Graham Edwards To Become A Housing Policy Chairman And CPS Research Fellow

When it comes to the unique housing needs of Great Britain, there is no one that brings more experience and contributions to the table then Telereal Trillium CEO Graham Edwards. In that same vein, some of his recent announcements will be of great interest to those who have followed his career.

Graham Edwards is going to take a much more intimate role in the daily activities of the Centre for Policy Studies ( He is going to become chairman of their new Housing policy group and will also be a CPS research fellow. Graham will bring many unique experiences to the table, including experience with property development and property management.

He is going to work with the in-house experts affiliated with the Centre for Policy Studies and will develop programs that will speed up both the rate of construction of new homes, and the rate of new home ownership in the UK. Graham is part of a new team affiliated with CPS that is going to take the organization into the rest of the 21st Century. He is excited that he can utilize his life experiences in order to help this organization.

Graham Edwards has established himself as the individual to watch when it comes to the property market in the United Kingdom. He has been the CEO of the company since it was created in 2001. It was during that time that a pivotal moment occurred, with Telereal being initially created. In 2009, the company would merge, and become Telereal Trillium.

Graham Edwards Telereal knew that the only way to properly administer this transaction would be through effective leadership. “Walking a tightrope”, if you will. However, it was because of Graham Edward’s effective leadership that Telereal Trillium was established as the UK’s leader in property outsourcing.

With over 25 years of chief executive experience, Graham Edwards Continues to prove that he is up to the task of leading Telereal Trillium. Not only is the company satisfied with his work, but so are the many clients, including the Birminghan City Council, BT, Barclays, Virgin Media, and the Department For Work and Pensions. The fact that these companies and many others have put their trust in him shows just how effective he is as a business leader.