How Avaaz Makes a Positive Impact on the World

Have you ever signed onto an online petition to support a cause that is important to you and then wondered if these petitions ever make a difference? The answer is yes, online petitions can have a direct impact on real world charitable and relief efforts. Avaaz, the United States based activist network is one such organization that relies upon online petitions to gauge the importance of the causes they are looking to support. The group uses email outreach as a way to choose what to focus on next. Avaaz was founded in 2007 and has been directly involved in many initiatives during this decade.

While Avaaz focuses on a handful of all-encompassing themes such as climate change and human rights, when they are determining the next cause on which to focus, they open up the decision making process to their many participants. For example, when the precursor to the Syrian Civil War was happening, one possible mission was to provide the internet capability for journalists and activists to keep the world informed about what was transpiring within the Syrian borders.

In this example, once a cause has reached a critical mass in being suggested by members and advisors, an exploratory email will be sent to a target group. If this email receives a significant response level, the voting will be opened up to all Avaaz members.

It is through online petitions that the organization is able to determine if a cause has the necessary support to make it a successful undertaking.

Avaaz believes that when people unite and join together, many positive changes can occur in the world. The organization utilizes what it describes as “practical idealism”. With this idealism paired with focus, there have been many positive results for the organization.

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