Highland Capital Provides Reliable Investment Advisory

Are planning to begin investing in profitable opportunities? Do you want to expand and grow your existing portfolio and need an expert to guide youe? Maybe you are aware that Highland Capital Management comes highly recommended in the industry.

Every day many people go online researching investment opportunities and investment advisors. They look for a reliable firm to advise or guide them properly on money management, wealth building and financial planning.

If you are planning to start investing, or if you want to grow your investment portfolio, it is imperative to enlist the services of a reliable investment advisory firm. When it comes to choosing a great advisory firm or team of professionals, look no further than Highland Capital Management.

Investing is an area that requires thorough knowledge along with a capability to make smart decisions. Investors who succeed in this industry take the time to learn what works and what to avoid, before they get started. Although, you can do it on your own, an investment advisory firm or professional can save you a great deal of hassles and time.

Professionals have the resources and expertise to handle budget, allocate your funds in a professional way and to ensure a significant return on investment. Investment advisory services also provide many other benefits that can help you speed up the process of attaining financial success.

If your goal is wealth creation, these experts know how to approach the process and where to put your investment funds for great returns.

Highland’s investment team includes researchers, analysts, portfolio managers and associate members. These professionals, along with other supporting staff members, are dedicated to ensuring the complete satisfaction of their client. They have many years of training, education, training and industry experience. They have the resources to advise and guide you properly on financial and investment matters.

Before you start your investing endeavor, it is crucial to contact Highland Capital for consultation. As a reputable and reliable investment advisory firm, Highland Capital will take the time to evaluate your situation and design the right investment plan for you.

Highland Capital Management James Dondero

There are many people who need financial advice for their personal lives. Some people struggle to save money for the future or pay back money they have borrowed.

Highland Capital Management is a company based out of Dallas. This company has a track record of success in helping clients with their finances. Over time, the company has demonstrated an ability to plan for the future with clients in various ways.

Anyone who lives in the Dallas area should consider working with Highland Capital Management. Not only will you receive investing advice, but the staff is fun to work with as well.

James Dondero

From the time he started in the industry, James Dondero has wanted to make a positive impact on others. He is passionate about teaching others the subject of personal finance. With so many different financial strategies available, many people get confused on how to achieve success in their finances.

James Dondero believes in making things as easy as possible on clients. Not only does he emphasize customer service at Highland Capital Management, but he also wants his workers to help clients with personal issues in their life. Some people have a low risk tolerance for investing. It is up to the personal financial advisors to determine how to build their portfolio based off of this information.

Growth Plans

In the coming years, Highland Capital Management is expected to continue growing quickly. The company has done a great job adding value to clients over the years. During this time, thousands of people have received financial planning advice.

The people of the Dallas community love working with Highland Capital Management. In addition, they are proud of the community service completed by the company.

On The Move With Honey Birdette

Why We Love Honey Birdette
Honey Birdette is a lingerie company that began in 2006. Two friends were talking about how it was impossible for them to find luxury bedroom accessories and provocative lingerie. They decided to create a carefully detailed lingerie parlor. Honey Birdette has became the fastest growing lingerie boutique brand in the world. In their boutiques, Honey Birdette allows its clients to create the ultimate boudoir experience. These boutiques are chic, and they are decorated with sensual decor; each guest that arrives to the boutique receives a glass of champagne. Honey Birdette has a range of accessories such as perfumes, massage oils, candles, lingerie, and leather crops. The creators of Honey Birdette are constantly developing new collections in order to add to their already thriving boutiques.

News About Honey Birdette
Recently, theindustrylondon.com did an article about Honey Birdette. The company has launched a United States e-commerce site; they are also planning to build their UK portfolio to go from 3 to 40 stores in the next two years. One of the founders of Honey Birdette decided to launch this site because Honey Birdette received an increase of 374% on its online stores in the last year. The new platform that Honey Birdette decided to create is made to enhance the customer experience.

With this platform, HB is able to create a delivery system that is fast, and the process of returns will be facilitated as well. Honey Birdette has a huge array of products and they are also going to be offering their clients free delivery for orders over $50. Honey Birdette is on a mission to grow their reach through brick and mortar boutiques and through online sales. The designs that HB creates are unique and seductive. That is the reason why Honey Birdette is growing at such exponential rates.

Always Up to Date on Investing with Agora Financial

When you spend your entire life working, you probably have some capital saved up. One of the things to do with the savings is to invest them. Choosing the way to invest is not always easy. There are so many options available that it can become overwhelming. You want to make a smart choice so your investment can grow. It will create an excellent retirement option if you take care and think it through.


You want your golden years to be comfortable. Most people don’t deal with market fluctuation and change or stocks and shared for a living. Also, you want to keep control on your money and not put it in the hands of someone on the other side of the phone. Many investment assistants only want to cash in their revenue, but don’t care about their clients.


How do find the best advice on all the information you see published every day? It is a tough question to answer, but there is a solution. You can keep the investment away from people who want to feed on your wealth and keep up with the market trends.


Agora Financial is a company with more than a decade of experience in the field of investments. They use the interactive material such as seminars, workshops and newsletters to inform their clients about the new trends and the changes they need to be aware of.


More than a million readers already rely on this way of informing themselves. The research is independent because Agora Financial does not take money for promotion posts. The staff dedicate time and energy to their clients. They travel all over the world to carry out the research and inform customers about it. This way the customers can stay up to date with the news from the field and make their own decisions.

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Cancer Center Treatment of America is Revolutionizing Cancer Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is revolutionizing the platform of healthcare. For the first time, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is launching an interface, along with other entities, called Clinical Pathways. Clinical Pathways will seamlessly integrate cancer care data, in an electronic database.

Essentially, oncologists will be able to customize treatment patients specific to the cancer patient, with a click of a button. Many additional features of this platform will provide an integrative approach to patient care and strategies.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides care and medical treatment f or adults who are in a battle with cancer. The different cancer treatments that Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides are surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, amoong other therapies to help patients cope while effectively balancing the side effects of treatment and maintaining quality of life. Cancer Treatment Centers of America serves patients from around the world at its hospitals in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has resources for family and friends who are helping a loved one through the personal crisis of cancer treatment. Advanced treatments and supportive care services are available at all Cancer Treatment Centers of America locations.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a team of doctors, expert professionals and clinicians that compassionately provide care in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. Cancer Treatment Centers of America understands the sensitive and collaborative effort that is needed to ensure that cancer patients are able to fight aggressively to overcome the unfortunate battle of cancer. If you would like additional information or if you would like to learn more, vstit www.cancercenter.com.

James Dondero Strategic Planner, Co-Founder, and President of Highland Capital Management

In the financial world of the United States, James Dondero is well-known and is regarded as one of the top business executives. James Dondero is the man behind the massive success enjoyed by Highland Capital Management today. James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 and currently, serves as its President. He has helped in making strategic decisions for the company, which has gone a long way in bringing success to the firm. The company has its headquarters based in Dallas, Texas, but has international branches as well at Seoul and Singapore. Highland Capital Management also has a regional office in New York to help stay accessible to local and international clientele.

James Dondero has assisted in making Highland Capital Management what it is today. The company has achieved massive success in the past few years due to the contributions made by James Dondero in devising a defining business strategy for the corporation. It is SEC registered firm, and the company’s specialty lies in credit policies. One of the specialties for which Highland Capital Management and James Dondero are known for is Collateralized Loan Obligations or CLOs as it is commonly known as. The company also provides financial consultancy, hedge funds, long-only funds, managing distressed private equity, and more. James Dondero has ensured that the enterprise continues to grow strategically and consistently year after year under his leadership. He has done Bachelor of Science from the University of Virginia specializing in finance and accounting. James Dondero is also a certified financial analyst and chartered managerial accountant.

James Dondero has worked with many other companies in the past, which includes famous names such as American Express and JP Morgan. Working with big firms like these have helped him understand the dynamics of the financial industry, which in turn, helps him today to guide the corporate policies and business strategies at Highland Capital Management. James Dondero is also associated with other companies as a board director, such as MGM Studios, American Banknote Corporation, CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and Nexbank. James Dondero is also known for his charitable nature and philanthropy and has helped many local charities and organizations by making generous donations.

AVAAZ – Inspiring Change All Around the World

An inspiring declaration for change has leapt upon the global stage. It is the voice of the US based organization AVAAZ. Via an engaging website that offers multiple languages, the organization is a driving force behind many human rights interests and globally endearing environmental causes.


AVAAZ was started in 2007 as an online battlefront to promote global activism. The original founders envisioned utilizing the global appeal of the Internet to ignite change. They focus on serious issues that befall the world on a global basis, such as human rights, climate change, animal rights, world hunger and corruption. Once you become one of the millions of active members, you can light a fire to ignite a passion, or sign on to support one started by other likeminded member.


One appealing feature of the movement is the simplicity in which people can become involved. All users need to do is venture to the AVAAZ.org website, find a worthy petition to sign, and enter an active email address. They also provide petition signers with a subscription feature to follow the causes that interest them. It is also easy to spread the word about an issue you are passionate, through convenient social media tabs.


AVAAZ is a highly vocal proponent of helping to ignite people across the globe to fuel change for the better, not just for the sake of change. They have harnessed the worldwide appeal of the Internet as their most viable tool. Each day millions of new people, become engaged to help improve the world around them, sometimes one petition signature at a time.
Most people agree the world is getting more crowded, the climate is growing warmer, plus we are increasingly presented with serious problems that affect humans on a worldwide basis. It is refreshing to see a venue open to voice individual concerns, launched across the globe in an instant. AVAAZ is inspiring change all around the world.

Check out Avaaz on Twitter for further information.

Honey Birdette – Sensualities Served

Honey Birdette, the Australian lingerie brand, has launched a dedicated U.S. e-commerce site after experiencing a 374% increase in US online sales over the past twelve months. They have a added a new platform that is designed to please the consumer with faster delivery, free delivery over $50, and easier returns. They have also extended the product range for US customers and it includes a wide range of items to incite the senses.

Honey Birdette opened its first retail store outside of Australia last year in London and is now targeting the US. Ten stores are set to open in the UK this year, bringing the total to forty by the end of next year. They have fifty five stores in their home market and are also looking to expand at other locations in Europe.

The Facebook page, Honey Birdette Boutiques, offers a plethora of exquisite lingerie. The outfits depicted are sexy and fun and the models are gorgeous. The page tells you about Honey Birdette and also gives you all the contact information that you need to order online or in-store. A “Shop Now” tab on the page takes you directly to HoneyBirdette.com.

At HoneyBirdette.com, choose your region and start shopping. Or have your lover shop for you. Honey Birdette will take note of your size so they don’t have to. Choose from lingerie sets in many different styles and colors or pick a special toy made for her, him, or couples. From sexy robes to leather collars, Honey Birdette has got you covered.

Honey Birdette- sensualities served up on a silver platter.

Find more Honey Birdette on Facebook.

How Difficult is it for International Patients To Receive US Cancer Treatments?

The United States has the best hospitals for the treatment of cancer. However, as it is well known that these treatments can be very expensive, even with good health insurance.

In fact, medical bills are a large part of the reason for bankruptcy. For this reason, it is estimated that more than 1,500,000 Americans each year participate in so-called medical tourism.

That is when people travel abroad looking for cheaper, especially in the areas of dental and cosmetic treatment.

But the fact is that while it is expensive to get medicine in the United States, Americans in the treatment of cancer, in this area are known to be the essence of good performance and innovation.

In fact, for the treatment of cancers, the United States is a known target for, through out the world. The US is the main reason for medical tourism in international cardiovascular patient care. We have the top ten hospitals selected as the best fighters against cancer, found by US News & World Report. While the location may change with the year slightly year, a new entry or change to an old entry with a different rating, US cancer treatment centers are the leading cancer treatment centers in the world.

Many who seek cancer treatment are international patients who need a visa to receive medical treatment in the United States. If it is not the time you are allowed to request an extension then you may have to postpone appointments fora later date. As it allows, it will have serious consequences for immigration and only in exceptional cases, the restoration of the rule is allowed
if you do not consider the application of humanitarian parole

Third-country nationals who can give membership to the United States without a visa program should check visa liberalization for a tourist visa application if he wants to stay and could reach more than 90 days, than if, after the expiration entry of the country illegally is prohibited without a visa although you may be very sick and in the hospital.

In this case, an international who would like to attend a US cancer center, must find referrals to all forms hospitals to communicate with them, who are dedicated to helping patients, the complexity of offices. For Internationals who must navigate to obtain a visa, pay bills, travel, look for accommodation, translation services, etc. for a US cancer procedure it is extremely hard.

This also means that cancer, in which the US are experts, can considerably worsen before they ever get a chance to see an American physician. In addition, it should be noted that the vast majority of them admit candidates in clinical trials, so if you are interested in trying this option, the hospital should ask what conditions you have first.
Also keep in mind that the treatment of one of these hospitals is the highest rate in the world that international patients will have to pay for the initial costs of hospitalization.

Why Agora Financial Stays Ahead of the Pack

The unprecedented ability to make accurate economic forecasts has made Agora Financial, a subsidiary of Agora Inc., almost a legend among financial institutions and investors. Before it became an independent LLC in 2004, the beginning of Agora Financial started with three amazing financial publications and a string of economic forecasts that helped many of their readers prosper financially during such crisis as the tech bubble, housing bubble, the panic of 2008, and the collapse of Lehman Bros.

The Agora, Agora Financial’s parent company, makes its home in historic Mount Vernon, Baltimore, Maryland. The company has well over one dozen buildings in the area. Some of the buildings were once mansions but were later converted to office space. 808 St. Paul ST. is Agora Financial’s main headquarters address. This location has a lot of history dating back to the 1850’s where the location was originally two separate homes. Years later the buildings were merged and the building served many different functions over the years. Agora Financial took over the building in 2001 and made several renovations and improvements such as a recording studio and library.

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