How Troy McQuagge Changes Businesses

No one understands leadership in this world more than Troy McQuagge. He is the CEO of the USHEALTH Group, a life insurance company in Texas, U.S., and he has been rewarded with the golden position in the very prominent One Planet award for the best business and professional excellency businessman in the world.

His career has many companies under his belt, but his role as the Chief Executive Officer of the insurance group really shows that he acquired valuable business knowledge during his time in his other positions.

By the time Troy McQuagge became the head of this corporation, he already was very familiar with financial administration and business leadership. The role would be tough for the businessman as he had never done something like that, but Troy McQuagge was precisely what the corporation needed to skyrocket.

Troy McQuagge won the golden position of the One Planet award, but he also has other prizes in his name. He has already won countless awards that illustrate his excellency in the business, and some prior to him joining the USHEALTH Group, in 2010.

It all began when Troy McQuagge revised the business model and philosophy of the insurance company he was now going to lead, and noticed that the corporation could improve their reach with the clients and their customer support service. The insurance company would benefit significantly from having different insurance plans to accommodate different types of clients, and it would also be perfect if they could have various pricing options based on what the clients actually want to include in their insurance plans.  Read more: USHEALTH Advisors Reviews

That mindset, in the beginning, seemed like a waste of money and potential, but the implementation of the philosophy that everyone has a place in USHEALTH Group began to show incredible returns. It wouldn’t take long, in 2013, for the corporation to skyrocket in their markets.

The USHEALTH Group began to increase the likelihood for citizens of Texas and the entire territory of the U.S. to want to change their insurance plans to another company’s. Many clients from other corporations began switching to the USHEALTH Group because of the benefits of their business model and how they actually supported and cared for their customers.

Years kept progressing, and an insurance company that was very often used more by the citizens of Texas began having influence in other regions of the United States as well. According to Glassdoor, Troy McQuagge began improving the services of the USHEALTH Group, and it wouldn’t take long for the feedback of the corporation become overwhelmingly positive.

Troy McQuagge is considered by his co-workers and employees to be a fantastic leader and a great CEO because of how he changed the USHEALTH Group for the best and increased their influence and support.