Wengie Life Hacks

Wengie is a very popular Youtuber who has gained over 4 million subscribers in the few short years she has been on Youtube. Originally born in China she now resides in Australia where she is currently one of the top vloggers and bloggers in the world. Wengie creates all different kinds of content from beauty and fashion content to hair and food content and so much more.


One of Wengies most popular uploads is her video about life hacks. In this video Wengie shows viewers 10 different life hacks to help day to day things easier and quicker to do. One of the best tips was for people who seem to forget things when walking out the door. Wengie had a great idea about stacking all of the things you need to bring with you right by the front door that way you won’t forget any of the necessities since they are all in the same pile.


Another great tip was storing your valuables or important cards like your i.d. in a zip lock bag inside of your purse or luggage.


One of the best home tips in this life hacks video was fill the bottom of your garbadge can with newspaper. This is a great way to soak up any liquids that might leak out as well as keep the bottom of the garbage can as clan as possible. Simply toss the newspapers as they get wet and dirty and put new ones. The newspaper may also help to absorb some of the odd smell coming from the garbage.