How Michel Terpins Has Kept Shining in the Brazilian Rally Driving

Terpins is a name that is associated with Brazilian rally sport due to the success efforts of Terpins brothers; Michel and Justo. Since forming the duo in 2015, Michel has been using his T-Rex that has landed him the most envied podiums and left him with great classifications. The two brothers have participated in several competitions including the Sertoes Rally where Michel participated in the Prototypes T1 category. They won the second stage of the 24th edition of the rally that placed Michel in the 5th position overly.

The debut of Michel on the Sertoes Rally grid occurred in 2002 when he participated in the motorcade category. He has improved his piloting over the years, and this has helped him win a number of stages and given him a position in the Brazilian Cross Country Championship Rally. Michel prides in every competition he participates in and is always ready for the unknown as every stage of the day present him with new challenges to face. His car has always kept him moving despite the challenges. He believes that T-Rex is a strong car that has been meticulously designed to sail through any terrain. Moreover, he has had a V8 engine added to his car to make it more powerful and fit for the rough terrain.

Being a leader and a high achiever of Brazilian rally driving, Michel Terpins is always determined to work ethically and remain at the top. Just like his brother, he has vowed to keep winning. He has a record that speaks for him and is a celebrated Brazilian rally driving expert. As the most envied of his peers, Michel has won most of the rallying competitions he has participated in. He and his brother are an unstoppable duo, and they are a force to be considered in rally driving.