Doug Levitt Experience with People Struggling To Get By In the Greyhound

It is ridiculous to find an esteemed and successful person riding on a bus while he has the capacity of riding himself in an expensive car. This is the way the majority of us will see it. However, this is the case for Doug Levitt.


Doug Levitt was born in Washington DC. He attended DC public school before proceeding to Cornel University for his first degree. He received a scholarship and did his masters in nationalism and ethnic conflict from London School of Economics. He is an established author, musician, songwriter and journalist.


Before pursuing his greyhound project, he worked as a correspondent with the top American media outlets that include CNN, ABC, and NBC among others. He worked from London where he collected news about Africa, Middle East, and Balkan.


Doug’s greyhound diaries pieces include songs and publications that have been aired in most of these top media houses in America.

He travels by bus to various destinations as he writes about the lives of bus users. He understood that the American economy had enabled the majority of the citizens to own a car. Therefore, those who traveled by bus could not afford to buy vehicles because they had no means.


Doug wanted to write stories about the poor people in America, problems they experience and the ways out of the poverty. He understood that he could comfortably identify and access these people on the bus. Therefore, he termed this venture the greyhound diaries as he traveled in the Greyhound.


Levitt says that he has commuted in Greyhound for over seven years and covered over 70,000 miles. The fundamental intention of traveling by bus was to examine the ways in which the enormous gap between the wealthy and poor can be minimized or eliminated.


The greyhound diaries are inspired by Doug’s realization that Americans have the greatest resilience. Besides, Levitt found out that they experienced the same conditions with the travelers thus making it easier for them to open up to him.


Doug found out that job creation could not be the ultimate solution to the poverty situation in America. He realized that unless the minimum wage is adjusted, then some of the American citizens would continue to wallow in poverty.