A Glance At Drew Madden’s Career

Drew Madden is an accomplished personality in the field of medical services in the United States. Drew Madden is revered in the pharmaceutical industry because of the feats he has accrued as a healthcare entrepreneur. At the moment, Drew Madden serves at the helm of a company he helped establish called Evergreen Healthcare. Using his powers as the leader of Evergreen, Drew Madden has introduced various management strategies that keep driving the growth of the firm. The business leader is committed to ensuring that Evergreen is served by a competent workforce that is growth oriented. Madden finds his work fascinating, and that is why he wants to become a leader in this sector.

Before Drew Madden joined hands with other partners to create Evergreen, he worked with a leading service provider in the healthcare industry. The businessman worked with Nordic Consulting Partners as the company’s president. According to individuals who got a chance to work closely with Drew Madden when he headed Nordic, the entrepreneur was all about leaving a legacy at the firm. Madden played a significant role in increasing the workforce and revenues of Nordic Consulting Partners. After five year tenure at Nordic, Madden decided to hang his boots and venture into entrepreneurship.

When Drew Madden took control of Nordic Consulting Partners, he was surprised to discover that the company only had three client partners. Within a period of a few years, Madden was able to raise the number to one hundred and fifty client partners. This effort resulted in an increase in revenue and profits for the company. In the history of Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew Madden’s period is touted as the period of exponential growth at the firm.

One reason that makes Drew madden effective in leadership positions is his educational background. The entrepreneur is an engineer by profession having acquired an industrial engineering from the University of Iowa. The prestigious college is well known for churning skilled individuals into the job market. As the managing partner of Evergreen, Drew Madden is committed to bringing real change to the medical industry through innovation of efficient medical systems.