Clay Siegall Walks Seattle Genetics to Greatness through Excellent Leadership

Clay Siegall is a prominent research scientist that co-founded Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm specializing in the generation of drugs that are targeted for specific diseases. Usually, such diseases have no substantial mortality improvement hence the pursuit for therapy and treatment. Perhaps Dr. Siegall is good at what he does because of his strong academic credentials. The alumnus of Maryland University and George Washington University majored in zoology and genetics respectively. After school, he delved into the world of career seeking by founding Seattle Genetics. That was in 1998.

Seattle Genetics

In 1998, Seattle started operating with Clay taking the lead position. Until now, he is known for leading the firm into a high ranking position that produces drugs for targeted therapy industry. Seattle Genetics has developed the first and leading FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate. This drug has earned multiple approved indications in pharmaceutical industry. Seattle has also generated a huge pipeline of drugs that carries over 20 strings. This pipeline has earned the company strategic partnerships with prominent drug manufacturers like Pfizer, Bayer in addition to Genentech.


Under the guidance of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics graduated from a boutique startup that had a small crew of researchers to one of the leading, veritable, powerful participants in cancer research. The road to finding treatment does not stop there. Clay has more expansion plans set to grow the company in multiple ways. With the ability to expand the pipeline of drugs, the company is set to expand its portfolio of services. Seattle Genetics is on the verge of expanding further in the 21st century.


Clay’s values reflect his visions for Seattle Genetics. He holds to the belief that the conventional treatment methods for cancer will soon be irrelevant in the pursuit for cancer treatment and therapy. Because the value of the conventional treatment methods will be historic, Clay is in investing in the generation of new modern based therapies. These treatment methods are not only effective but also more tolerable. Clay Siegall is a true leader. His persistence and resilience define him as a dedicated project manager and team player. He has walked Seattle Genetics to greatness. Because of the values he greatly upholds, he is admired for his input.