Why Agora Financial Stays Ahead of the Pack

The unprecedented ability to make accurate economic forecasts has made Agora Financial, a subsidiary of Agora Inc., almost a legend among financial institutions and investors. Before it became an independent LLC in 2004, the beginning of Agora Financial started with three amazing financial publications and a string of economic forecasts that helped many of their readers prosper financially during such crisis as the tech bubble, housing bubble, the panic of 2008, and the collapse of Lehman Bros.

The Agora, Agora Financial’s parent company, makes its home in historic Mount Vernon, Baltimore, Maryland. The company has well over one dozen buildings in the area. Some of the buildings were once mansions but were later converted to office space. 808 St. Paul ST. is Agora Financial’s main headquarters address. This location has a lot of history dating back to the 1850’s where the location was originally two separate homes. Years later the buildings were merged and the building served many different functions over the years. Agora Financial took over the building in 2001 and made several renovations and improvements such as a recording studio and library.

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Bruce Bent II – Chief Executive Officer of Double Rock Corporation

Bruce Bent II works for a leading financial services and technology company called Double Rock Corporation as the President and Vice Chairman. Mr. Bent provides Double Rock Corporation with most innovative solutions related to management of cash to the bank, broker-dealer, retail markets, and qualified plan. Moreover, Mr. Bent also works as a senior executive to each affiliate and subordinate companies of Double Rock Corporation which include Island Intellectual Property LLC, Access Control Advantage LLC, Landing Rock Group LLC, LIDs Capital LLC, and Intrasweep LLC. Island Intellectual Property LLC involves itself in the service industry dealing with finance in patent licensing, while Access Control Advantage LLC acts in the retirement market as an inventor. Both Access Control Advantage LLC and Island Intellectual Property LLC are widely acknowledged as innovators in their respective markets.

Mr. Bent’s work in the growth of expanded FDIC-insured cash sweep programs in Double Rock Corporation has aided the firm in transforming its cash management landscape into a multi-trillion-dollar company currently. Additionally, his service in the Access Control Advantage company has led to the availability of a defined contribution loan plan solution that is automated. This loan plan solution lessens borrowing which is made by plan participants by an average of twenty-five percent. Presently, Bruce Bent II is responsible for establishing the strategic direction for each of the affiliate and subordinate companies of Double Rock Corporation.

Mr. Bent is an active participant the Young Presidents’ Organization. This organization is a peer network that connects globally about ten thousand young global business leaders. Additionally, Bruce Bent II was also a former finance president of the Young Presidents’ Organization’s Gotham Chapter that is based in Manhattan. Moreover, Bruce Bent II was also an associate of Entrepreneur’s Organization based in New York. Mr. Bent has also worked on the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson. The President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson is a land trust and an environmental organization that, preserves, protects, and restores the Hudson River and the land located along it as a natural and communal resource. Additionally, Bruce Bent II was featured among the World’s Most Successful Chief Executive Officers in the Book Leadership Secrets.
Bruce Bent II earned his degree in Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from Northeastern University.

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How Avaaz is Transforming the Society

Avaaz is considered to be one of the most popular civic organizations in the world. The institution was founded over ten years ago, and it has been focusing on changing the society. The founders of the organization wanted to bridge the wide gap between the wealthy individuals and those who are poor.

Although the company has only been around for ten years, it has accomplished a lot. Most of the institutions in the same industry have not been able to match the standards set by Avaaz. Under the leadership of intelligent individuals who want a peaceful society, the firm has worked hard so that it can empower the less fortunate people in the community so that they can live better lives.

Avaaz has witnessed some of the challenges facing many communities in the world, and that is why it is currently focusing on bringing an end to international, regional and national problems. Most of the issues the firm is dealing with include corruption, climate change and crime. Some of the influential individuals in the world have been intimidating the middle-class citizens. Avaaz has brought justice to most of these people.

Avaaz has accomplished so much in a short duration because of several reasons. The organization deals with international issues, and it understands the importance of unity in every activity they undertake. The institution has volunteers who are united and committed to making the world a better place. The organization values education too. Without education, it is impossible for the individuals in third world countries to become empowered.

Empowering the international community is not an easy task. However, Avaaz has embraced the use of the modern technology to conquer the world. With the use of the internet, the institution has organized powerful campaigns that have reached many people. The internet is easy and cheap for everyone.

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Talos Energy Takes on Drilling in Mexico via Expanded Private Venture

An historic energy partnership has broken ground in Mexico in an effort to push global competitors into the energy market. For the first time in 80 years, three premiere energy companies have partnered to open a new oil well offshore in Mexico. The partnership has news outlets buzzing about the potential for private partnership oil drilling in Mexican states.

The partnership comes from three energy companies: Talos Energy, based in Houston; Premier Oil, based in London; and Sierra Oil & Gas in Mexico. In late May, the partnered companies began drilling on the site—the first private venture to drill in since Mexico nationalized the oil and energy industry in the 1930s.

The offshore well, known as the Zama-1, is located in the Sureste Basin near the Mexican state of Tabasco. It holds up to an estimated 500 million barrels of crude oil. Drilling will take about three months, at a cost of about $16 million. Experts are saying that geological surveys point to a high rate of potential success in extracting the oil–and the companies will work together to help ensure as much of the oil supply in the drilling area can be extracted safely and securely.

The joint venture among Talos Energy, Premier Oil and Sierra Oil & Gas also points to interesting dynamics and what the three companies have at stake. Talos, for example, is the operator of the offshore well and owns 35 percent of the venture. Premiere owns 25 percent and Sierra owns 40 percent.
Talos Energy was begun by investor Tim Duncan in 2012 after building and selling two oil and gas companies with drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Today the company produces more than 16,000 barrels of oil every day and has a company that has expanded to more than 60 employees who are based in Houston, Texas. Add that to the more than 120 employees based in the Gulf of Mexico, and the company is a sign of new growth and an expanded demand for energy resources across the world.

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Mexico Revives the Oil & Gas Industry with Talos Energy Leading in New Explorations

Mexico had for a long time kept its oil and gas explorations at bay to the extent that international private oil exploration companies did not venture into their markets, which were deemed non-competitive. The latest development of allowing private firms to sink an oil well in their shores is a good sign in the energy sector of the country, a move which comes after 80 years of unsettled dormancy.

Three internationally reckoned oil drillers entered into partnership to set the pace and grow the market in the country. They were the London Premier Oil Plc, Talos Energy LLC and Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas. Oil had been at the monopoly of the Petroleos Mexicanoes from the year 1938, a consequence of the state nationalizing the oil industry, thus killing international competition.

The Offshore Energy Capacity

The Zama-1 well in the Sureste belt has been approximated to hold more than 500 million barrels of pure crude oil and gas deposits, according to the prospecting reports of Premier Oil, LLC. The deposits and reserves will take up to 3 months to fully exploit, at a total cost of $16 million. The three companies were given the green light to continue prospection in 2015, thus bringing full-circle the country’s energy aspirations.

Talos Energy Share

The three companies will not share the exploits in equal proportions, owing to the fact that Talos Energy has been given the rights to be the lead driller, and has in the agreement been apportioned 35 %. The others will share the remaining with Sierra taking 40 % whereas Premier Oil takes 25 % of the total shares.

Talos Energy is a privately owned profit-making, upstream oil and gas company with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Its interests in the energy sector range from prospection in new lands, explorations and acquisitions of oil fields as well as exportation from refinement. It mainly operates in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. Its affiliates are the Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings, LLC.

Talos contracted and took possession of the gas producing subsidiary: Helix Energy Solutions with a total cost of $620 million, considering the projections that it has the potential to produce and raise a total of $470 million in profits, annually.

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Talos Energy and its two partners drilling for oil in Mexican waters

In the last 80 years, not one single non-Mexican oil company has been allowed to sink an offshore well in Mexican waters. Not since Mexico’s oil industry was nationalized in 1938.

That changed last month, however, after a joint venture between two non-Mexican companies and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas was allowed to start drilling. The three bid on the rights to do so and were the first consortium to have their bid accepted.

The other two companies — the United Kingdom’s Premier Oil Plc, and American company Talos Energy LLC — and Sierra Oil & Gas began their exploration for oil with new drilling beginning on May 21st.

The trio are drilling in the Sureste Basin, an area close to the Mexican state of Tabasco, and one that is estimated to hold up to 500 million barrels of crude oil.

The drilling is expected to last up to three months, with analysts believing the way the Sureste Basin is structured means their is a very high chance of success.

Houston-based Talos Energy owns 35 percent of the project, with Premier Oil owning 25 percent and Mexico’s Sierra owning the other 40 percent.

Talos Energy is still a small company and has only been in existence for a few years. In that time, however, the company has managed to raise $600 million in equity, has a team of 60 professionals on the payroll in its home state of Texas, and another 60 employees working on the Gulf Coast.

Talos Energy is also making a name for itself, not only as it is growing fast, but also because it believes in treating its employees well.

On-site daycare is already offered, Friday happy hour is something employees quickly learned to enjoy and every member of the company’s staff, right down to the receptionists, are able to share in the profits.

The company is also projected to grow even faster after buying oil and gas subsidiary Helix Energy Solutions earlier this year, and is now looking at other companies it can possibly add to its stable.

No wonder Talos was successful in its bid to persuade the Mexican government to allow it and its two partners to drill for oil in Mexican waters. It seems to succeed in everything it does.

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Bruce Bent II: The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Bruce Bent II is no stranger to the financial world, and he has personally created many vehicles for non-institutional investors to reap some of the rewards that were once available only to banks and other financial institutions. Bent attended Northeastern University and earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Philosophy. He has been a part of the financial world for decades and his success continues to grow. His development of short-term and cash classes has changed the landscape of cash sweep and FDIC-insured transactions. Bent himself holds over 60 private patents and even with all of these accolades he continues his entrepreneurial quest to innovate.

Bruce Bent II has made contributions to the financial markets in ways that are perhaps immeasurable. In fact, the arena in which he has worked extensively, FDIC-insured cash management has grown to become a greater than $1 trillion industry. He also led The Reserve to a high level of success when he was CEO for a period that lasted longer than 17 years. The Reserve is a money market mutual fund and FDIC cash management fund that has helped its investors realize gains over the decade-plus period that he was leading the company. He was also directly responsible for unwinding and liquidation of the firm’s holdings following the 2008 financial crisis.

Double Rock has six wholly owned subsidiaries of the Double Rock Corporation and Bent serves as a senior executive in all of them. Two of their companies are Access Control Advantage LLC and Island Intellectual Property LLC both of which are recognized as leaders in their respective industries. Access Control Advantage which works to continuously innovate the retirement sector is another success story. Island Intellectual Property works to license patents that serve the financial services industry.

Bruce Bent II has accomplished a lot in the short-term asset class, especially in the FDIC-insured submarket. His entrepreneurial passion is evident is all of his projects and in the way that approaches his work as a leader of several financial services firms. Bent shows no signs of slowing down in his work in the financial services field.

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Improving Lives with Internal Medicine; Dr. Imran Haque

Dr. Imran P. Haque is a medical doctor with offices in both Ramseur and Asheboro. The clinics provide care to the inhabitants of the two locations and the surrounding regions. He is an extremely established doctor of Internal Medicine, also referred to as an Internist. Dr. Imran Haque has been catering to patients for the past 15 years, if not more, and he is known to provide many medical options such as Venus Body Contouring, 360 resurfacing, weight management, Botox, dermal fillers, physical exams, and management of diabetes.



His deep knowledge as a seasoned internist allows for him to offer many such medical options to his patients. Patients go for appointments to Dr. Imran for specific help and also so he can be their preferred doctor and this is attributed to the various medical services he has. He is capable of treating his patients directly from his office which boasts of the capability of in-office ultrasound and laboratory services. Looking at some services provided at his facilities would give us a better understanding of these internal medicine procedures. 360 Resurfacing incorporates the use of lasers to revitalize the patient’s skin. It promotes the enhancement of skin texture, tone, color, and also tightens skin. It is carried out over a few weeks to allow the skin to heal.



They also offer Venus Body Contouring which has really helped the North Carolina residents of Ramseur and Asheboro, and Dr. Imran Haque is the leading specialist in this field. This procedure helps to enhance the shape of the body, and it is not an invasive treatment. It minimizes wrinkles, reduces cellulite, and also tightens the skin. The treatment entails the use of heat to awaken the body’s naturally occurring processes that are involved in fat removal. The use of pulsed electromagnetic fields along with multipolar radio frequencies warm the skin which in turn the body is made to release stress hormones found in fat cells in the hypodermis. It takes part of a day to complete this treatment and the healing period is also short.


Dr. Imran Haque studied Internal Medicine, Roanoke-Salem Program, at the University of Virginia Internal. He is a licensed medical practitioner in North Carolina and is also part of the of Accreditation Course for Internal Medicine.



Solving A Problem With Cancer Center Treatments of America

There are a few things that bring a lot of inspiration for great businesses and facilities. Among the inspirations for good facilities is an issue that has an urgent need for a solutions. One example of an issue that needed a good solution is cancer. There are tons of types of cancer that have different requirements for treatment. However, healthcare facilities could not provide adequate information on the treatment for this epidemic. One thing that they have found is that their treatments have a wide range of side effects that would require some extra treatments to take care of for the patient. Fortunately, dedicated cancer experts have decided to open up a facility that is going to help with the treatment. Thus, Cancer Treatment Centers of America was born.

One of the most important aspects of Cancer Treatment Centers of America is that it is strictly made for cancer. Therefore, people who want information and treatments on this condition will find everything they need on this disease when they check out Cancer Treatment Centers of America. For one thing, the experts are always working on finding more effective treatments for cancer so that people will be able to recover better from the disease.

The inspiration behind Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the death of Robert J. Stephenson’s mother. Her mother had cancer and she has lost the battle. Therefore, while this has turned out to be devastating and tragic for Robert, it has also turned out to be an inspiration for more work to be done so that cancer patients can get better treatment for their specific cancer. One thing about cancer treatments is that the battle is never done for the experts. They are always going to be at work finding some kind of treatment for this condition so that people can recover.

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Cassio Audi – Drummer and Investment Banker

Cassio Audi, currently an investment banker in Sao Paulo, Brazil was a driving force behind the heavy metal boom in the early 1990’s in Brazil. Audi was the lead drummer for the Brazilian teen band, Viper, with hard rock influence from European bands such Iron Maiden and heavily influenced by the new age British heavy metal movement with a following throughout Latin America.

Audi was highly influential with teens reaching an international expansion where Audi was a primary motivator in shaping the heavy metal expansion and influence globally. Viper went on to produce several albums with various versions to include the Brazilian version, the most renowned “Soldiers of Sunrise.” Songs such as “A Cry from the Edge” and “Living for the Night” are featured via YouTube links below.

Viper’s A Cry from the Edge from the 1989 album Theatre of Fate

Viper’s Living for the Night from the album Theatre of Fate

The Theatre of Fate album released in 1989 featured both a heavy metal version as well as a classical version based on Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. This same year, Audi left the band to pursue his financial career where he has excelled as well. Audi specializes in helping the “average Joe” in Brazil with investment opportunities to maintain and build wealth. Audi presents new opportunities to Brazilian individuals that may typically only be available to the upper echelon of society. Audi obtained his MBA from Universidade de São Paulo where he has worked for the major investment firms in Brazil with a successful career in Investment Management.

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