Financial Advisers Best at Helping Plan Retirement and Social Security Benefits

In a candid interview, senior financial advisor, David Giertz discusses the importance of speaking with a qualified financial adviser about the importance of maximizing your retirement earnings. He stresses how most people are ill informed about their own Social Security benefits and how much they will earn. There are, literally, thousands of rules in a Social Security handbook and your average worker is unfamiliar with them.

He stresses the importance of finding a qualified financial adviser familiar with retirement investment and social security and how they work hand in hand. Social Security, he stresses, was never intended to be one’s sole income in retirement. It was meant to help reduce the burden. It’s essential to have another retirement income plan in place beginning early in one’s working career.

Mr. Giertz is the president of Nationwide Financial Distributions, Inc. and Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. both based in Columbus, Ohio. He has over 30 years experience in finance and wealth management. He discusses, at length, with clients their Social Security rights and how to maximize benefits with financial penalization.

He explains in an interview how nearly one third of all retirees collecting Social Security realize it’s less money than they expected. Mr. Giertz also discusses how not many retirees who collect Social Security realize that they can only earn a certain amount of money from working without losing part of their benefit, in some cases, 75%. Financial advisers will determine how much you can earn while maintaining your full benefit.

Giertz advises discussing retirement with a financial adviser as retirement age approaches. With the laws changing the ages at which one can collect and how much one can collect, it is mind boggling. Talking to a professional can clarify the amounts one can take at each age to receive their full potential.