Jacob Gottlieb in trading and philanthropy

Jacob Gottlieb is a brilliant trader who joined the Wall Street in 1998. His first role was that of a portfolio manager at Sanford & Bernstein & Co. This is healthcare firm which is in the investment industry. He worked with the firm for a number of years. He left the firm and joined another one known as Merlin Biomed Group. In the new form, he lasted for a short time. He moved on to another firm known as Balyasny Asset Management (BAM). It is at BAM where he became a popular name. He made huge profits which resulted in huge gains for his portfolio. He proved that he had the know-how to trade large accounts successfully and make millions in profits. In 2005, Jacob Gottlieb felt that they needed to manage a huge pool of funds. Together with others they left BAM and created their own company known as Visium.

Before his time in the Wall Street, Jacob Gottlieb had pursued an education in two disciplines which he saw his parents specialize in while he was growing up. His father was a professor of economics, and his mother was a pediatrician. Growing up, he was influenced to study these two industries. In the university, Gottlieb took a degree in economics and a degree in Medicine. His interest was to gain expertise in both and then later combine. In fact, the companies mentioned above are Wall Street companies which investment in healthcare portfolios. Jacob Gottlieb made a significant impact in the development of Visium. In the height of its growth, the firm was managing about $8 billion.

Apart from business life, Jacob Gottlieb was a philanthropist who contributed to various needy causes. One of the organizations he has been working with is the Covenant House. This organization protects children. They mostly focus on homeless young people who might have been trafficked or are runaways. The organization provides basic needs such as food and shelter for them. Covenant House has other services which it provides apart from the basic support of homeless children. They deal with drugs rehabilitation, legal services, and street outreach. The organization is one of the top privately funded institutions in the world. It is through efforts of people like Jacob Gottlieb that it continues to do well.

Another organization that Jacob Gottlieb has supported is the Robin Hood Foundation. This is an organization which is dedicated to poverty eradication in New York. Jacob Gottlieb was born in NY by parents who had migrated from Poland bore Gottlieb.