Highland Capital Management Drives Values In Both Business And Philanthropy

The assertive investment strategy of Highland Capital Management seems to be paying well considering the recent investments they made with major manufacturing firms. The alternative investment management firm that mainly invests and manages hedge funds, distressed investment funds, and structured investment funds, is increasing its assets and profits year after year. It is reported that the firm currently holds assets worth $15.4 billion under management. The firm specializes in credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), distressed and special situations private equity, and long-only funds and separate accounts.



Apart from that, the firm also gives investment options in long/short equities, natural resources, and emerging markets. Additionally, it invests in pension plans, endowments, financial institutions, governments, fund of funds, endowments, etc. Interestingly, many of the investment funds of the firm have given excellent returns to the customers. It included The Highland Small-Cap Equity Fund, which did exceptionally well on energy stocks and gave a return of 32% in 2016.



The investment firm was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993 as an independently-owned, employee partnership company. It is headquartered in Dallas and has a global footprint with offices in Dallas, New York, Singapore, Seoul and Sao Paulo. The firm believes in transparency and drives better results by developing innovative product solutions that are fit for the market. Interestingly, the firm’s strategy to develop products according to market conditions and ability to foresee market turmoil, making the firm tapping the opportunities in odd times. The firm is considered to be one of the best alternative investment firms in the world.



The firm is also actively investing in social causes. Its philanthropic activities include advisory board involvement, volunteerism, nonprofit organizations, active donations, campaigning, etc. At least $10 million has been raised by the firm from 2005 for various charity causes. The recent activities that got the attention of everyone include, a $1 million challenge grant to The Family Place, a nonprofit organization working to help the victims of family violence, an association with The Dallas Foundation to manage Highland’s philanthropic activities better. The firm has confirmed that its donations to various organizations have surged above $3 million annually and it sought the help of The Dallas Foundation on better execution of activities and funds.