Jed McCaleb’s Analytics on the Future Relationship of Blockchain and Banking

Jed McCaleb, one of the most notable personalities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors predicts that this technology is going to revolutionize the financial markets in future extensively. This revolution is going to incorporate payment systems, fundraising avenues, and even stock markets globally. According to his analysis, the initial coins offerings phenomena show how big the untapped financial market is. The Stellar co-founder says that there lies a lot of potential in these untapped financial markets areas that will be exploited soon.


According to Jed McCaleb, the Stellar co-founder, the blockchain technology will keep growing bigger and turn into an efficient universal payments network. He added that the technology will continue improving and in a few years we are going to be able to see it’s full potential. McCaleb said that what we see now about the technology is only the tip of the iceberg concerning what the technology can do. The Stellar co-founder said this during his latest interview with


The idea that a ledger can be publicly accessible and still not be tampered with is a good selling point for the blockchain technology according to Jed McCaleb. He says that the technology will continue being adopted into new fields and it’s applications diversified. The universal payments network will be the climax of the blockchain technology, and Mr. McCaleb says that this where all the efforts in the industry are pointed at now.


About Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of Stellar and the current chief technology officer at the company. Stellar is a technological entity that focuses on developing cross-border payment solutions for the cryptocurrency network. Currently, McCaleb is focusing his efforts on developing a universal payments network. This network will have a tremendous impact on how the world as a whole will do business. So far, Jed McCaleb has done impressive work around the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. Some people in the industry even believe that he might be the man to bring forth the era of universal payments network.