End Citizens United Targets Scott in Push for Election Reform

End Citizens United has been pushing election reform since 2015, supporting candidates who advocate to remove Big Money out of politics. In the calm before the mid-election storm the PAC is quietly advocating for candidates that sympathize with their election reform, candidates who could use some of the opening seats to the ECU’s advantage. End Citizens United has been grassroot funding such legislators since their creation, continuing their complicated quest is to revert the Citizens United decision many still advocate as harmful. For many the decision in the Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission case invited a stronger presence from Big Money in the election party.

By extending the freedom of speech to corporations, the decision allows such corporations unfettered campaign support. This is bad in the eyes of the opposition because it allows the election process to be bought. It also gives Republicans a leg up, according to Democrats. To repeal it all End Citizens United has to do is amend the First Amendment back to the individual. No big deal, just an expansive piece of legislation that needs majority support. This is why End Citizens United seeks to form their own majority. Not an easy task at all, but one they have never given up on.

Their support of like-minded candidates is only one part of their mission, they also rally against candidates who accept corporation PAC money, are guilty of illegal actions, or simply do not advocate for election reform. Such legislators make it hard to have a majority. One such candidate recently under fire form the ECU is Rick Scott. They even have proof enough of his indiscretions to file a formal complaint with the FEC. Scott has denied the allegations although ECU keeps advocating that they have proof. Although the FEC has yet to make their own comments, it is unknown what impact this will have on his campaign if any. But the ECU has not lost its stride, and keeps pushing its agenda. Scott is just one more pawn in a huge chess game, and the ECU has many more pieces in play.