiary education, he participated in the Yom Kippur War as a soldier of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Milstein migrated to the U.S. in 1981 and attended the University of Southern California to pursue an MBA course.


Professional Background


Milstein ventured in the commercial real estate industry after finishing his studies at USC. He first worked as a broker before founding Hager Pacific Properties. Milstein was always passionate about creating a company that would address the complex needs of clients in the real estate sector. He came up with Hager Pacific Properties after working for some time as a broker. Milstein is currently in charge of the firm’s operations as the managing partner.


Charity Work and Pro-Israel Activism


Adam Milstein believes that one should not rely on the opinions of others people when trying to understand challenges affecting the society. He also believes that these problems can only be solved when the solver becomes a part of the solution and contemplates the issue. Milstein is one of the creators of the Israeli-American Council. He also oversees the organization’s national expansion matters as the chairperson.


Milstein is a board member of numerous non-profit and pro-Israel activist organizations. These include the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, Campus Coalition, and Hasbara Fellowships. His wife, Gila Milstein, is also actively involved in pro-Israel activism. The couple joined forces in the formation of Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The institution focuses on spreading awareness on ancient Jewish values and distributing free books written in Hebrew.


According to Adam Milstein, participating in philanthropy regularly make daily business operations pleasant and enjoyable. He also believes in the art of persistence when conceptualizing ideas. He is certain that follow-ups and consistency can bring ideas to reality. Milstein is always excited about the new trends in the real estate sector. These trends help him in structuring business strategies for Hager Pacific Properties. He advises entrepreneurs to be patient when pursuing businesses because success in these ventures is long-term.