Talk Fusion’s CEO Guest Authors for MarTech Advisor

Talk Fusion’s CEO, Bob Reina, has returned as a guest author for MarTech Advisor. In his most recent article for the esteemed source of marketing technology news focused on the latest video advertising trends. Thus far, the article has proved quite popular with marketing professionals.


It’s the second time for Bob Reina to write an article for MarTech Advisor. He wrote the first one almost a year ago. Titled “Video Advertising Trends of 2017”, his second article is a goldmine for marketing professionals in all industries.


Goal of Second Article


The article delves into some of the trends that emerged quickly in 2016 and the impact they are likely to have in 2017 and beyond. MarTech Advisor asked Reina to pen the article for them. Writing for MarTech Advisor as a guest or regular author is big news.


The theme of his second article was the importance of embracing video as the center of any marketing strategy. In the words of Reina, marketing is undergoing a massive transformation, and video technology remains the primary stimuli.


The Talk Fusion’s CEO second article offers tips on how to execute video advertising well. It also seeks to encourage those who have never used video advertising to change their minds. Reina hopes to see more marketers capitalize massively on the latest video marketing trends.


According to Forbes, MarTech Advisor is in the list of the Top 10 Publications all Chief Marketing Officers must read. Reina says it’s an honor to write for and share his thoughts with MarTech Advisor and its valued readers.


Bob Reina’s Expertise


Bob Reina is qualified to talk about video marketing. His credentials include the fact that he created Talk Fusion, which is renowned for providing excellent video marketing solutions. In fact, the award-winning product his company created earned universal acclaim.


As previously stated, Talk Fusion specializes in video marketing solutions. Its mission is to change lives and help businesses to grow using video technology. Currently, it serves clients in more than 140 countries worldwide. It’s also involved in various charitable causes.