Unchallengeable Securus Technologies

We are living at times where criminal and terror attacks have risen to an alarming rate. Criminal’s masterminds have changed the way of operations and turn our technology to a bizarre. Securus Technologies have come with the new technology of identifying criminals by voice through calls made. The company provides service that includes public safety, criminal investigations, and monitoring. The company developed a software device that enables an investigator to quickly identify the voice of an inmate or any other party outside the bars and relate the same to where that voice comes from. PRO 4.0 aid the investigator uncover related criminal attacks planned via phone calls. A good number of offenders are easily arrested by just making a follow up on the calls made by just getting a sample of the calls made. This searchable voice enabled the device to make it easy for investigation done without necessarily going through the biometric information of the criminal under investigation. Released inmates might collude with those still in custody carry out criminals activities through phone calls but the PRO 4.0 voice search device has made it convenient to track the involved and arresting thus creating a criminal free environment. Different security authorities have been put in a proper position to deal with criminals activities before they happen. Lives and property have been rescued through this technology. General public have been put on alert to enable them to be secured in case of an attack. Securus Technology keeps on improving to allow it gun down any suspicious criminal plans by inmates and their counterparts who might have been released before or even other criminals who have not set their eyes on police cells. Services of security should be treated with the care and high level of vigilance it deserves.


How Securus Technologies Continues to Redefine the Prison Visitation Experience

Prison gets lonely. Dads miss out on a chance to witness and be a part of the special moments of their families. Moms will never see their daughter’s first day of school. This leaves many prisoners feeling broken-down, shattered and demoralized. Stress and depression may even set in, over time. That, in turn, interferes with their rehabilitation and reform process in the prisons. That is where entities like Securus Technologies comes in and saves the day.

Securus has carved a solid name for itself in the prison phone industry. There is a video shared on Vimeo.com. It is titled, ‘Securus Video Visitation Concert’. The video features a locked up dad and his son’s performing band.

The man is seen to be at the point of breaking down even before the concert begins. The show has been specially made for him. He is euphoric and elated to see his son. That is just but one illustration of the everyday practicality of the technological innovations of Securus in the lives of many ordinary Americans.

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No wonder some people have been gladly paying up to $250 per month to talk with their loved ones behind bars. The firm uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance the communication experience. It gives them something worth remembering. Something to cherish and always look forward to. Pay a visit to their official website and learn all about their deals and offers. Enroll and get started using their latest features, for instance, the AutoPay and TextPay services. Or, begin scheduling a video conference with someone special in an out-of-state prison.

About Securus Technologies

The American Company was founded in 1986. Its headquarters are based in the state of Texas. It has branch offices spread out all across the nation. It has over a thousand employees serving more than 2,600 penitentiaries in the country. The company’s profit margins have continued to swell and surge over the years.

Their success story has, however, not come easy. The biggest challenge this industry now faces is from the FCC. The FCC insists on introducing new stringent regulations to reign in on the prison phone industry. The Obama administration has been adamant in their stance to bring down the processing rates charged for the calls made to prisoners by companies like Securus.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.