Financial Independence Possible Through “Freedom Checks”

Matt Badaili discovered investments that are now called “Freedom Checks”. Mr. Badaili is a geologist that has traveled the world reviewing natural resources and investment opportunities. For four decades leading government authorities have worked toward making America self-sufficient. The oil, gas, and mining resources are essential in reaching this goal. Otherwise, we will continue to spend billions of dollars for these resources from United States hostile countries, which makes the United States presently interdependence (not self-sufficient) upon nations that are anti-America. Read this article at

In 1987 Congress enacted the “Statute 26-F” that allowed companies to become Freedom Check distributors. These companies must meet two primary requirements to qualify. Presently, only 568 companies have met the criteria to become the MLPs that issue Freedom Checks. First, let’s be clear, these checks are not government checks. They are distributions earned from investments in MLP’s (Master Limited Partnerships). They are not related to Social Security or Medicare; any age group can receive these Freedom Checks. At present these 568 companies are expected to pay out $34.6 billion this year in distributions to their unitholders.

Let’s clarify some terms such as units and distributions. The words are used to help remind people these 568 companies are not corporations, but rather partnership entities. Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) are publicly traded partnerships that work as pass-through businesses. They combine the tax benefits of limited partnerships with the liquidity of publicly traded securities. Lately, many of these partnerships have focused on energy-oriented investments. MLP’s are not new investment vehicles or strategy. Since they are partnerships rather than corporations, the stockholders of corporations are unit holders in the MLPs. The dividends in corporations are distributions in publicly traded partnerships. The units are traded publicly just like stocks in the markets. Individuals buy units and received distributions in the form of Freedom Checks (cash), or reinvested in buying more units, with the hopes that the payments and values will rise over time. The MLPs have the same goals as owning shares in a corporation.

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The MLPs profits have quarterly payments. These income-focused investments typically carry high distribution yield. The rules for returns are different than for stocks when it comes to filing income taxes. The yields are not taxable, and when one chooses to sell the units, the gains are also treated differently from corporations in regards to income taxes. Who would not want such investments? Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.