ClassDojo: The Secret App for Educational Engagement

ClassDojo is a mobile app that can help teachers,students,and parents communicate regularly about academic matters. Students can get personalized avatars once they open their account. This article will explain how each of the three participants in the educational world can gain advantage from the ClassDojo app.

Teachers can benefit from the ClassDojo app as they would be able to point out classroom problems promptly. Therefore, the teacher can decide if change in current classroom management strategies is required. Furthermore, teachers can give more thorough evaluations of their students’ progress as they would not need to use the board to do so. ClassDojo is a lifesaver for parents and teachers when it comes to emergencies.

Students can become more disciplined if they use ClassDojo. Frequent feedback from teachers will motivate students to change their learning and behavior habits. If students show negative behaviors, they will lose Dojo points. However if they accomplish positive things, points will be given to students. These points can be exchanged for rewards.

Parents can have weekly access to emails from their child’s teachers on Fridays. Within these emails, visual progress reports with charts are attached. ClassDojo can also guide parents when their children are having any problems at school. They can be inspired by the videos of other students’ telling their stories on how they got over their fears of doing academic activities, such as team projects. When parents can help their children with their self-esteem, they will be more satisfied with their academic success. ClassDojo will make parents more likely to agree with the comments they see on their report card. The ClassDojo app can help parents start conversations about their child’s activities in school. They can watch recorded classroom activity. That way, they will know whether their child is attending and participating in class.