Felipe Montoro’s Savvy of the Brazilian Fiscal State

Felipe Montoro Jens holds the notion that the Brazilian identity was stronger in the 20th century than it is in the 21st century. The aftermath is as a result of the huge debt crisis in the 1980s. The solace to this debt pushed the need to modernize and expand the infrastructural system with a concept of privatization according to the National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

The National Privatisation Program was flagged in 1990 to bring the reforms which put a priority on the Banking, telecommunication, electricity, transport and sanitation sector for privatization. This followed government legalization of Public-Private Partnerships in 2004 and telecommunication became the first to be privately held. However, the new trade posed challenges of uncertainty and not guidelines. A concession plan was developed and has culminated into a sustainable economy in this present age. Credit is also given to the National Economic and Social Development Bank for spearheading the process.

About Felipe Montoro

He is the Executive Financial Controller in the National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES) in the Finance Department. As a person with extensive experience in infrastructure development in all aspects, he qualifies to be a planner, controller, and treasurer of prime projects that generate a lot of revenue.

Felipe Montoro has a special interest in sanitation because he believes that life could be better if sanitary conditions would be enhanced. Just recently, a survey on sanitation revealed that state-owned companies were not generating enough revenue comparable to private companies. Felipe Montoro together with Edison Carlos of Trata devised active strategies to increase the system performance and satisfaction levels. This has radically re-aligned the sector.

Mr. Montoro has Fundao Getilo Vargas as his alma mater. He also advanced and obtained an international management degree from the Garvin School of International Management. He is a regent in the Brasken in S.A.